Brian Cobos

Brian Cobos Filmography

movie 2013 Discernment as Daniel
movie 2013 Last Days of Night as David
movie 2013 Phrenic as Cal
movie 2012 Abide as Porter
movie 2012 Auspice as Dorion
movie 2012 Consequence as John
movie 2012 Dinner with Skeletons as Danny
movie 2012 Howie as Howie
movie 2012 Waking with Clarity as Bartender
movie 2011 Redemption CC7D as Earth Nurse
movie 2011 Shattered Sun: Any Means as Hero
movie 2011 Something of a King as Brian

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Life is delicate. Choose Wisely. John and Clara wake up in a cellar, bound, separated, and only able to hear each other through a cement wall. After a sudden...

Music Produced by Robert Beltran at Precision Studio: Video Filmed and Edited by KC Coker: Additional ...

Jimmy Willden "Something of a King" Directed & Edited by Robert Perez Jr Shot by Micah DeBenedetto and Robert Perez Jr Featuring Amanda Hailey Barrera ...

First impressions amidst people watching, and the dire situations that lead good people to do bad things. Written & Directed by Jimmy Willden A Sleight Films...