Brownie the Dog

Brownie the Dog Filmography

movie 1924 Good Bad Boy as Himself
movie 1923 A Howling Success as Brownie
movie 1923 Little Johnny Jones
movie 1923 Sting 'Em Sweet as Brownie
movie 1923 Sunny Gym
movie 1923 Sweet and Pretty
movie 1923 The Imperfect Lover
movie 1923 Uncle Sam
movie 1923 Why Dogs Leave Home
movie 1922 Cheerful Credit
movie 1922 Circus Clowns
movie 1922 Live Wires as Brownie
movie 1922 Mutts
movie 1922 Rookies as Brownie
movie 1922 Short Weight as Brownie
movie 1922 Sic 'Em Brownie
movie 1922 Some Class
movie 1922 Table Steaks
movie 1922 The Radio Hound as Brownie
movie 1922 The Tattle Tail
movie 1922 Wedding Pumps as Brownie
movie 1921 Alfalfa Love
movie 1921 Around Corners
movie 1921 Brownie's Baby Doll
movie 1921 Brownie's Little Venus as Brownie
movie 1921 Chums
movie 1921 Fire Bugs
movie 1921 Golfing
movie 1921 His Puppy Love
movie 1921 Pals
movie 1921 Playmates
movie 1921 Sea Shore Shapes as Brownie
movie 1921 Society Dogs
movie 1921 The Dog Doctor
movie 1921 The Kid's Pal
movie 1921 Tin Cans
movie 1920 A Blue Ribbon Mutt
movie 1920 Brownie's Busy Day
movie 1920 Brownie, the Peacemaker as Brownie
movie 1920 Dog-Gone Clever
movie 1920 Good Little Brownie
movie 1920 His Master's Breath
movie 1920 Hot Dog
movie 1920 My Dog, Pal
movie 1920 The Tale of the Dog
movie 1919 A Lucky Dog's Day
movie 1919 Brownie's Doggone Tricks
movie 1919 The Eternal Triangle

Brownie the Dog on Youtube

Uruguay vs England: Brownie the dog's World Cup prediction of the day.

A dog is a man's best friend and Dobby (played to perfection by Brownie the dog) went a step further to prove that a dog is also a ghost's best friend in thi...

August 2012 UPDATE: The real dog that inspired this story, Brownie, after being brought back to the kill shelter by became essentially un-placeable. So after...

Brownie the Dog.