Bliss Milford

Bliss Milford Filmography

movie 1918 And the Children Pay as Margery Reynolds
movie 1918 Flower of the Dusk as Mattie Austin
movie 1918 Sylvia on a Spree as Ruby
movie 1916 The House of Mirrors as Edith Probert, age 19
movie 1915 Bianca Forgets as Berta
movie 1915 Oh! Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight
movie 1915 The Beloved Vagabond as Blanquette
movie 1915 The Closing Net as Rosalie
movie 1915 The Glory of Clementina
movie 1914 A Boarding House Romance as Effie
movie 1914 A Foolish Agreement as Helen Wright
movie 1914 A Fugitive from Justice as Mary Burke - the Secret Service Operator
movie 1914 A Matter of High Explosives as Mrs. Leonard - the Inventor's Wife
movie 1914 A Question of Hats and Gowns
movie 1914 A Tango Spree
movie 1914 An Absent-Minded Mother as The Maid
movie 1914 Andy, the Actor
movie 1914 Bootle's Baby as The Hostess
movie 1914 Frederick the Great
movie 1914 Grand Opera in Rubeville as Eldora Perkins
movie 1914 Mr. Sniffkins' Widow as Betty Darrow - the Teacher
movie 1914 My Friend from India as Bernice Underholt
movie 1914 Olive Is Dismissed
movie 1914 On Christmas Eve as William's Daughter-in-Law
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Absent-Minded Professor
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus as Mrs. Bertha Randall
movie 1914 The Call of the Footlights as Sophie
movie 1914 The Drama of Heyville as Village Lead
movie 1914 The Ever-Gallant Marquis
movie 1914 The Flirt
movie 1914 The Last Scene of All as The Maid
movie 1914 The Shattered Tree as Harry's Daughter
movie 1914 The Sherlock Holmes Girl as Sally
movie 1914 The Tango in Tuckerville as 1st Manicurist
movie 1914 The Uncanny Mr. Gumble as The Maid
movie 1914 Twins and Trouble as Betty - the Mother
movie 1914 Two's Company as Marion
movie 1914 With Slight Variations as Evelina
movie 1913 A Light on Troubled Waters
movie 1913 Elise, the Forester's Daughter as Clara Hartopp
movie 1913 Interrupted Wedding Bells as Miss Brown
movie 1913 Joyce of the North Woods
movie 1913 Mary's New Hat as Mary's Mama
movie 1913 Mother's Lazy Boy
movie 1913 Sally's Romance as Sally
movie 1913 The Contents of the Suitcase
movie 1913 The Evil Thereof as Mary Randolph - the Shopgirl
movie 1913 The Girl and the Outlaw
movie 1913 The Man He Might Have Been as The Waitress
movie 1913 The Mystery of the Dover Express
movie 1913 The Price of Human Lives as Nellie Linn
movie 1913 What Shall It Profit a Man? as Mrs. Gilbert Storm
movie 1913 When the Right Man Comes Along as The Maid
movie 1912 A Dangerous Lesson
movie 1912 A Dollar Saved Is a Dollar Earned as Margaret Dean - the Wife
movie 1912 A Western Prince Charming as Mrs. Hindemiller
movie 1912 Alone in New York as Daisy
movie 1912 Billie
movie 1912 Freezing Auntie as The Henpecks' Maid
movie 1912 Is He Eligible? as The Heiress
movie 1912 Kitty at Boarding School as Another Teacher
movie 1912 Martin Chuzzlewit as Ruth Pinch - Tom's Sister
movie 1912 Mary in Stage Land as Daisy
movie 1912 Rowdy and His New Pal as Bob's Mother
movie 1912 The Girl from the Country as Jennie - Nellie's Chum
movie 1912 The Grandfather as Julia - Elliott's Daughter-in-Law
movie 1912 The Grouch as Mrs. Taylor - Tom's Sister
movie 1912 The Little Artist of the Market as The Maid
movie 1912 The Public and Private Care of Infants as The Widow
movie 1912 The Totville Eye as Widow Dugan
movie 1912 The Widow's Second Marriage
movie 1912 Very Much Engaged as One of the Rejected Young Women
movie 1912 What Happened to Mary as Daisy
movie 1912 What Katie Did as Mrs. Mooney - Katie's Mother
movie 1911 Eugene Wrayburn as Lizzie Hexam
movie 1911 John Brown's Heir as The Maid
movie 1911 Logan's Babies as Kate Mulligan - Logan's Sweetheart
movie 1911 Ludwig from Germany as Theresa Linde - Ludwig's Sweetheart

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