Billy Gilbert

Billy Gilbert Filmography

movie 1936 F-Man
movie 1936 Give Us This Night as Leader of Clacque
movie 1931 No, No, Lady as Lighting Man
movie 1930 Midnight Daddies as Drunk
movie 1930 Racket Cheers as Officer on Yacht
movie 1930 The Beauties
movie 1929 Broadway Blues as Party Guest
movie 1929 Jazz Mamas as Russian Detective
movie 1929 Motoring Mamas as Diner with Spaghetti
movie 1929 Noisy Neighbors as Third Son
movie 1929 The Bees' Buzz as Country Club Drinker
movie 1929 The Constabule as Motorist with Moustache
movie 1929 The Rodeo as Minor Role
movie 1929 Uncle Tom
movie 1929 Whirls and Girls as Waiter
movie 1928 A Simple Sap as Grandpa
movie 1928 Horse Play
movie 1928 Hubby's Weekend Trip as Bartender
movie 1928 Motorboat Mamas as Boat Officer
movie 1928 Movie Mania as Tim Murphy
movie 1928 Smith's Army Life as Officer
movie 1928 The Bargain Hunt as Conductor
movie 1928 The Beach Club as 1st Chess Player
movie 1928 The Burglar as Mabel's Father, Jimmy's Father-in-Law
movie 1928 The Campus Carmen as Horse Doctor
movie 1928 The Girl from Nowhere as Minor Role
movie 1928 The Swim Princess as Tramp
movie 1928 Comrades
movie 1927 A Small Town Princess as Gateman
movie 1927 Catalina, Here I Come as Water Traffic Cop
movie 1927 Crazy to Act as Projectionist
movie 1927 Fiddlesticks as Neighborhood Bystander
movie 1927 For Sale, a Bungalow as The Gas Man
movie 1927 Gold Digger of Weepah as Gambler
movie 1927 Peaches and Plumbers as The Attorney
movie 1927 Smith's Cousin as Stage Manager
movie 1927 Smith's Fishing Trip as The Fisherman
movie 1927 Smith's Pony as Ship's Purser
movie 1927 The Jolly Jilter as Short Servant
movie 1927 The Plumber's Daughter as Fountain Owner's Assistant
movie 1927 The Pride of Pikeville as Hawkins House Guest
movie 1926 A Blonde's Revenge as Deaf Man at Drinking Fountain
movie 1926 A Harem Knight as Rajah's Henchman
movie 1926 A Love Sundae as Soda Fountain Customer
movie 1926 A Yankee Doodle Duke as Small Cafe Drunk
movie 1926 Alice Be Good as Mr. Green's Friend
movie 1926 Circus Today as Spectator
movie 1926 Dizzy Dancers
movie 1926 Fight Night as Delivery Man
movie 1926 Flirty Four-Flushers as Soup Drinking Customer
movie 1926 Gooseland as Hans - 2nd Burglar
movie 1926 Hayfoot, Strawfoot? as Doctor
movie 1926 Hooked at the Altar as Wedding Guest
movie 1926 Ice Cold Cocos as Ice Rink Usher
movie 1926 Kitty from Killarney as Man Carrying Box
movie 1926 Love's Last Laugh as Sailor
movie 1926 Meet My Girl
movie 1926 Muscle-Bound Music as Boarding House Shaver
movie 1926 Smith's Baby as Mabel's Father, Jimmy's Father-in-Law
movie 1926 Smith's Landlord as Small Mover
movie 1926 Smith's Uncle as Messenger
movie 1926 Smith's Vacation as Train Passenger in Men's Room
movie 1926 Trimmed in Gold as Barbershop Customer
movie 1926 Wandering Willies as Produce Vendor
movie 1926 Whispering Whiskers as Indian
movie 1925 A Sweet Pickle as Bakery Chef
movie 1925 Dangerous Curves Behind as Villager
movie 1925 The Soapsuds Lady as Grandpa Tucker
movie 1925 The Window Dummy as The Beggar
movie 1925 Water Wagons as Old Sailor
movie 1924 All Night Long as Mr. Burgundy - Nanette's Father
movie 1924 Little Robinson Corkscrew as Villager
movie 1924 Ten Dollars or Ten Days as Customer with Cane
movie 1923 Rob 'Em Good as The King's Jester
movie 1923 Where's My Wandering Boy This Evening? as Minor Role
movie 1922 Oh, Mabel Behave as Inn Patron
movie 1922 The Late Lamented
movie 1921 All Wet
movie 1921 Dry Water
movie 1921 Dynamite Allen as 'Simp' Hallett
movie 1921 Moving
movie 1921 Stuck Up
movie 1918 His Smothered Love as Minor Role
movie 1918 The Battle Royal as Fight Spectator
movie 1918 Two Tough Tenderfeet as A Villager
movie 1918 The Tip
movie 1917 His Rise and Tumble
movie 1917 The Grab Bag Bride as Secondary Supporting Role
movie 1917 Move On
movie 1917 Rainbow Island
movie 1917 The Flirt
movie 1916 An Oily Scoundrel as The Henchman
movie 1916 Because He Loved Her as Switchboard Operator's Boyfriend
movie 1916 Bubbles of Trouble as Peggy's True Love
movie 1916 By Stork Delivery as The Customer
movie 1916 His Bitter Pill as Barfly
movie 1916 His Lying Heart as Another Barber
movie 1916 Love Will Conquer
movie 1916 The Village Vampire as Secondary Role
movie 1916 The Winning Punch
movie 1916 Wife and Auto Trouble as Tri-Stone Cop
movie 1915 A Hash House Fraud as Freeloading Customer
movie 1915 A Janitor's Wife's Temptation as The Cop in Booth Hall
movie 1915 A One Night Stand as Audience Spectator
movie 1915 A Submarine Pirate as Torpedo Loader
movie 1915 Ambrose's Sour Grapes as Bellhop
movie 1915 Droppington's Devilish Deed as Audience Member
movie 1915 Droppington's Family Tree as Belligerent Diner
movie 1915 Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life as The Groom
movie 1915 Fatty's New Role
movie 1915 Fickle Fatty's Fall as Man at Test-of-Strength Concession
movie 1915 Hogan Out West as The Cowboy
movie 1915 Hogan's Romance Upset as Athletic Club Member
movie 1915 Hogan, the Porter as Bellhop
movie 1915 Love, Speed and Thrills as Cop
movie 1915 Mabel's Wilful Way as Blackface Man in Sideshow Game
movie 1915 Miss Fatty's Seaside Lovers as Bellhop
movie 1915 No One to Guide Him as Dinner Guest
movie 1915 That Little Band of Gold as Audience Member
movie 1915 The Hunt as Second Blackface Horse Groom
movie 1915 Those Bitter Sweets as Picnicker
movie 1915 When Ambrose Dared Walrus as Insurance Company Assistant
movie 1915 Wished on Mabel as Police Chief
movie 1914 A Busy Day as Policeman
movie 1914 A Coat's Tale
movie 1914 A Film Johnnie as Theatre Usher
movie 1914 Ambrose's First Falsehood as Café Patron
movie 1914 Caught in a Cabaret as Cabaret Patron
movie 1914 Cruel, Cruel Love as Short Ambulance Attendant
movie 1914 Fatty and Minnie He-Haw as Short Cowboy in Saloon
movie 1914 Fatty's Wine Party as Restaurant Customer
movie 1914 Gentlemen of Nerve as Spectator
movie 1914 He Loved the Ladies as Minor Role
movie 1914 Hello, Mabel as Man in Phone Booth
movie 1914 His Favorite Pastime as Shoeshine Boy
movie 1914 His Musical Career as Piano Store Salesman
movie 1914 His Prehistoric Past as Caveman Masher
movie 1914 His Talented Wife as Stagehand
movie 1914 His Trysting Place as Diner in Overalls
movie 1914 Leading Lizzie Astray as Cafe Waiter
movie 1914 Love and Bullets as Messenger
movie 1914 Lover's Luck as Villager
movie 1914 Mabel's Strange Predicament as Bellman
movie 1914 Making a Living as Jealous Husband
movie 1914 Rebecca's Wedding Day as The Thief
movie 1914 Tango Tangles as Guest in cowboy hat
movie 1914 The Knockout as Society Singer
movie 1914 The Masquerader as Cameraman
movie 1914 The Rounders as Doorman in Blackface
movie 1914 The Star Boarder as Boarder
movie 1914 Their Fatal Bumping as The Sheriff's Deputy
movie 1914 Those Country Kids as Man whose Carriage is Stolen
movie 1914 Those Love Pangs as Movie Patron
movie 1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Policeman
movie 1914 Zip, the Dodger as Blackface Sweeper
movie 1913 A Game of Pool as Pool Hall Denizen
movie 1913 A Quiet Little Wedding as Wedding Guest
movie 1913 Billy Dodges Bills as Creditor
movie 1913 Fatty at San Diego as Theatre Patron
movie 1913 Fatty Joins the Force as Fighter
movie 1913 He Would a Hunting Go as Villager
movie 1913 Mabel's Dramatic Career as Audience Member
movie 1913 Mother's Boy as Mug
movie 1913 The Speed Kings as Man Ford Bumps into
movie 1913 Their Husbands as Bather in Striped Shirt
movie 1913 Zuzu, the Band Leader as 1st Clarinetist

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