Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams Filmography

movie 2014 The Adventures of Beatle as Secretary
tv movie 2012 Hemingway & Gellhorn as Madrid Woman
movie 2009 Gary's Walk as Marcia
tv movie 2009 The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Herself - Audience Member
movie 2009 Pet Peeves
movie 2008 The Accidental Husband as Carolyn
movie 2008 The Daring Project as Narrator
video movie 2006 Memories from 'The Dead Zone' as Herself
video movie 2006 The Politics of 'The Dead Zone' as Herself
movie 2005 At Last as Carol Singleton
movie 2005 The Legend of Lucy Keyes as Samantha Porter
tv movie 2004 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards as Herself
movie 2003 Party Animals as Celeb Mother
tv movie 2003 The 60th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Herself - Audience Member
movie 2002 Made-Up as Elizabeth James Tivey
movie 1995 The Baby-Sitters Club as Elizabeth Thomas Brewer
tv movie 1994 Probable Cause
movie 1994 The Fire This Time as Narrator
tv movie 1993 The Last Hit as Anna
movie 1992 Gas, Food Lodging as Nora
tv movie 1991 Sometimes They Come Back as Sally Norman
tv movie 1991 The 6th Annual IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards as Herself - Presenter
movie 1991 The Unborn as Virginia Marshall
tv movie 1989 Bridesmaids as Pat
tv movie 1988 The Lion of Africa as Grace Danet
movie 1987 Man on Fire as Jane
tv movie 1987 Paul Reiser Out on a Whim
movie 1985 Almost You as Erica Boyer
movie 1985 Key Exchange as Lisa
tv movie 1985 Lace II as Pagan Tralone
movie 1985 The Stuff as Special Guest Star in Stuff Commercial
tv movie 1984 Lace as Jennifer 'Pagan' Trelawney
tv movie 1984 Special People as Diane Dupuy
movie 1984 Terror in the Aisles
movie 1983 The Dead Zone as Sarah Bracknell
movie 1983 Utilities as Marion Edwards
movie 1980 Tell Me a Riddle as Jeannie
movie 1979 A Man, a Woman and a Bank as Stacey Bishop
movie 1979 Cuba as Alexandra Lopez de Pulido
tv movie 1979 Nero Wolfe as Sarah Dacos
movie 1978 Days of Heaven as Abby
movie 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers as Elizabeth Driscoll
movie 1978 The First Great Train Robbery
movie 1977 Shock Waves as Rose
movie 1976 Car Wash as Terry
tv movie 1976 James Dean as Beverly
tv movie 1975 Black Bart as Jennifer
tv movie 1975 Murder on Flight 502 as Vera Franklin
tv movie 1975 Song of the Succubus as Olive Deems
tv movie 1975 The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return as Mae
tv movie 1975 Who Is the Black Dahlia? as Diane Fowler
tv movie 1974 F. Scott Fitzgerald and 'The Last of the Belles' as Kitty Preston
movie 1974 The Great Gatsby as Party Guest
movie 1974 The Lord's of Flatbush
movie 1971 Murders in the Rue Morgue as Nurse

Brooke Adams on Youtube In San Francisco, a group of people discover the human race is being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of emotion.

One of the most critically-acclaimed films of all time, Days of Heaven is a moving story about two men who love the same woman. Richard Gere, a fugitive from...

Official Tessmacher Trailer#1 Brooke Adams Miss Tessmacher @BrookeIMPACT Producer: Brian Williams.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Trailer 1978 Director: Philip Kaufman Starring: Brooke Adams, Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum, Veronica Cartwright, Leonard ...