Buck Connors

Buck Connors (22 November 1880 ? 4 February 1947) was an American actor. He appeared in 85 films between 1912 and 1941. ... more on Wikipedia

Buck Connors Filmography

movie 1941 Underground Rustlers as Old-Timer
movie 1940 The Westerner as Abraham Wilson
movie 1939 Henry Goes Arizona as Rancher
movie 1939 Outpost of the Mounties as Trapper
movie 1939 Riders of Black River as Winters
movie 1939 The Taming of the West as Townsman
movie 1938 South of Arizona as Doctor
movie 1938 The Colorado Trail as Cattleman
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as The Parson
movie 1938 West of the Santa Fe as Hardpan
movie 1937 Prairie Thunder as Jed
movie 1937 Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm as Rancher at Meeting
movie 1937 Wild West Days as Jack
movie 1936 Ay Tank Ay Go as Granpappy
movie 1936 My American Wife as Old Timer
movie 1936 The Law Rides as Whitey
movie 1936 The Plainsman as Old-Timer at Poker Table
movie 1936 Valley of the Lawless as Settler
movie 1936 White Fang as Stubby
movie 1935 Alias John Law as Bootch Collum
movie 1935 Gallant Defender as Doctor
movie 1935 Moonlight on the Prairie as White-Bearded Barfly
movie 1935 No Man's Range as Fuzz
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog as Wagon Driver
movie 1934 Fighting to Live as Juror
movie 1934 The Last Round-Up as Old Man Tracy
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Jed Wilson
movie 1933 Jaws of Justice as Man at Dance
movie 1933 The Fighting Parson as Townsman
movie 1933 The Thundering Herd as Buffalo Hunter
movie 1932 Between Fighting Men as 'Dad' Winters
movie 1931 Battling with Buffalo Bill as Townsman
movie 1931 Desert Vengeance as The Parson
movie 1931 Headin' for Trouble as John Courtney
movie 1931 The Hard Hombre as Cowhand
movie 1930 The Dawn Trail as Jim Anderson
movie 1930 The Indians Are Coming as Narrator
movie 1930 The Lone Rider as Townsman
movie 1930 Trails of Danger as John Martin
movie 1929 Go Get 'Em Kid
movie 1929 Grit Wins as Ted Pickens
movie 1929 Hell's Heroes as Parson Jones
movie 1929 Perilous Paths
movie 1929 Red Romance
movie 1929 The Thrill Hunter
movie 1928 The Crimson Canyon as 'Dad' Packard
movie 1928 The Fearless Rider as Jeff Lane
movie 1928 The Phantom Flyer as James Crandall
movie 1927 Hands Off as 'Stills' Manners
movie 1927 Jaws of Steel as Alkali Joe
movie 1927 On Special Duty
movie 1927 Open Range as Sheriff Daley
movie 1927 Shooting Straight as John Hale
movie 1927 The Broncho Buster as Sourdough Jones
movie 1927 The Fighting Three as Marshall Skinner
movie 1927 The Mojave Kid as Silent
movie 1927 The Slingshot Kid as Clem Windloss
movie 1926 The Radio Detective
movie 1926 The Ridin' Rascal as Yeager
movie 1926 The Saddle Tramp
movie 1926 The Yellow Back as John Pendleton
movie 1925 Hidden Loot as Buck
movie 1925 Ridin' Thunder as Bill Croft
movie 1925 The Red Rider as Tom Fleming
movie 1924 Biff Bang Buddy as Dad Norton
movie 1924 Fighting Fury as Shorty
movie 1924 The Back Trail as Shorty
movie 1923 The Social Buccaneer as Phillip Dupre
movie 1922 Giants of the Open
movie 1922 In the Days of Buffalo Bill as Hank Tabor
movie 1922 Tracked to Earth as Shorty Fuller
movie 1921 Action as Pat Casey
movie 1921 Outlawed as Bud Knowles
movie 1921 The Duke of Chimney Butte as Taters
movie 1920 Bitter Fruit
movie 1920 The $1,000,000 Reward
movie 1919 The Black Horse Bandit
movie 1919 The Canyon Mystery
movie 1918 Quick Triggers
movie 1918 The Fast Mail
movie 1918 The Phantom Riders as 'Pebble' Grant
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax Episode 5: Mimosa San
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax Episode 6: The Forbidden Room
movie 1916 Son o' the Stars as John Brent
movie 1916 The Code of the Mounted
movie 1916 The Melody of Love as 'Hardpin' Henry
movie 1915 A Life at Stake
movie 1914 Reuben's Busy Day as Reuben
movie 1914 The Price of Crime as Sheriff Connors
movie 1913 The Burning Lariat as Buck
movie 1913 When Spirits Walk
movie 1912 A Redskin's Appeal
movie 1912 The Wooing of White Fawn

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