Brad Potts

Brad Potts Filmography

movie 2014 Circus of the Dead as Trooper Weaver
movie 2014 Club Dead as Gus
movie 2014 Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce as Rex Gallagher
movie 2013 Ditch as Mann
movie 2013 Re-Generator as Mr. Karr
movie 2013 The Brides of Sodom as Pops
movie 2013 The Golden Scallop as Buzz O'Hara
movie 2012 Bilbo as Buck
tv movie 2012 Chinatown Squad as Sullivan
movie 2012 Golden Cage as Hakan
movie 2012 Martini Mom and Devil Spawn as Man in Black 1
movie 2012 Night of the Templar as Additional Voices
movie 2012 Operation Terror as Chase Jordan
movie 2012 Puppet Master X: Axis Rising as Sgt. Stone
movie 2012 Revan as Jackson
movie 2012 The Rule of Law as Bill
movie 2012 Tuesday Night Make-Out
movie 2012 Zombies Vs. Strippers as Red Wings
movie 2011 Band of Mothers as General
movie 2011 Coach Ricardo as Coach Ricardo
movie 2011 Crescendo I as Wendell
movie 2011 I Was a Mermaid and Now I'm a Pop Star as Poseidon
movie 2011 Summer of the Zombies as Badass Man
movie 2011 Water for Elephants as Sideshow
tv movie 2010 Dilly as Deputy Danny Jefferson
movie 2010 Handicapped John as Janus
movie 2010 Just Jamaal as Andy
movie 2010 One Night as Man in dark suit
movie 2010 Our Family Wedding as Policeman
tv movie 2010 Sharkbite Beach as Dave Martin
video movie 2010 The Trainee as Flight Commander
movie 2009 King Logeros as King Logeros
movie 2009 Open Ends as Captain Forney
movie 2009 Whats the Hold Up as Mr. Garrey
movie 2004 Sam & Joe as Dermot
video movie 2003 Dark Walker as Sheriff Gillis

Brad Potts on Youtube

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