Bradley Page

Bradley Page Filmography

movie 1943 Find the Blackmailer as Mitch Farrell
movie 1943 Sherlock Holmes in Washington as Cady
movie 1943 Silent Witness as District Attorney Robert Holden
movie 1943 What's Buzzin', Cousin? as Pete Hartley
movie 1942 Freckles Comes Home as Nate Quigley
movie 1942 Isle of Missing Men as George Kent
movie 1942 King of the Mounties as Charles Blake
movie 1942 Sons of the Pioneers as Frank Bennett
movie 1942 The Bugle Sounds as Second Adjutant
movie 1942 The Traitor Within as Al McGonigle
movie 1942 Top Sergeant as Tony Gribaldi
movie 1942 War Dogs as Judge Roger Davis
movie 1941 Badlands of Dakota as Jesse Chapman
movie 1941 Footlight Fever as Harvey Parker
movie 1941 Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case as Elliott Carter
movie 1941 Roaring Frontiers as Hawk Hammond
movie 1941 Scattergood Baines as McKettrick
movie 1941 Scattergood Meets Broadway as H. C. Bard
movie 1941 The Big Store as Duke
movie 1940 Beyond the Sacramento as Cord Crowley, aka Mark Bradley
movie 1940 Cafe Hostess as Al
movie 1940 Enemy Agent as Francis
movie 1940 Girl from Havana as Cort
movie 1939 Fixer Dugan as A.J. Barvin, Circus Owner
movie 1939 Twelve Crowded Hours as Tom Miller
movie 1938 Annabel Takes a Tour as Howard Webb, Chief of Wonder Pictures
movie 1938 Crashing Hollywood as Thomas 'Tom' Darcy
movie 1938 Crime Ring as Lionel Whitmore
movie 1938 Fugitives for a Night as Dennis Poole
movie 1938 Go Chase Yourself as Frank
movie 1938 Night Spot as Marty Davis
movie 1938 The Affairs of Annabel as Webb
movie 1938 The Law West of Tombstone as Doc Howard
movie 1937 Don't Tell the Wife as Salesman Hagar
movie 1937 Fifty Roads to Town as Pinelli
movie 1937 Her Husband Lies as 'Pug, ' Gunman
movie 1937 Hideaway as Al Miller
movie 1937 Music for Madame as Rollins
movie 1937 Super-Sleuth as Ralph Waring
movie 1937 The Outcasts of Poker Flat as Sonoma
movie 1937 The Toast of New York as Vanderbilt Associate
movie 1937 There Goes My Girl as Joe Rethburn - Nightclub Owner
movie 1937 Trouble in Morocco as Branenok
movie 1937 Woman-Wise as Mac
movie 1937 You Can't Beat Love as Dwight Parsons
movie 1936 Ellis Island as Solo
movie 1936 The Princess Comes Across as The Stranger
movie 1936 Three of a Kind as Rodney Randall
movie 1936 Two in a Crowd as Tony Bonelli
movie 1936 Wedding Present as Givens
movie 1936 Woman Trap as Harry Flint
movie 1935 Baby Face Harrington as Dave
movie 1935 Cappy Ricks Returns as Spencer Winton
movie 1935 Champagne for Breakfast as Wayne Osborne
movie 1935 Cheers of the Crowd as Blake Walton
movie 1935 Chinatown Squad as Claude Palmer
movie 1935 Forced Landing as Steven Greer
movie 1935 King Solomon of Broadway as Roth
movie 1935 Mister Dynamite as Felix
movie 1935 Red Hot Tires as Curley Taylor
movie 1935 Shadow of Doubt as Haworth
movie 1935 The Best Man Wins as Silk
movie 1935 The Nut Farm as Hamilton T. Holland, Acting School
movie 1935 The Public Menace as Louie
movie 1935 The Texas Rambler as Cabin henchman
movie 1935 Unwelcome Stranger as Lucky Palmer
movie 1934 Against the Law as Mike Eagan
movie 1934 Gentlemen Are Born as Al Ludlow
movie 1934 Good Dame as Regan
movie 1934 He Was Her Man as Dan 'Danny' Curly
movie 1934 Hell Bent for Love as 'Trigger' Talano
movie 1934 I Hate Women as Powell
movie 1934 Looking for Trouble as George Martin, Associate
movie 1934 Million Dollar Ransom as Easy
movie 1934 Name the Woman as Dave Evans
movie 1934 Once to Every Bachelor as District Attorney Jerry Landers
movie 1934 One Hour Late as Jim
movie 1934 Search for Beauty as Joe Garrett
movie 1934 Six of a Kind as Ferguson
movie 1934 Take the Stand
movie 1934 The Crime of Helen Stanley as George T. Noel
movie 1934 The Fighting Ranger as Cougar the Half Breed
movie 1933 Before Midnight as Howard B. Smith
movie 1933 Blood Money as District Attorney
movie 1933 Broken Dreams as Undetermined Role
movie 1933 Central Airport as Scotty Armstrong
movie 1933 East of Fifth Avenue as Rosie
movie 1933 From Headquarters as Reporter
movie 1933 From Hell to Heaven as Jack Ruby
movie 1933 Goldie Gets Along as Frank Hawthorne
movie 1933 Hell Below as Seaman Gardner
movie 1933 Hold the Press as Mike Serrano
movie 1933 Love Is Dangerous as Dean Scarsdale
movie 1933 Shadows of Sing Sing as Slick Hale
movie 1933 Song of the Eagle as Los Angeles Racket Boss
movie 1933 Stage Mother as Tom Banton
movie 1933 The Chief as Dapper Dan
movie 1933 The Life of Jimmy Dolan as One of Dolan's Backers
movie 1933 This Day and Age as Toledo
movie 1932 Attorney for the Defense as Nick Quinn aka Kramer
movie 1932 Love Affair as Georgie Keeler
movie 1932 Night After Night as Frankie Guard
movie 1932 Sundown Rider as Jim Hunter
movie 1932 The Final Edition as Sid Malvern
movie 1932 The Wet Parade as Frankie - Bootlegger
movie 1932 They Call It Sin as Ford's Nightclub Friend
movie 1931 Sporting Blood as Eddie Frazier

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