Brad Caslor

Brad Caslor Filmography

movie 2013 The Healing of Heather Garden
tv movie 2012 The Christmas Heart
tv movie 2011 Lucky Christmas
movie 2010 TuTuMuch
tv movie 2009 Taken in Broad Daylight
tv movie 2005 Ken Leishman: The Flying Bandit
movie 2005 Lucid
movie 2005 Niagara Motel
tv movie 2004 Haunts of the Black Masseur
movie 2004 Seven Times Lucky
tv series 1997 O Canada
movie 1997 The Big Pickle
movie 1985 Get a Job
movie 1978 Blowhard
movie 1978 Canada Vignettes: Fort Prince of Wales
movie 1978 Canada Vignettes: Spence's Republic

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An animated parable that deals with a familiar subject in an amusing way. We join in the business ventures of J.B. Edwards, an easterner who went west to cre...

peeling the endless layers of imagination:

peeling the endless layers of imagination: