Bryan Thomas

Bryan Thomas Filmography

movie 2010 Saw 3D as SWAT Officer
movie 2009 Cigarettes Hurt Babies as Armed Man
tv movie 2008 Victor as Stoner #2
movie 2007 The Mad as Polo Madman
movie 2003 Bulletproof Monk as Kommando
movie 2002 Phase IV as James
tv movie 2002 The Rats as Lifeguard
movie 2002 Undercover Brother as Bank Security Guard
movie 1999 Top of the Food Chain as Creature #6
movie 1998 Papertrail as Thug #1
movie 1998 Pecker as Larry the Lughead
movie 1996 Specimen as Manny
movie 1995 Expect No Mercy as Enforcer

Bryan Thomas on Youtube

Book 1 of the exciting new epic saga--The Saga Of Davi Rhii, The Worker Prince is an action packed space opera tale of epic proportions.

A Kamikaze Hearts cover. Sorry, Troy.

I was on a road trip to perform in Wyoming. With no service I had to wait until I got home to upload the video!

"This is the last time I will do this for you." New music video from the forthcoming video EP "Basement Live" by soul rock singer-songwriter Bryan Thomas.