Brion James

Brion Howard James (February 20, 1945 ? August 7, 1999) was an American character actor. Known for playing the character of Leon Kowalski in the movie Blade Runner, James portrayed a variety of colorful roles in well-known American films such as 48 Hrs., Another 48 Hours, Tango & Cash, Silverado, Red Heat and The Player. James' commanding screen presence and formidable physique at 1.91metres (6.3ft) tall, usually resulted in his casting as a heavy, appearing more frequently ... more on Wikipedia

Brion James Filmography

video movie 2007 Blade Runner: Deleted and Alternate Scenes as Leon
movie 2005 Phoenix Point as Spider Rico
movie 2000 Farewell, My Love as Renault
movie 2000 The King Is Alive as Ashley
movie 2000 The Operator as Vernon Woods
movie 2000 The Thief & the Stripper as Shoe
tv movie 1999 Arthur's Quest as Trent
movie 1999 Diplomatic Siege as Gen. Stubbs
movie 1999 Dirt Merchant as Detective Harry Ball
movie 1999 Foolish as Ruben Reyes, Talent Scout
movie 1999 Malevolence as Warden Walker
video movie 1999 The Hunter's Moon as Sheriff Foulkes
movie 1998 A Place Called Truth as Hank
movie 1998 Black Sea 213 as Captain Killick
movie 1998 Border to Border as Card Shark
movie 1998 Brown's Requiem as Cathcart
movie 1998 Deadly Ransom as Bobby Rico
movie 1998 Heist as Caz
movie 1998 In God's Hands as Captain
movie 1998 Jekyll Island as Lawton Goodyear
movie 1998 Joseph's Gift as Frank Childress
movie 1998 Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller as Mönch
tv movie 1998 Men in White as General
movie 1997 Back in Business as Emery Ryker
movie 1997 Bombshell as Donald
movie 1997 Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills as Salvador Dali
movie 1997 Snide and Prejudice as Hermann Goering
movie 1997 The Fifth Element as General Munro
movie 1997 The Killing Jar as Dr. Vincent Garret
movie 1997 The Setting Son as Junior
movie 1997 The Underground as Captain Hilton
movie 1996 American Strays as Oris
tv movie 1996 Assault on Dome 4 as Chairman
movie 1996 Billy Lone Bear as Walsh
movie 1996 Evil Obsession as Stavinski
movie 1996 Marco Polo: Haperek Ha'aharon
movie 1996 Precious Find as Sam Horton
movie 1995 Cyberjack as Nassim
movie 1995 Dominion as Lynwood
movie 1995 Indecent Behavior III as Mr. Cowed
tv movie 1995 Sketch Artist II: Hands That See as Larry Walker
movie 1995 Spitfire as Tough guy
video movie 1995 Steel Frontier as General J.W. Quantrell
movie 1995 The Nature of the Beast as Sheriff Gordon
movie 1994 Art Deco Detective as Jim Wexler
movie 1994 Cabin Boy as Big Teddy
movie 1994 F.T.W. as Sheriff Rudy Morgan
movie 1994 Future Shock as Jack Porter
movie 1994 Hong Kong 97 as Simon Alexander
tv movie 1994 Knight Rider 2010 as Jared
movie 1994 Radioland Murders as Bernie King
movie 1994 Savage Land as Cyrus
video movie 1994 Scanner Cop as Dr. Hampton
tv movie 1994 The Companion as Ron Cocheran
movie 1994 The Soft Kill as Ben McCarthy
video movie 1993 Brain Smasher... A Love Story as Brown
tv movie 1993 Precious Victims as Agent Jimmy Bivens
tv movie 1993 Rio Diablo as Jake Walker
movie 1993 Showdown as Vice Principal Kowalski
movie 1993 Striking Distance as Det. Eddie Eiler
movie 1993 The Dark as Paul Buckner
movie 1993 Time Runner as Neila
tv movie 1992 Black Magic as Tom McKay
movie 1992 Frogtown II as Prof. Tanzer
movie 1992 Nemesis as Maritz
tv movie 1992 Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story as Bruce Munster
movie 1992 The Player as Joel Levison
movie 1992 Wishman as Staten Jack Rose
movie 1991 Mom as Nestor Duvalier
movie 1991 Ultimate Desires as Wolfgang Friedman
movie 1990 Another 48 Hrs. as Ben Kehoe
movie 1990 Enid Is Sleeping as Trucker
movie 1990 Street Asylum as Reverend Mony
movie 1989 Circles in a Forest as Mr. Patterson
tv movie 1989 Desperado: The Outlaw Wars as Roy Grimes
movie 1989 Mutator as David Allen
movie 1989 Tango & Cash as Requin
movie 1989 The Horror Show as Max Jenke
movie 1988 D.O.A. as Detective Ulmer
movie 1988 Dead Man Walking as Decker
movie 1988 Nightmare at Noon as The Albino
movie 1988 On My Honor as Commander
movie 1988 Red Heat as Streak
movie 1988 Red Scorpion as Krasnov
movie 1988 The Wrong Guys as Glen Grunski
movie 1987 Cherry 2000 as Stacy
tv movie 1987 Love Among Thieves as Andre
movie 1987 Steel Dawn as Tark
tv movie 1986 Annihilator as Alien Leader
movie 1986 Armed and Dangerous as Anthony Lazarus
movie 1985 Crimewave as Arthur Coddish
movie 1985 Enemy Mine as Stubbs
movie 1985 Flesh+Blood as Karsthans
movie 1985 Silverado as Hobart
movie 1984 A Breed Apart as Peyton
tv movie 1983 Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues as Reece
tv movie 1983 Lone Star as Breyer
movie 1982 48 Hrs. as Ben Kehoe
movie 1982 Blade Runner as Leon Kowalski
tv movie 1982 Hear No Evil as Billy Boy Burns
tv movie 1981 Conquest of the Earth as Willy
tv movie 1981 Killing at Hell's Gate as Turkey
movie 1981 Soggy Bottom, U.S.A. as Defalice
movie 1981 Southern Comfort as Trapper
movie 1981 The Postman Always Rings Twice as Crapshooter
movie 1980 The Jazz Singer as Man in Bar
tv movie 1980 Trouble in High Timber Country as Eddie Rhodes
movie 1980 Wholly Moses! as Guard at Banquet
movie 1978 Blue Sunshine as Tony
movie 1978 Corvette Summer as Wayne's Car Wash Henchman
tv movie 1978 Goober & the Truckers' Paradise as T-Bone
tv movie 1978 KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park as Guard
movie 1976 Bound for Glory as Pick-Up Truck Driver at Border
movie 1976 Harry and Walter Go to New York as Hayseed
movie 1976 Nickelodeon as Bailiff
movie 1976 Treasure of Matecumbe as Roustabout
movie 1975 Hard Times
tv movie 1975 The Kansas City Massacre as Homer Van Meter

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