Burton L. King

Burton L. King (August 25, 1877 in Cincinnati, Ohio ? May 4, 1944 in Hollywood), also known as Mr. King, was a US American film actor and director. One of his best-known productions was The Lost Battalion (1919). ... more on Wikipedia

Burton L. King Filmography

movie 1936 The Drag-Net
movie 1935 Twenty Dollars a Week
movie 1934 When Lightning Strikes
movie 1933 Deadwood Pass
movie 1933 Kiss of Araby
movie 1933 War of the Range
movie 1933 When a Man Rides Alone
movie 1932 Gambling Sex
movie 1932 Human Targets
movie 1932 Mark of the Spur
movie 1932 Tangled Fortunes
movie 1932 The Fighting Gentleman
movie 1932 The Forty-Niners
movie 1932 The Man from New Mexico
movie 1932 The Penal Code
movie 1932 The Scarlet Brand
movie 1932 The Savage Girl
movie 1931 Cyclone Kid
movie 1931 Quick Trigger Lee
movie 1929 One Splendid Hour
movie 1929 Daughters of Desire
movie 1929 In Old California
movie 1929 The Dream Melody
movie 1929 The Clean-Up
movie 1928 A Bit of Heaven
movie 1928 Into No Man's Land
movie 1928 Broken Barriers
movie 1928 Manhattan Knights
movie 1928 Satan and the Woman
movie 1928 The Adorable Cheat
movie 1928 The House of Shame
movie 1928 Women Who Dare
movie 1928 Confessions of a Wife
movie 1927 Combat
movie 1927 A Bowery Cinderella
movie 1927 Broadway Madness
movie 1925 Counsel for the Defense
movie 1925 Ermine and Rhinestones
movie 1925 The Mad Dancer
movie 1925 A Little Girl in a Big City
movie 1925 The Police Patrol
movie 1924 Playthings of Desire
movie 1924 The Man Without a Heart
movie 1924 The Masked Dancer
movie 1924 The Truth About Women
movie 1924 Those Who Judge
movie 1923 None So Blind
movie 1923 The Empty Cradle
movie 1923 The Fair Cheat
movie 1922 Captain Kidd
movie 1922 The Man from Beyond
movie 1922 The Streets of New York
movie 1921 Everyman's Price
movie 1920 For Love or Money
movie 1920 The Common Sin
movie 1920 The Discarded Woman
movie 1920 Why Women Sin
movie 1920 A Common Level
movie 1920 Wit Wins
movie 1919 A Scream in the Night
movie 1919 The Lost Battalion
movie 1919 The Master Mystery
movie 1918 Her Husband's Honor
movie 1918 Treason
movie 1917 Won in the Stretch
movie 1917 Glory
movie 1917 In Payment of the Past
movie 1917 More Truth Than Poetry
movie 1917 Public Defender
movie 1917 The Font of Courage
movie 1917 The Framed Miniature
movie 1917 The Goddess of Chance
movie 1917 The Heart of Jules Carson
movie 1917 The Last of Her Clan
movie 1917 The Making of Bob Mason's Wife
movie 1917 The Return of Soapweed Scotty
movie 1917 The Silence Sellers
movie 1917 The Soul of a Magdalen
movie 1917 The Waiting Soul
movie 1917 To the Death
movie 1916 Converging Paths
movie 1916 Extravagance
movie 1916 Hedge of Heart's Desire
movie 1916 Just a Song at Twilight
movie 1916 Man and His Angel
movie 1916 Only a Rose
movie 1916 Out of the Shadows
movie 1916 Power of the Cross
movie 1916 The Black Butterfly
movie 1916 The Devil at His Elbow
movie 1916 The Eternal Question
movie 1916 The Flower of Faith
movie 1916 The Girl Detective
movie 1916 The Manicure Girl
movie 1916 The Reapers
movie 1916 The Right Hand Path
movie 1916 The Spell of the Yukon
movie 1915 Pup the Peacemaker
movie 1915 The Reaping
movie 1915 The Yellow Streak
movie 1915 Two Brothers and a Girl
movie 1915 When Jealousy Tumbled
movie 1915 A Modern Enoch Arden
movie 1915 A Second Beginning
movie 1915 Across the Desert
movie 1915 Across the Footlights
movie 1915 Alice of the Lake
movie 1915 Cocksure Jones, Detective
movie 1915 For Professional Reasons
movie 1915 Her Career
movie 1915 Her Own Blood
movie 1915 In the Heart of the Hills
movie 1915 In the Sunset Country
movie 1915 Into the Dark
movie 1915 Iole the Christian
movie 1915 Mother's Birthday
movie 1915 Out of the Flames
movie 1915 Polishing Up Polly
movie 1915 Robert Thorne Forecloses
movie 1915 Roses and Thorns
movie 1915 Scars
movie 1915 Shoo Fly
movie 1915 The Advisor
movie 1915 The Burden Bearer
movie 1915 The Doughnut Vender
movie 1915 The Eagle and the Sparrow
movie 1915 The Honor of the Camp
movie 1915 The Hut on Sycamore Gap
movie 1915 The Last of the Stills
movie 1915 The Love of Mary West
movie 1915 The Markswoman
movie 1915 The Odd Slipper
movie 1915 The Opening Night
movie 1915 The Parson Who Fled West
movie 1915 The Valley of Regeneration
movie 1915 The Vaudry Jewels
movie 1915 The Voice of Eva
movie 1915 Under the Crescent
movie 1915 Where Happiness Dwells
movie 1914 Auntie
movie 1914 Ginger's Reign
movie 1914 How God Came to Sonny Boy
movie 1914 Tainted Money
movie 1914 The Masked Dancer
movie 1913 Good for Evil as Burt Mason
movie 1913 The Battle of Gettysburg as Jim Burke - the Sister's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Girl and the Gambler as 1st Outlaw
movie 1913 The Girl of the Sunset Pass as Ned Burton
movie 1913 The Love Token as 1st Desperado
movie 1913 The Winner
movie 1913 A Southern Cinderella
movie 1913 A True Believer
movie 1913 A Wartime Mother's Sacrifice
movie 1913 For Love of the Flag
movie 1913 For Mother's Sake
movie 1913 From Out the Storm
movie 1913 Heart Throbs
movie 1913 Loaded Dice
movie 1913 Past Redemption
movie 1913 The Claim Jumper
movie 1913 The Efficacy of Prayer
movie 1913 The Failure of Success
movie 1913 The Forgotten Melody
movie 1913 The Grey Sentinel
movie 1913 The Impostor
movie 1913 The Land of Dead Things
movie 1913 The Madcap
movie 1913 The Maelstrom
movie 1913 The Miser
movie 1913 The Pride of the South
movie 1913 The Reaping
movie 1912 A Child's Prayer as Burt King - the Land Jumper
movie 1912 A Fugitive from Justice as Jim Slater
movie 1912 A Lucky Fall
movie 1912 A Mexican Courtship as Alonzo
movie 1912 A Son's Devotion as The Sheriff
movie 1912 A Western Courtship as Tom Jones- the Ranchman
movie 1912 In the Service of the State as Bert Hawkins - Molly's Father
movie 1912 Parson James
movie 1912 Ranch Mates as Burt Atkinson
movie 1912 Struggle of Hearts as Rodney Ford - the Minister
movie 1912 The Blacksmith as The City Slicker
movie 1912 The Detective's Conscience as The Detective
movie 1912 The End of the Feud
movie 1912 The Halfbreed's Treachery as The Prospector
movie 1912 The Handicap as The Ferara
movie 1912 The Impostor as Lord Crowley
movie 1912 The Ingrate
movie 1912 The Ranger's Reward as Sorrento - the Outlaw
movie 1912 The Salted Mine as Neil Brown - the Easterner
movie 1912 The Sand Storm as Joe - the Prospector
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Mistake as Big Bill
movie 1912 Three Girls and a Man as Charles Morris
movie 1912 Through the Drifts as Frank Headly - the Lumberman

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