Blanche Payson

Blanche Payson (September 20, 1881? July 4, 1964) was an American film actress. She appeared in 123 films between 1916 and 1946. At 6 foot 2 inches, she towered over both men and women co-stars in the many slapstick comedies she appeared. ... more on Wikipedia

Blanche Payson Filmography

tv movie 1992 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel and Hardy
movie 1946 A Tale of Two Cafes as Huge Woman
movie 1943 A Blitz on the Fritz as Egbert's Mother-in-Law
movie 1943 A Maid Made Mad as Amazon Hotel House Detective
movie 1943 Ghosts on the Loose as Mrs. John G. Elwood
movie 1943 Here Comes Mr. Zerk as Tenent
movie 1943 Quack Service
movie 1943 Salute for Three as Taxi Driver
movie 1942 All Work and No Pay as Woman at Newstand
movie 1942 Blondie for Victory as Minor Role
movie 1942 The Talk of the Town as Supreme Court Spectator
movie 1941 Among the Living as Woman at Trial
movie 1941 An Ache in Every Stake as Maid
movie 1941 Honolulu Lu as Mezzo Soprano
movie 1941 In the Navy as Hatchet-Faced Woman
movie 1941 Lovable Trouble as Andy's mother-in-law
movie 1941 Love at First Fright as Clan Member
movie 1941 Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case as Bit Part
movie 1941 Nice Girl? as Netty Peck
movie 1940 A Bundle of Bliss
movie 1940 Angels Over Broadway as Large Woman
movie 1940 Convicted Woman as Matron
movie 1940 Cookoo Cavaliers as Mackerel Customer
movie 1940 From Nurse to Worse as Nurse at Bellevue
movie 1940 Li'l Abner as Large Woman
movie 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Committeewoman
movie 1939 Swing, You Swingers!
movie 1939 The Amazing Mr. Williams as Large Woman
movie 1939 The Women as Masseuse
movie 1938 A Doggone Mixup as Landlady
movie 1938 Slander House as Hilda
movie 1938 You Can't Take It with You as Matron
movie 1937 All Over Town as Mother Wilson, Landlady
movie 1937 That I May Live as Bit Role
movie 1936 Just Speeding
movie 1936 No Place Like Rome as Slave Girls Bath Attendant
movie 1936 Slippery Silks as Woman on Street
movie 1935 Bad Boy as Minor Role
movie 1935 Hoi Polloi as Party Guest
movie 1935 Music Is Magic as Opera Singer in Music is Magic Number
movie 1935 One More Spring as Wife
movie 1935 Pop Goes the Easel as Art Student
movie 1935 She Gets Her Man as Raider
movie 1934 Among the Missing as Police Matron
movie 1934 Blind Date as Nurse
movie 1934 Half a Sinner as Large Wife
movie 1934 Jealousy as Matron
movie 1934 Love Detectives as Mrs. John Smith
movie 1934 Whirlpool as John's Henpecking Wife
movie 1933 Loose Relations
movie 1932 Drifting as Landlady
movie 1932 Helpmates as Mrs. Hardy
movie 1932 Jewel Robbery as Masseuse
movie 1932 Love Pains
movie 1932 Meet the Senator as Minor Role
movie 1932 Red Noses as Dr. Payson, Physical Therapist
movie 1932 The Impatient Maiden as Mrs. Thomas
movie 1932 The Loud Mouth as Mrs. Shapiro
movie 1931 Annabelle's Affairs as Bit Role
movie 1931 Dogs Is Dogs as Spud's Mother
movie 1931 I Surrender Dear as Ethel Dobbs
movie 1931 Our Wife as Wife of Justice of the Peace
movie 1931 Taxi Troubles as Mother-in-Law
movie 1931 War Mamas as Head Nurse
movie 1931 Wicked as Matron
movie 1930 Below Zero as Formidable Woman
movie 1930 Take Your Medicine as Girl in Bathtub's Mother
movie 1930 Tiembla y Titubea as Formidable Woman
movie 1929 Are Scotchmen Tight?
movie 1929 Caught in a Taxi as The Taxi Man's Mother-in-Law
movie 1929 Confessions of a Chorus Girl
movie 1929 Footlight Fanny
movie 1929 Purely Circumstantial
movie 1929 Taxi Spooks as Mrs. Carey - Annie's Mother
movie 1929 The Broadway Melody as Wardrobe Lady
movie 1928 Believe It or Not
movie 1928 Bringing Up Father
movie 1928 Follow the Leader
movie 1928 Taxi Beauties as Charley's Mother-in-Law
movie 1927 A Moony Mariner
movie 1927 Easy Curves as Fashion Show Spectator
movie 1927 Figures Don't Lie as Mrs. Jones
movie 1927 His Better Half
movie 1927 Keeping His Word
movie 1927 Naughty Boy as The 'Shrinking Violet'
movie 1927 New Wrinkles
movie 1927 No Cheating
movie 1927 Papa's Boy
movie 1927 Peaceful Oscar as Blanche - Oscar's Wife
movie 1927 Plumb Dumb
movie 1927 Short Socks
movie 1927 Should Men Walk Home? as Guest
movie 1927 Splash Yourself
movie 1927 The Bachelor's Baby as Mrs. Boppo
movie 1926 Beauty à la Mud as Mrs. Gotrox
movie 1926 For Heaven's Sake as Lady on the Street
movie 1926 Honeymooning with Ma as The Mother-in-Law
movie 1926 La bohème as Factory Supervisor
movie 1926 Madame Dynamite as Eddie's Hired Mother
movie 1926 Open Spaces
movie 1926 Plumb Goofy
movie 1926 Too Many Babies as The Wife's Mother
movie 1926 When a Man's a Prince as Hilda - Princess of Amazonia
movie 1925 Crying for Love
movie 1925 Half a Man as Shipwrecked Woman
movie 1925 Oh, Doctor! as Dr. Maude - the osteopath
movie 1925 Slippery Feet as The Battleship
movie 1925 Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies as Amazonian Dancer
movie 1925 The Raspberry Romance as Bonnie MacBelch - Rodney's Sweetheart
movie 1925 The Wild Goose Chaser as Woman in Waiting Room
movie 1925 Too Much Mother-in-Law as The Wife's Mother
movie 1925 We Moderns as Johanna
movie 1925 Yes, Yes, Babette
movie 1924 Crushed as Mrs. Jones
movie 1924 His First Car as 2nd Camping Wife
movie 1924 Jack and the Beanstalk
movie 1924 Motor Mad
movie 1924 Never Again
movie 1924 Reno or Bust
movie 1924 The Misfit as The Domineering Wife
movie 1923 Boyhood Days
movie 1923 Farm Follies
movie 1923 Hansel and Gretel as Hansel's Mother
movie 1923 Kidding Katie
movie 1923 Smarty
movie 1923 The American Plan as The Landlady
movie 1923 The Kid Reporter as Policewoman
movie 1923 The Two Johns as Hotel Customer
movie 1923 Three Ages as The Amazon
movie 1922 Hello, Judge as The Mother-in-Law
movie 1922 The Little Rascal as Baby Peggy's Mother
movie 1922 The Straphanger as The Dominant Wife
movie 1921 Skirts
movie 1920 Kiss Me Quick
movie 1920 The Heart Snatcher
movie 1920 The Land of Jazz as The Maid
movie 1918 Bears and Bad Men as Maw Cutshaw
movie 1918 Bums and Boarders
movie 1918 Farms and Fumbles
movie 1918 Humbugs and Husbands
movie 1917 A Sanitarium Scandal
movie 1917 Her Circus Knight as The Owner's Sweetheart - Mlle. Tiny
movie 1917 Oriental Love as The Rajah's Favorite Wife
movie 1917 Skidding Hearts as Ora's Mother
movie 1917 The Sultan's Wife as Harem Matron
movie 1917 Thirst as Woman in Employment Agency
movie 1916 A Bath House Blunder as Artie's Chosen Suitor
movie 1916 A la Cabaret as The Sweetheart's Mother
movie 1916 A Social Cub
movie 1916 Bath Tub Perils as Bathing Suited Guest in Room
movie 1916 Dollars and Sense as The Innkeeper's Wife
movie 1916 His Wild Oats as The Sharpshooter's Wife's Pal
movie 1916 The Village Blacksmith as Secondary Role
movie 1916 Vampire Ambrose as Customer
movie 1916 Wife and Auto Trouble as The Dominant Wife

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