Bruce Spielbauer

Bruce Spielbauer Filmography

movie 2014 Bachelors Grove as Ralph Peterson
movie 2014 Day 1 as George
movie 2014 Dearest Jane as John McDonald
movie 2013 Barronwood as Dr. Addison
movie 2013 Critical Nexus as Newscaster 1
tv movie 2013 Donna Ray as Jason
movie 2013 Fear the Crooked Corpse as Mr. Nelson
movie 2013 Proxy as Marshall Michaels
movie 2013 The Wayward Sun as The Cactus
movie 2013 Wild Blue as Frank
movie 2012 Divorced Dudes as Father Faraday
movie 2012 Dust as Dr. Clark
movie 2012 Plastic as Max Wirth
movie 2012 Qwerty as Jerry Turnbauer
movie 2012 The Laughing Window as Richard Porter
movie 2012 Two Days in February
movie 2012 Yellow Hill: The Stranger's Tale as Lyle the Bartender
movie 2011 Bled White as Sam Dale
movie 2011 Frankenstein: Day of the Beast as Blind Man
movie 2011 Night Shift
movie 2011 The Amateur Monster Movie as The Guru
video movie 2011 The Dark Knight as The Trader
movie 2011 The Nutty Date as Father
movie 2011 The Sad Cafe as Mr. Russell
movie 2011 The Visitor from Elsewhere
movie 2011 Viper as Sargosi
movie 2010 Ca$h as Mom's Neighbor
movie 2010 Dead Sexy as Arthur
movie 2010 Driver's Ed Mutiny as The Trucker
movie 2010 Fallen Souls as Stanley Robarts
movie 2010 One Year as Mr. Hanson
movie 2010 Rodents as Junkie
video movie 2010 Total Eclipse as The Killer
movie 2009 Assisted Living as Father Keening - Priest
movie 2009 Ballbusters as Mr. Sam Erickson
movie 2009 Death by Broadcast as Ruder Mansfield
movie 2009 Fluffenhaus: The Comeback of a Pop Culture Icon as Spoiled Celebrity
movie 2009 New Day as Agent X
movie 2009 Perhaps, Somewhere as Stan
movie 2009 Puncher's Chance as Clinton Hawk
movie 2009 The Hovel as Paul
movie 2009 The Truth About Average Guys as Poker Player #3
movie 2009 The Vision as Mark Freeman
movie 2008 Body in a Dumpster as Father Leone Taste
tv movie 2008 Family Practice as Defense Attorney
movie 2008 Kindred as Uncle Ted
movie 2008 The Dark Knight as High-Ranking Police Official
movie 2008 The Happy Man's Pants as Barkeep
movie 1998 U.S. Marshals as Charity Ball Guest

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The official teaser trailer for our upcoming short film, "The Laughing Window." Starring Bruce Spielbauer.

Last Rites is a short film by Dan Klinefelter coming soon. It stars Bruce Spielbauer, Frank Ondorf, Jules Reid, Rodger Jackson, Ella Salis, Lara Rose, and Ri...

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