Brad Slater

Brad Slater Filmography

video movie 2011 College Butt Buddies
video movie 2009 1st Time Bisexual Experience 2
video movie 2007 Babes Ballin' Boys 18
video movie 2007 Babes Ballin' Boys 19
video movie 2007 Cum Catchers 'n Swappers
video movie 2006 Dungeon
video movie 2006 Jr. Dads 'n Athletic Lads 2
video movie 2005 Bend Over
video movie 2005 Entourage: Episode I
video movie 2005 Entourage: Episode II
video movie 2005 In the Jeans
video movie 2005 Latinos in the House!
video movie 2005 Lock Box Cocks
video movie 2005 Los banos Latinos
video movie 2005 Strap-On Latina Bitches
video movie 2004 RevoluciĆ³n sexual

Brad Slater on Youtube

Trailer for the 2013 Holiday release, The Case of the Missing Reindeer.

Brad Slater gets interviewed by the morning crew at Breakfast Television (BTV) in Calgary about being a finalist for Charlie Sheen's social media intern posi...

Brad Slater from the FAN960 talks to comedian Harland Williams about the Charlie Sheen social media intern opportunity. Hilarity ensues.

The Rock accepts Ronda Rousey's ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge," and nominates Channing Tatum, Mark Wahlberg and Brad Slater. Follow The Rock: Twitter: ...