Bob Seeley

Bob Seeley Filmography

movie 2012 Boogie Stomp! as Bob Seeley
tv series 1997 Channel Umptee-3
movie 1991 Rover Dangerfield

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Int. Boogie Woogie Festival Lugano May 2012 - Live at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano. Joja Wendt (D), Solo on Piano and together with Bob Seeley (USA).

Magnifique interprétation de ce Slow Boogie (très mystérieux) de Freddie SLACK (1910-1965). Lluis COLOMA et Bob SEELEY étaient accompagnés par ...

Video/Movie Clip recorded at the 1st Barcelona International Boogie Woogie Festival : "Campi qui Boogie!". Now this is what I call 'swinging the joint' and h...

Carmen Zavala and Mark Ruhala Swing Mark Ruhala, Choreographer.