Billy Mason

Billy Mason Filmography

movie 1921 Absinth
movie 1920 It Might Happen to You as J. Worthington Butts Jr.
movie 1919 A Taste of Life as Horace Dillingham
movie 1919 Home Run Bill
movie 1919 Some Bride as Geoffrey Patten
movie 1919 Tailor Maid
movie 1919 The Wolf as George Huntley
movie 1918 A Regular Patsy
movie 1918 Betty's Adventure
movie 1918 Circumstantial Evidence
movie 1918 Don't Believe Everything
movie 1918 Her Slumbering Hero
movie 1918 Look Who's Here
movie 1918 Many a Slip
movie 1918 Red Crossed
movie 1918 Somebody's Baby as Billy
movie 1918 Their Breezy Affair
movie 1918 Whose Wife?
movie 1917 A Box of Tricks
movie 1917 A Soft Tenderfoot as The Negro Valet
movie 1917 Almost Divorced
movie 1917 Baseball Madness
movie 1917 Betty Wakes Up
movie 1917 Cupid's Camouflage
movie 1917 Help! Help! Police!
movie 1917 More Haste, Less Speed
movie 1917 One Good Turn
movie 1917 One on Him
movie 1917 Stepping Out
movie 1917 Sticky Fingers
movie 1917 Suds of Love
movie 1917 The Beauty Doctor as Mr. Mason
movie 1917 The Black Nine
movie 1917 Their Seaside Tangle
movie 1917 Thirty Days
movie 1916 A Charming Villain
movie 1916 A Dash of Courage as Charley's Lead Henchman
movie 1916 As the Candle Burned
movie 1916 Baseball Bill as Baseball Bill
movie 1916 Baseball Bill -- Flirting with Marriage as Baseball Bill
movie 1916 Billy the Bandit
movie 1916 Cinders of Love as The Police Chief's Son
movie 1916 His Baby
movie 1916 The Right Direction as Harry Lockwood
movie 1915 Bill's Plumber and Plumber's Bill as Willy Pepper
movie 1915 By Return Male
movie 1915 Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts as Airplane Demonstrator
movie 1915 Gussle's Wayward Path as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1915 The Pipe Dream as The Tramp
movie 1915 When Beauty Butts In as Willie Pepper
movie 1915 When Willie Went Wild as Willie Pepper
movie 1914 A Prince of India as Billy, the reporter
movie 1914 Looking for Trouble
movie 1914 Luck in Odd Numbers
movie 1914 Oh, Doctor as Swifty Cleff - the Piano Tuner
movie 1914 One-to-Three as Harry Bitt
movie 1914 The Love Route Via Pittman as Glenn
movie 1913 A Successful Failure as The Unsuccessful Suitor
movie 1913 A Tango Tangle as Mr. Jigger
movie 1913 At the Old Maid's Call as Suitor
movie 1913 Cousin Bill as Bill the Office Boy
movie 1913 Dad's Insanity
movie 1913 Don't Lie to Your Husband as Jim Murehead
movie 1913 Good Night, Nurse as Tom Carr - the Rich Young Man
movie 1913 Hello, Trouble as Joe Cutup
movie 1913 Here's Your Hat as The Waiter
movie 1913 Lady Audley's Jewels
movie 1913 Love Incognito as James Finley
movie 1913 Mr. Dippy Dipped as The Handsome Lifeguard
movie 1913 Mr. Rhye Reforms as Mr. Rhye
movie 1913 Phillip March's Engagement as Phillip March
movie 1913 Rescuing Dave as Dave Cobb
movie 1913 Smithy's Grandma Party as Swifty Sam
movie 1913 Teaching Hickville to Sing as The Husband
movie 1913 The Capture as Bob Burns
movie 1913 The Drummer's Umbrella as The Bellboy
movie 1913 The Heiress as Club Member
movie 1913 The Hermit of Lonely Gulch
movie 1913 The Laird of McGillicuddy as William Mason
movie 1913 The Same Old Story as The Private Secretary
movie 1913 The Tale of a Clock as Dr. John Smith, Jr.
movie 1913 The Usual Way as Billy
movie 1913 The Value of Mothers-in-Law as Mr. Newly Hitched - the Husband
movie 1913 What Cupid Did as Mr. King Jr. - Groom #2
movie 1912 A Corner in Whiskers as Billy Mason - the Investor
movie 1912 A Money? as Second Young Man
movie 1912 Alimony
movie 1912 Almost a Man as The Dummy
movie 1912 An Adamless Eden as Adam Boob
movie 1912 Billy and the Butler as Thornton's Accomplice
movie 1912 Cupid's Quartette as Philip Bangs
movie 1912 From the Submerged
movie 1912 Hearts of Men as Dave Melborn - Country Boy
movie 1912 Miss Simkins' Summer Boarder
movie 1912 Pa Trubell's Troubles as Billy - Mildred's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Springing a Surprise as Billy Borman
movie 1912 The Eye That Never Sleeps as Mason - the Detective
movie 1912 The Grassville Girls as Tom Carver
movie 1912 The Hermit as Bob Wayne
movie 1912 The Love Test as John
movie 1912 The Magic Wand
movie 1912 The Redemption of Slivers
movie 1912 The Scheme as Bert Brisk - Bertha's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Snare as Detective
movie 1912 The Stain as Arthur
movie 1912 The Wildman as Billy - the Coward
movie 1912 Three to One as Billy - the Clerk of the Wig Shop
movie 1912 Time Flies as A.D.T. Clerk

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