Brittany Stryker

Brittany Stryker Filmography

video movie 2003 Brittany Speared
video movie 2002 Ultimate Ginger Lynn
video movie 2000 Cock Smokers 15
video movie 2000 Fire in the Hole
video movie 1996 Ram It Up as Herself
video movie 1995 Anal Maniacs 3
video movie 1994 Tasty Treats
video movie 1992 Flying High with Rikki Lee
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: Only the Very Best on Video as Aspiring Actress
video movie 1991 Fantasy World
movie 1991 Girls Like Us
video movie 1991 Naughty Nymphs
video movie 1989 Backdoor Summer II as Herself
movie 1989 Honey Buns
video movie 1989 Raunch II as Terry
movie 1989 Submissive Women
video movie 1989 Take My Body
video movie 1989 The Hottest Ticket
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 26
video movie 1988 Backdoor Summer
video movie 1988 Coming in America
movie 1988 Get Me While I'm Hot
video movie 1988 Ginger: The Movie
video movie 1988 No Man's Land: An All Female Fantasy as Games Women Play
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 1
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 2
video movie 1988 Sins of Angel Kelly
video movie 1988 Soul Games
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 7
video movie 1987 Afro Erotica 8
video movie 1987 Banana Splits
movie 1987 Charmed and Dangerous
video movie 1987 Diamond Collection Double X 12
movie 1987 Erotic Therapy
movie 1987 Let's Get It On
movie 1987 Oral Majority 4
video movie 1987 Pumping Irene II
movie 1987 Restless Passion
video movie 1987 Sky Foxes
video movie 1987 Switch Hitters as Dolly
video movie 1987 Tailspin
video movie 1987 The Touchables: The Men Girls Pay to Touch as Lois
video movie 1986 All for His Ladies
movie 1986 Back Door Bride
video movie 1986 Backdoor to Hollywood Part 2 as Maggie Woodson
movie 1986 Beyond the Casting Couch
video movie 1986 Cavalcade of Stars
movie 1986 Despicable Dames
movie 1986 Doctor Penetration as Morine Madison
video movie 1986 Flasher as Isabel
video movie 1986 Ginger's Sex Asylum as Rusty
video movie 1986 Greatest All Girl Hits
movie 1986 Hard Ride
movie 1986 Having It All! as Sara's Brunette Friend
movie 1986 I Am Curious Black
movie 1986 Kiss of the Dragon Lady
video movie 1986 Lust at Sea
movie 1986 Lusty Layout
movie 1986 Pumping Irene
video movie 1986 Rears as New waitress
video movie 1986 Super Wrestling Sluts of Hollywood as The Rival
video movie 1986 Sweet Cheeks
movie 1986 Takin' It to the Streets
movie 1986 The Brat as Gwen
video movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Dare
video movie 1986 White Trash as Drug dealer's wife
movie 1985 Angel of the Night as Mrs. Forsight
movie 1985 Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe
movie 1985 Indecent Itch as Gale Martin
movie 1985 Late After Dark
movie 1985 Lucky in Love as Barmaid
video movie 1985 Tailgunners
movie 1985 Talk Dirty to Me One More Time
video movie 1985 Virgin Heat
movie 1984 For Your Thighs Only

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A small clip from Backdoor Brides 1986 Paradise Visuals Scene 1. Bunnie Blake, Terry Perry, Harry Reems Scene 2. Ashley Van Sloan, Keli Richards, Ron ...

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