Brian Vermeire

Brian Vermeire Filmography

movie 2014 The Resolve as David Scott
movie 2013 Black to the Moon 3D as Hu Flung Pu
movie 2012 I Am Neda
movie 2007 Deconstructing the Family as Mr. Houseguest
tv series 2007 Without Prejudice? as Panel Member
video movie 2006 Stupidman as Pete Clark
movie 2004 Internet Date as Rod
tv series 2004 Open Call as Top 3 Finalist "Late Night Talk Show Host"
movie 2002 60 Seconds as Paramedic #1
movie 2001 Deuces as Jim Bannister
movie 2001 Second Coming as Right Wing Christian
movie 2000 PinMonkeys as Lance
movie 1996 Rites of Winter as Jason Shannon

Brian Vermeire on Youtube

Various bits from comedian Brian Vermeire performing at the Comedy Store (Los Angeles, CA) and the Ice House (Pasedena, CA).

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