Bruce Davison

Bruce Davison (born June 28, 1946) is an American actor and director. ... more on Wikipedia

Bruce Davison Filmography

movie 2015 Killing Frank as Dr. Yardley
movie 2014 108 Stitches as Coach Scott Deshields
movie 2014 A Schizophrenic Love Story as Dr. Bob
movie 2014 Classic Hollywood Cinemas as Himself
movie 2014 Get a Job as Lawrence Wilheimer
movie 2014 Persecuted as Senator Donald Harrison
movie 2014 Sister
movie 2014 Tao of Surfing as Mr. Pearson
movie 2014 The Bronx Bull as D.A. Bonomi
movie 2013 37 as Psychic
movie 2013 Beyond the Heavens as Old Oliver
movie 2013 Saving Lincoln as William H. Seward
movie 2013 Words and Pictures as Walt
tv movie 2012 Bigfoot as Sheriff Walt Henderson
movie 2012 Brother White as Howard
movie 2012 Return of the Killer Shrews as Jerry Farrell
movie 2012 Stealing Roses as Mr. Lowell
movie 2012 That Guy... Who Was in That Thing as Himself
movie 2012 The Lords of Salem as Francis Matthias
movie 2012 The Millionaire Tour as The Roman
movie 2011 3 Holiday Tails as Rod Wright
movie 2011 Coffin as Garrison
tv movie 2011 Earth's Final Hours as Rothman
movie 2011 Elwood as Congressman Barber
movie 2011 God Don't Make the Laws as Bud Kelly
movie 2011 Munger Road as Chief Kirkhoven
movie 2011 The Congregation as Amos Christner
movie 2010 Arctic Blast as Walter Winslaw
movie 2010 Camp Hell as Fr. Phineas McAllister
video movie 2010 Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths as President Wilson
video movie 2010 Titanic II as James Maine
movie 2009 A Golden Christmas as Rod Wright
movie 2009 Christmas Angel as Nick Anderson
video movie 2009 Knight Rider: The Icon Reborn as Himself
movie 2009 La linea as Anthony
tv movie 2009 MegaFault as Dr. Mark Rhodes
movie 2009 Passengers as Roger
tv movie 2008 The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice as Professor Lazlo
movie 2007 Breach as John O'Neill
movie 2006 Special Ops: Delta Force as General Preston Rossdale
movie 2006 The Dead Girl as Leah's Father
tv movie 2006 Untitled Brad Copeland Project
video movie 2006 X-Men: Evolution of a Trilogy as Senator Kelly
video movie 2005 8MM 2 as Ambassador Harrington
movie 2005 Confession as Father Thomas Parker
movie 2005 Going Shopping as Adam
movie 2005 Hate Crime as Pastor Boyd
movie 2005 Touched as Robert Davis
movie 2004 Evergreen as Frank
movie 2004 On the Couch as Daddy
tv movie 2004 The Clinic as Martin Landrum
movie 2003 Manfast as Rupert Iris
tv movie 2003 Out of the Ashes as Peter Schuman
video movie 2003 Rat People: Friends and Foes as Narrated by
movie 2003 Rules of the Game as Detective Sgt. Baker
movie 2003 Runaway Jury as Durwood Cable
video movie 2003 The Uncanny Suspects as Himself
video movie 2003 X-Men Production Scrapbook as Himself
movie 2003 X2 as Senator Kelly
movie 2002 Dahmer as Lionel Dahmer
movie 2002 High Crimes as Brig. Gen. Bill Marks
tv movie 2002 L.A. Law: The Movie as Lawrence Diebenkorn
tv movie 2002 Too Young to Be a Dad as Dan Freeman
tv movie 2002 Lathe of Heaven
movie 2001 Crazy/Beautiful as Tom Oakley
movie 2001 Le timide as Narrator
tv movie 2001 Off Season as Dr. Zimmer
tv movie 2001 On the Edge
movie 2001 Summer Catch as Rand Parrish
movie 2000 The King Is Alive as Ray
tv movie 2000 The Mutant Watch as Senator Robert Kelly
movie 2000 X-Men as Senator Kelly
tv movie 1999 A Memory in My Heart as Chase Stewart
movie 1999 At First Sight as Dr. Charles Aaron
tv movie 1999 Locked in Silence as Jim
tv movie 1999 Vendetta as Thomas Semmes
movie 1998 Apt Pupil as Richard Bowden
tv movie 1998 Little Girl Fly Away as Frank
movie 1998 Paulie as Dr. Reingold
tv movie 1997 Color of Justice as Frank Gainer
movie 1997 Lovelife as Bruce
tv movie 1997 The Trial of Adolf Eichmann as Yehiel Katzetnik Dinur
tv movie 1996 After Jimmy as Sam Stapp
movie 1996 Grace of My Heart as John Murray
tv movie 1996 Hidden in America as Dr. Michael Millerton
movie 1996 It's My Party as Rodney Bingham
movie 1996 The Crucible as Reverend Parris
tv movie 1996 Widow's Kiss as Justin Sager
tv series 1996 Heart of Africa
tv movie 1995 Down, Out & Dangerous as Brad Harrington
movie 1995 Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog as John McCormick
movie 1995 Homage as Joseph Smith
tv movie 1995 Present Tense, Past Perfect
tv movie 1995 The 52nd Annual Golden Globe Awards as Himself - Presenter: Best Screenplay
movie 1995 The Baby-Sitters Club as Watson Brewer
movie 1995 The Cure as Dr. Stevens
movie 1995 The Skateboard Kid II as Burt Squires
tv movie 1994 Someone Else's Child as Nick Callahan
tv movie 1994 The 5th Annual GLAAD Media Awards as Himself
tv movie 1993 A Mother's Revenge as Bill Sanders
movie 1993 An Ambush of Ghosts as Bill Betts
movie 1993 Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country as Himself
movie 1993 Short Cuts as Howard Finnigan
movie 1993 Six Degrees of Separation as Larkin
tv movie 1992 Desperate Choices: To Save My Child as Richard Robbins
tv movie 1992 In a New Light: A Call to Action in the War Against AIDS as Himself - Co-Host
tv movie 1992 Live! From Death Row as Laurence Dvorak
tv movie 1992 The 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Himself - Presenter: Best Actress
movie 1991 Steel and Lace as Albert Morton
tv movie 1991 The 48th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Himself - Winner: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
tv movie 1991 The 63rd Annual Academy Awards as Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
tv movie 1990 Stolen: One Husband as Doctor Peter Foley
tv movie 1989 Lady in the Corner as Bill Guthrie
movie 1989 Longtime Companion as David
tv series 1989 The More You Know as Himself
tv movie 1987 Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story as Jimmy Donahue
movie 1987 The Misfit Brigade as Cpl. Joseph Porta
movie 1986 The Ladies Club as Richard Harrison
movie 1985 Lies as Stuart Russell
movie 1985 Spies Like Us as Ruby
movie 1984 Crimes of Passion as Donny Hopper
tv movie 1983 Ghost Dancing as Calvin Oberst
video movie 1983 The Taming of the Shrew as Tranio
movie 1982 Kiss My Grits as Dolin T. Pike
tv movie 1982 The Astronauts as Technical Officer David Ackroyd
tv movie 1982 Tomorrow's Child as Cliff Bender
movie 1981 High Risk as Dan
tv movie 1981 Incident at Crestridge as Clint Larsen
tv movie 1981 The Wave as Ben Ross
tv movie 1980 The Lathe of Heaven as George Orr
tv movie 1979 Mind Over Murder as Jason
tv movie 1979 The Gathering, Part II as George
movie 1979 The Horror Show
movie 1978 Brass Target as Col. Robert Dawson
tv movie 1978 Deadman's Curve as Dean Torrence
movie 1978 French Quarter as Kid Ross
tv movie 1978 Summer of My German Soldier as Anton Reiker
tv series 1978 Mourning Becomes Electra as Orin Mannon
movie 1977 Short Eyes as Clark Davis
tv movie 1977 The Gathering as George
movie 1976 Grand Jury as Bobby Allen
movie 1976 Mother, Jugs & Speed as Leroy
tv movie 1975 The Last Survivors as Michael Larsen
tv movie 1974 Ma and Pa
movie 1974 Mame as The Older Patrick
tv movie 1973 Cops as Detective Dennis Till
movie 1973 Peege as Greg
tv movie 1973 The Affair as Jamie Patterson
movie 1972 The Jerusalem File as David Armonstrong
movie 1972 Ulzana's Raid as Lt. Garnett DeBuin
movie 1971 Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me as Fitzgore
movie 1971 Willard as Willard Stiles
movie 1970 The Strawberry Statement as Simon
movie 1969 Last Summer as Dan
movie The Perfect Dance as Mr. Ackerman

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