Bryant Washburn

Bryant Washburn Filmography

movie 1967 The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy
movie 1956 Savage Fury as Dr. Harry Trevor
movie 1947 Do or Diet as Doctor
movie 1947 Sweet Genevieve as Harding Jones
movie 1945 Betrayal from the East as Doctor at Accident
movie 1945 Johnny Angel as Reporter
movie 1945 Two O'Clock Courage as Robert Dilling
movie 1945 West of the Pecos as Doc Howard
movie 1944 A Night of Adventure as Baines, the Headwaiter
movie 1944 Feather Your Nest
movie 1944 Follow the Leader as Colonel
movie 1944 Heavenly Days as Airport Official
movie 1944 My Pal Wolf as Commanding Officer
movie 1944 Nabonga as White Hunter
movie 1944 Nevada as Townsman
movie 1944 Teen Age as Million Dollar Taylor
movie 1944 The Falcon in Hollywood as Art Department Runner
movie 1944 The Falcon in Mexico as Humphrey Wade
movie 1944 The Master Race as Poul Lantz
movie 1943 Carson City Cyclone as Doctor Andrews
movie 1943 Cowboy in the Clouds as Town Banker Hamilton
movie 1943 Death Valley Rangers as Edwards
movie 1943 I Dood It as Prospective Buyer
movie 1943 The Girl from Monterrey as Fight Commissioner Bogart
movie 1943 The Law Rides Again as Commissioner Lee
movie 1943 Thousands Cheer as Lieutenant Colonel Brand
movie 1943 Wagon Tracks West as Medical School Official
movie 1943 You Can't Beat the Law as Governor
movie 1942 Captain Midnight as John Edwards
movie 1942 Dr. Kildare's Victory as Board Member
movie 1942 For Me and My Gal as Man
movie 1942 Maisie Gets Her Man as Maisie's Dance Partner
movie 1942 Shadows on the Sage as John Carson
movie 1942 Ship Ahoy as Ship's Officer
movie 1942 Sin Town as Anderson
movie 1942 The Yukon Patrol as Matt Crandall
movie 1942 Two for the Money
movie 1942 War Dogs as Col. Mason
movie 1942 We Were Dancing as Mr. Lambert
movie 1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel as Henry Carlyle [Ch. 1-3]
movie 1941 Babes on Broadway as Reed's Director
movie 1941 Blossoms in the Dust as Guest at Second Party
movie 1941 No Greater Sin as Council Member
movie 1941 Paper Bullets as Attorney Bruce King
movie 1941 The Spider Returns as Westfall
movie 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois as Minor Role
movie 1940 King of the Royal Mounted as Matt Crandall
movie 1939 Ambush as Reporter
movie 1939 Cafe Society as Guest
movie 1939 I Was a Convict as Business Account
movie 1939 Sky Patrol as Bainbridge
movie 1939 Stagecoach as Capt. Simmons
movie 1938 Crashing Hollywood as 'Martin' the Chauffeur
movie 1938 Crime Ring as Swami
movie 1938 I Demand Payment as Joe Travis, Gangster
movie 1938 Law of the Underworld as Mr. Larkin - Jewelry Salesman
movie 1938 Night Spot as Carson
movie 1938 The Wages of Sin as 'John' in Room 530
movie 1938 This Marriage Business as Perkins
movie 1937 Jungle Jim as Bruce Redmond
movie 1937 Million Dollar Racket as Herbert Marvin
movie 1937 Race Suicide as District Attorney
movie 1937 Sea Racketeers as Wilbur Crane
movie 1937 The Outcasts of Poker Flat as Crooked Dealer
movie 1937 The Toast of New York as Vanderbilt's Broker
movie 1937 The Westland Case as State Attorney Ross
movie 1937 We Who Are About to Die as Martin Blake
movie 1936 And Sudden Death as Bill Arden
movie 1936 Conflict as City Editor
movie 1936 Ellis Island as Peter James
movie 1936 Gambling with Souls as 'Million Dollar' Taylor
movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Robert Martin
movie 1936 It Couldn't Have Happened (But It Did) as Norman Carter
movie 1936 It's Up to You as Dan Kirk
movie 1936 Sutter's Gold as Capt. Petroff
movie 1936 Taming the Wild as Bert Graham
movie 1936 The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand as Denton
movie 1936 The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand as Dr. Denton
movie 1936 The Black Coin as Frank Caswell
movie 1936 The Bridge of Sighs as Neselli
movie 1936 The Millionaire Kid as Terry Malone
movie 1936 The Preview Murder Mystery as Karl Jennings
movie 1936 Three of a Kind as Mr. Grimwood
movie 1936 Wanted: Jane Turner as Magee
movie 1935 Danger Ahead as Nick Conrad
movie 1935 Swellhead as Malone
movie 1935 Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery as Ned Curtis
movie 1935 The Call of the Savage as Dr. Harry Trevor
movie 1935 The Drunkard as Mr. Karns
movie 1935 The Irish Gringo as Malone, gang boss
movie 1935 The Throwback as Jack Thorne
movie 1935 Twenty Dollars a Week as Warner
movie 1934 Cleopatra as Undetermined Role
movie 1934 Looking for Trouble as Richards, Long Beach Manager
movie 1934 Public Stenographer as Hendricks
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as Mr. Grant - Film Director of 'Midnight Patrol', Chs. 10-12
movie 1934 The Back Page as Barman
movie 1934 The Curtain Falls as Doctor
movie 1934 The Return of Chandu as Prince Andra [Chs. 2, 3]
movie 1934 The Return of Chandu as Prince Andra
movie 1934 The World Accuses as Attorney Barrett
movie 1934 When Strangers Meet as Mr. Pendleton
movie 1933 Night of Terror as John Rinehart
movie 1933 The Devil's Mate as District Attorney
movie 1933 The Woman Who Dared
movie 1933 What Price Innocence? as John Harper
movie 1932 A Parisian Romance as Briac
movie 1932 Arm of the Law as John Welling
movie 1932 Drifting as Littlefield
movie 1932 Exposure as Jimmy Delane
movie 1932 Forbidden Company as Fletcher
movie 1932 Keep Laughing
movie 1932 State's Attorney as Lawn Party Guest
movie 1932 The Reckoning as Bob
movie 1932 Thrill of Youth as Colby Sherwood
movie 1932 What Price Hollywood? as Washed-Up Star Telephoning in Brown Derby
movie 1931 Crashing Hollywood
movie 1931 Hollywood Halfbacks
movie 1931 Kept Husbands as Charlie Bates
movie 1931 Stout Hearts and Willing Hands
movie 1931 The Lure of Hollywood
movie 1931 The Mystery Train as William Mortimer
movie 1930 Niagara Falls as Husband
movie 1930 Swing High as Ringmaster Joe
movie 1929 The Unkissed Man
movie 1928 A Bit of Heaven as Roger Van Dorn
movie 1928 Honeymoon Flats as Tom Twitchell
movie 1928 Jazzland as Ernest Hallam
movie 1928 Nothing to Wear as Tommy Butler
movie 1928 Skinner's Big Idea as Skinner
movie 1928 The Chorus Kid as John Powell
movie 1928 Undressed as Paul Howard
movie 1927 Beware of Widows as Dr. John Waller
movie 1927 Black Tears
movie 1927 Breakfast at Sunrise as Marquis
movie 1927 In the First Degree as Philip Stanwood
movie 1927 Modern Daughters
movie 1927 Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre as Donald Keefe
movie 1927 The King of Kings as Young Roman
movie 1927 The Love Thrill as J. Anthony Creelman
movie 1926 Flames as Hilary Fenton
movie 1926 Her Sacrifice as Donald Gorham
movie 1926 Meet the Prince
movie 1926 That Girl Oklahoma
movie 1926 The Sky Pirate
movie 1926 Wet Paint as Her Brother
movie 1926 Young April as Prince Michael
movie 1925 Passionate Youth as Corbin
movie 1925 The Parasite as Dr. Brooks
movie 1925 The Wizard of Oz as Prince Kynd
movie 1925 Wandering Footsteps as Hal Whitney
movie 1924 Hello, 'Frisco as Himself - Bryant Washburn
movie 1924 My Husband's Wives as William Harvey
movie 1924 Star Dust Trail as John Warding
movie 1924 Try and Get It as Joseph Merrill
movie 1923 Hollywood as Himself
movie 1923 Mary of the Movies as Bryant Washburn
movie 1923 Mine to Keep as Victor Olney
movie 1923 Other Men's Daughters as Alaska Kid
movie 1923 Rupert of Hentzau as Count Fritz
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 5 as Himself
movie 1923 Temptation as Jack Baldwin
movie 1923 The Common Law as John Burleson
movie 1923 The Love Trap as Martin Antrim
movie 1923 The Meanest Man in the World as Ned Stevens
movie 1922 Hungry Hearts as David
movie 1922 June Madness as Ken Pauling
movie 1922 Night Life in Hollywood as Himself
movie 1922 The Woman Conquers as Frederick Van Court, III
movie 1922 White Shoulders as Cole Hawkins
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 17 as Himself
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 22 as Himself
movie 1921 The Road to London as Rex Rowland
movie 1920 A Full House as George Howell
movie 1920 An Amateur Devil as Carver Endicott
movie 1920 Burglar Proof as John Harlow
movie 1920 Mrs. Temple's Telegram as Jack Temple
movie 1920 The Sins of St. Anthony as Anthony Osgood
movie 1920 The Six Best Cellars as Henry Carpenter
movie 1920 What Happened to Jones as Jimmie Jones
movie 1919 A Very Good Young Man as LeRoy Sylvester
movie 1919 All Wrong as Warren Kent
movie 1919 It Pays to Advertise as Rodney Martin
movie 1919 Love Insurance as Dick Minot
movie 1919 Putting It Over as Robert 'Buddy' Marsh
movie 1919 Something to Do as Jack Merrill
movie 1919 The Poor Boob as Simpson Hightower
movie 1919 Too Much Johnson as Augustus Billings
movie 1919 Venus in the East as Buddy McNair
movie 1919 Why Smith Left Home as John Brown Smith
movie 1918 Ghost of the Rancho as Jeffrey Wall
movie 1918 Kidder and Ko as Cuthbert Kidder
movie 1918 The Gypsy Trail as Edward Andrews
movie 1918 The Way of a Man with a Maid as Arthur McArney
movie 1918 Till I Come Back to You as Capt. Jefferson Strong
movie 1918 Twenty-One as Jimmy Mufferton
movie 1917 A Four Cent Courtship
movie 1917 Aladdin Up to Date
movie 1917 Filling His Own Shoes as William Ruggles
movie 1917 Skinner's Baby as William Manning Skinner
movie 1917 Skinner's Bubble as William Manning Skinner
movie 1917 Skinner's Dress Suit as William Manning Skinner
movie 1917 The Fibbers as Peter Cort
movie 1917 The Girl God Made for Jones
movie 1917 The Golden Idiot as Barry Owen
movie 1917 The Man Who Was Afraid as Benton Clune
movie 1917 The Voice of Conscience as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 A Million for a Baby as David Druce
movie 1916 Destiny as Richard Waldron - an Attorney
movie 1916 Golden Lies as Thomas Devlan
movie 1916 Marriage a la Carte
movie 1916 Once a Thief --? as Paul Kendrick
movie 1916 Our People as Ed Bryce
movie 1916 Pieces of the Game as Walter Brent
movie 1916 The Breaker as John Widder
movie 1916 The Despoiler as Bruce Cameron
movie 1916 The Final Fraud
movie 1916 The Havoc as Paul Hessert
movie 1916 The Prince of Graustark as Prince Robin of Graustark
movie 1916 The Promise Land as David Hunter
movie 1916 The Spider's Web as David Lindon Jr.
movie 1916 Worth While as Jack Thomas
movie 1915 At the End of a Perfect Day as Her Sweetheart
movie 1915 By a Strange Road as Jim Melcher
movie 1915 Caught as Bryant Gordon - the Governor's Secretary
movie 1915 Countess Veschi's Jewels as Alfred Tisdale
movie 1915 Despair as Robert Spurier
movie 1915 Frauds as Kendrick
movie 1915 Graustark as Prince Lorenz
movie 1915 Home Coming as Hans Harridale
movie 1915 Inheritance as James Everett
movie 1915 Means and Morals as Dick Hardy
movie 1915 Rule Sixty-Three as Paul Smith
movie 1915 Stars Their Courses Change as Arthur Therril
movie 1915 Surgeon Warren's Ward as Capt. Gordon
movie 1915 The Alster Case as George Swan
movie 1915 The Blindness of Virtue as Archibald Graham
movie 1915 The Call of Yesterday as Sherforth - the Wanderer
movie 1915 The Creed of the Clan as Sandy O'Connell
movie 1915 The Crimson Wing as Lt. von Arnheim
movie 1915 The Danger of Being Lonesome as John Adams
movie 1915 The Edge of Things
movie 1915 The Fable of the Demand That Must Be Supplied as Ed - Alice's Brother
movie 1915 The Fable of the Highroller and the Buzzing Blondine as Bob
movie 1915 The Family Divided
movie 1915 The Gallantry of Jimmy Rodgers as Gerald Livingston
movie 1915 The Gilded Cage as Kent Harding
movie 1915 The Great Silence as Arthur Channing
movie 1915 The Greater Courage as Gilbert Carthage
movie 1915 The Little Deceiver as Henry Bisbee
movie 1915 The Little Straw Wife as Dudley 'Tuppy' Holt
movie 1915 The Misjudged Mr. Hartley as Mr. Hartley
movie 1915 The Profligate
movie 1915 The Return of Richard Neal as Gideon Hall
movie 1915 The Scapegoat
movie 1915 The Sky Hunters as Steve Jackson
movie 1915 The Slim Princess as Rawley Plumston
movie 1915 The Strength of the Weak as David Fleming
movie 1915 The Surprise of My Life as Jack Davis
movie 1915 The Woman Hater as Mabel's Friend - the Yachtsman
movie 1915 The Wood Nymph as George Vandeveer
movie 1915 Third Hand High
movie 1915 Thirteen Down as Robort Orson, Jeanne's Suitor
movie 1915 Tides That Meet as Rupert Ellstein
movie 1915 When the Fates Spin as Old Long - Marcia's Grandfather
movie 1914 A Clash of Virtues
movie 1914 A Gentleman of Leisure as Charley Bratton Jr.
movie 1914 A Night with a Million as Judson
movie 1914 A Splendid Dishonor as Hugh Annersley
movie 1914 Any Woman's Choice as The Man
movie 1914 Ashes of Hope as Ray Norton
movie 1914 Beyond Youth's Paradise as Frankie Fane
movie 1914 Blind Man's Bluff as Dr. Burton
movie 1914 Blood Will Tell as Stephen Mitchell
movie 1914 Chains of Bondage as Burton
movie 1914 Every Inch a King as Kevin the Court Spy
movie 1914 Hear No Evil
movie 1914 Hearts and Flowers as Mr. Swift
movie 1914 His Dearest Foes as Lt. Gerald Calhoun
movie 1914 In Real Life
movie 1914 In the Moon's Ray as Spider
movie 1914 Love's Magnet
movie 1914 Mongrel and Master as Nixon - Editor of the Blade
movie 1914 Mother o' Dreams as Mr. Sloane
movie 1914 Mrs. Billington's First Case as Robert Billington
movie 1914 Nearly Married as Russell Shirley - the Bridegroom
movie 1914 One Wonderful Night as Howard Devar, Curtis' Friend
movie 1914 Scars of Possession as J. Dukes Cartwright
movie 1914 Shadows as The Rat
movie 1914 Sparks of Fate as Wilbur Burns
movie 1914 Stopping the Limited as Dan Sawyer
movie 1914 The Chasm as Frank Goodrich
movie 1914 The Conqueror as Jack
movie 1914 The Devil's Signature as Douglas, Ethel's Husband
movie 1914 The Elder Brother as Irving Caldwell - the Younger Brother
movie 1914 The Fulfillment as Richard Dixon
movie 1914 The Greater Love as Rob
movie 1914 The Grip of Circumstance as Jay Malden
movie 1914 The Hour and the Man as The Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1914 The Loose Change of Chance as Count Le Febre
movie 1914 The Man for A' That as Count Versailles
movie 1914 The Masked Wrestler as M. Lefevre
movie 1914 The Mystery of Room 643 as Milton Wade
movie 1914 The Place, the Time and the Man as George Burns
movie 1914 The Price of His Honor as Calvert's Secretary
movie 1914 The Seventh Prelude as Carr Hall
movie 1914 The Song in the Dark as George, Angela's Brother
movie 1914 The Three Scratch Clue as Gideon Lynch - the Cracksman
movie 1914 The Uneven Balance
movie 1914 The Verdict as The Man
movie 1914 The Voice in the Wilderness as The Other Man
movie 1914 The Way of the Woman as Arnold Cummins
movie 1914 Trinkets of Tragedy as Frederick de Peyton-Reuter
movie 1914 Two Men Who Waited as The Booking Agent
movie 1914 Under Royal Patronage as Prince Phillip
movie 1914 Whatsoever a Woman Soweth as Arthur - Pauline's Son
movie 1914 Within Three Hundred Pages as Ho Fing-Tang
movie 1913 A Bottle of Musk as Frank Maycliffe - The Dean's Secretary
movie 1913 A Wolf Among Lambs as Don Fernando
movie 1913 An Old, Old Song as Henry Seark - Alice's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Autumn Love as George Rosslyn
movie 1913 Billy McGrath on Broadway as Audience Member
movie 1913 Bread Upon the Waters as Mrs. Raine's Paramour
movie 1913 In Convict Garb as Philip Warren
movie 1913 Jimmy as The Crook Janitor's Outside Pal
movie 1913 Let No Man Put Asunder as Ned Carr
movie 1913 Stone the Woman as The Betrayer
movie 1913 The Broken Heart as Paul Keith
movie 1913 The Divided House as Harry
movie 1913 The Forbidden Way as Charles Emery
movie 1913 The Laird of McGillicuddy as Wash Bryant
movie 1913 The Lost Chord as Vanome
movie 1913 The Love Theft as The Crook
movie 1913 The Man Outside
movie 1913 The Melburn Confession as Godfrey's Cousin
movie 1913 The Mysterious Stranger as Dr. Fredrick Chillbrook
movie 1913 The Power of Conscience as Byron Waters
movie 1913 The Price of Gold as Lois's Married Sister's Husband
movie 1913 The Spy's Defeat
movie 1913 The Swag of Destiny as Flinty McNeal
movie 1913 The Thirteenth Man as Tom Mansfield
movie 1913 The Unburied Past as Walter Morris
movie 1913 Two Social Calls as Jim Malone
movie 1913 When Soul Meets Soul
movie 1912 A Brother's Error as Joe Morris - Second Brother
movie 1912 Alias Billy Sargent as Hotel Clerk
movie 1912 At the End of the Trail as Pierre Bonvard
movie 1912 Chains as Harry Madden
movie 1912 Cupid's Quartette
movie 1912 Detective Dorothy as Jim Bradley - the Hunted Murderer
movie 1912 From the Submerged
movie 1912 Giuseppe's Good Fortune as The Barber
movie 1912 Her Boys as Jim Morton
movie 1912 In Quarantine as Dave
movie 1912 Lonesome Robert as 1st Crook
movie 1912 Miss Simkins' Summer Boarder
movie 1912 Napatia, the Greek Singer as Fireman
movie 1912 Out of the Depths as Dan Matthews
movie 1912 Signal Lights as First Holdup Man
movie 1912 Sunshine as James Moore
movie 1912 The Cat's Paw as Poker Player
movie 1912 The End of the Feud as Dave Simpson
movie 1912 The Eye That Never Sleeps as Counterfeit Gang Member
movie 1912 The House of Pride
movie 1912 The Letter
movie 1912 The Little Black Box as Hale
movie 1912 The Mail Order Wife as John White
movie 1912 The Melody of Love as Remsen Olmstead
movie 1912 The New Church Organ
movie 1912 The Old Florist as The Bookkeeper
movie 1912 The Shadow of the Cross as Jacques
movie 1912 The Stain as Louis - a Young Gallant
movie 1912 The Turning Point as Cafe Patron
movie 1912 The Virtue of Rags as The Rent Collector
movie 1912 The Voice of Conscience as Dick Morgan - Jack's Roommate
movie 1912 Tracked Down as Ford's Accomplice
movie 1912 White Roses as Tom Oliver
movie 1911 A False Suspicion as Richard Lee
movie 1911 Dr. Bill's Patient as Dr. Bill
movie 1911 He Fought for the U.S.A. as Bob Langdon - Second Brother
movie 1911 Pals as Jack
movie 1911 Saved from the Torrents as Jack Carrington - Katie's Brother
movie 1911 The Burglarized Burglar as The Burglar
movie 1911 The Dark Romance of a Tobacco Tin as Telegraph Clerk
movie 1911 The Long Strike as Bert Readly
movie 1911 The Madman as Balloonist
movie 1911 The New Manager as New Manager

Bryant Washburn on Youtube

"Gambling with Souls" is a 1936 American film directed by Elmer Clifton. The movie is about young girls which are cheated in rigged gambling games and then f.

A 1936 film directed by Robert F. Hill, featuring some interesting cinematography for it's time and starring former silent-movie matinee idol Rod LaRocque an... brings to you The Mystery Train a Crime drama from 1931. In this movie a group of passengers are trapped in a runaway Pullman car. This...

Stars: Martha Chapin, Wheeler Oakman, Bryant Washburn Director: Elmer Clifton Writer: J.D. Kendis (original story) Young girls are cheated in rigged gambling.