Bruce Baillie

Bruce Baillie (born in 1931, Aberdeen, South Dakota) is an American experimental filmmaker and founding member of Canyon Cinema in San Francisco. in 1961, Baillie, along with Chick Strand and others, founded San Francisco Cinematheque. ... more on Wikipedia

Bruce Baillie Filmography

movie 2011 Robert Fulton as Himself
tv movie 2002 Bruce Baillie - teoksia ja tarinoita as Himself
movie 1999 Salute
movie 1998 Introduction to the Holy Scrolls as Himself
movie 1998 Pieta
movie 1997 Birth of a Nation as Himself
movie 1990 The P-38 Pilot
movie 1987 Dr. Bish Remedies
movie 1980 The Cardinal's Visit
movie 1977 Roslyn Romance
movie 1975 Sincerity II
movie 1971 Quick Billy
movie 1971 Valentin de las Sierras
movie 1966 All My Life
movie 1966 Castro Street
movie 1966 Port Chicago Vigil
movie 1966 Show Leader
movie 1966 Still Life
movie 1966 Termination
movie 1966 Tung
movie 1965 Quixote
movie 1965 Yellow Horse
movie 1964 Mass for the Dakota Sioux
movie 1964 The Brookfield Recreation Center
movie 1963 A Hurrah for Soldiers
movie 1963 To Parsifal
movie 1962 Everyman
movie 1962 Friend Fleeing
movie 1962 Have You Thought of Talking to the Director
movie 1962 Here I Am
movie 1962 The News No. 3
movie 1961 David Lynn's Sculpture
movie 1961 Mr. Hayashi
movie 1961 On Sundays
movie 1961 The Gymnasts

Bruce Baillie on Youtube

Despite having been a cornerstone of the emerging cinematic avant-garde of the 1960's—as well as a co-founder of Canyon Cinema and the San Francisco ...

The film is made up of one single take. The camera pans to the left, focusing on a delapitated fence in a rural field, as Ella Fitzgerald's "All My Life" pla...

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