Brian Herskowitz

Brian Herskowitz Filmography

movie 2014 Until Someone Gets Hurt
movie 2014 With Us
movie 2013 Long Live the Squirrels
movie 2013 Tio Papi
movie 2013 The Wolverine
movie 2012 JoAnne
movie 2012 JoAnne
movie 2011 Musical Chairs
video movie 2010 1736: Somewhere to Turn
video movie 2009 The Broadroom
movie 2007 War
movie 2005 Chicken Little
movie 2002 Neko no ongaeshi as Additional Voices
movie 2001 Odessa or Bust
movie 1997 A Thousand Acres
movie 1997 That Old Feeling
movie 1995 For Better or Worse as Bakery Cart Man
movie 1989 Darkroom
tv series 1987 Tour of Duty
tv movie 1981 A Small Killing as Ben
movie 1979 The Bermuda Triangle as Hennessey

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