C.L. Chester

C.L. Chester Filmography

movie 1923 A Jungle Romeo
movie 1923 Bluebeard of the Jungle
movie 1922 Birthday Guests and Jungle Pests
movie 1922 Roars and Uproars
movie 1922 Snooky's Home Run
movie 1921 An Angle in Idaho
movie 1921 Beat It
movie 1921 Buzz-z-z
movie 1921 From Deer to Dam
movie 1921 Getting a Toe-Hold
movie 1921 Hitting the Hot Spots
movie 1921 Jogging Across Sawtooth
movie 1921 Just in Time
movie 1921 Ladies' Pets
movie 1921 Lost a Yodel
movie 1921 Music in the Air
movie 1921 New Wine in Old Bottles
movie 1921 No More Gasoline
movie 1921 Old Moose Trails
movie 1921 One Peek Was Plenty
movie 1921 Pahs and Papas
movie 1921 Paths of Glory
movie 1921 Philippine Futurity
movie 1921 Putting Nature Next
movie 1921 Ready to Serve
movie 1921 Save Your Carfare
movie 1921 Snooky's Fresh Heir
movie 1921 Snooky's Twin Troubles
movie 1921 Snooky's Wild Oats
movie 1921 Something to Worry About
movie 1921 Sultans of the Sea
movie 1921 The Kick Is Gone
movie 1921 The Lost Hops
movie 1921 The Red Trail's End
movie 1921 The Worst Was True
movie 1920 A Tray Full of Trouble
movie 1920 Adam and Eve in the Andes
movie 1920 An Overall Hero
movie 1920 Apartments for Rent
movie 1920 Art Is Everything
movie 1920 Balling the Junk
movie 1920 Balsing Over the Bounding Blue
movie 1920 Barks and Skippers
movie 1920 Bear with Us
movie 1920 Broadway Will Be Broadway
movie 1920 Cash Your Checks
movie 1920 Chosen Waters
movie 1920 Climbing Cataracts
movie 1920 Collector of Craniums
movie 1920 Considering Posey
movie 1920 Crowning King Blizzard
movie 1920 Dreams Come True
movie 1920 Duck Days
movie 1920 Family Trees
movie 1920 Fine Feathers
movie 1920 Fire
movie 1920 Foam Fantasies
movie 1920 Forbidden Faces
movie 1920 Frivolous Fifi
movie 1920 Frozen Thunders
movie 1920 Getting a Polish
movie 1920 Getting His Angora
movie 1920 Hattie's Hoodoo
movie 1920 Hippety Hoppety Woppety
movie 1920 Horseshoe and Bridal Veil
movie 1920 Iguazu the Exquisite
movie 1920 In a Naturalist's Garden
movie 1920 In and Out of Kongo San
movie 1920 Infant Icebergs
movie 1920 Is Prohibition a Dry Subject?
movie 1920 King Budha's Maze
movie 1920 Korearing Around Korea
movie 1920 Lovely Maoriland
movie 1920 Mad Hatters
movie 1920 Men, Monkeys and Human Beings
movie 1920 Moosing Through Kipawa
movie 1920 Mules and Gobtalk
movie 1920 No Hope for the Drys
movie 1920 Pilgrimage Through the Clouds
movie 1920 Pipe the Penquin
movie 1920 Pyrenees and Wooden Legs
movie 1920 Rookeries and Squawkeries
movie 1920 Sea Plants
movie 1920 Seven League Boots
movie 1920 Silver Silences
movie 1920 Some More Samoa
movie 1920 Some Speed to Surago
movie 1920 South Sea Naiads
movie 1920 Swat the Landlord
movie 1920 Take in Boarders
movie 1920 The Big Show
movie 1920 The Fifteen Million
movie 1920 The Great American Yawn
movie 1920 The One Best Pet
movie 1920 The Tamer, the Wilder
movie 1920 The Trail to Wedontcarewhere
movie 1920 Then Company Came
movie 1920 There Is No Santa Claus
movie 1920 They All Turned Turtle
movie 1920 They Forgot the Town
movie 1920 Through Winding Walls
movie 1920 Too Much Overhead
movie 1920 Troubadours of the Sky
movie 1920 Wanted, an Elevator
movie 1920 When Dreams Come True
movie 1919 A Hair Raising Journey
movie 1919 A Haitian Night's Tale
movie 1919 A Japanese Study
movie 1919 A Wasmanipae Week-End
movie 1919 Ballahooing on the Anarika
movie 1919 Cameraing Through Africa
movie 1919 Cameraing Through Africa
movie 1919 Coral and Onions
movie 1919 Editorial Horseplay
movie 1919 Fiddlers and Acrobats
movie 1919 From Scales to Antlers
movie 1919 Getting a New Angle
movie 1919 Getting Gay with Neptune
movie 1919 Getting the Cassiar's Goat
movie 1919 Guided and Miss Guided
movie 1919 Here Comes the Groom
movie 1919 Imposing on Good Nature
movie 1919 Itasca Makes Her Bow
movie 1919 Maid, Mermaids and More Maids
movie 1919 Mr. Outing Climbs Aboard
movie 1919 Mr. Outing Floats a Dream
movie 1919 Mr. Outing Gets a Pipe Dream
movie 1919 Mr. Outing Instructs
movie 1919 No Coma in Acoma
movie 1919 Out-Columbusing Columbus
movie 1919 Picking After Pizarro
movie 1919 Put Your Cares on Ice
movie 1919 She Went to See in a Rickshaw
movie 1919 Sunken Gardens and Hidden Cloisters
movie 1919 Teddy Birds
movie 1919 Temple Bells and Wayside Shrines
movie 1919 The Foolish Fish of Sawback
movie 1919 The Ghost Coast
movie 1919 The Hon. Mr. Jap Van Winkle
movie 1919 The People in White
movie 1919 The Simple Life
movie 1919 They Grow Everywhere
movie 1919 Training Eve
movie 1919 Up in the Air After Alligators
movie 1919 When It's Time to Retire
movie 1919 Where the Screen Tree Grows
movie 1919 Where They Go Rubbering
movie 1919 Wrangling Dudes
movie 1918 A Coorial on the Orinoco
movie 1918 A Dam Catastrophe
movie 1918 A Jungle Joy Ride
movie 1918 A Mountaineering Memory
movie 1918 A Tropic Melting Pot
movie 1918 A White Wilderness
movie 1918 A Zuni Kicking Race
movie 1918 An Ex-Cannibal Carnival
movie 1918 Finest on Four Feet
movie 1918 Kaieteur, the Perfect Cataract
movie 1918 Pin Feather Pickaninnies
movie 1918 Pines Up and Palms Down
movie 1918 Saba, the Astonishing
movie 1918 Statia with a Past
movie 1918 The Potaro River
movie 1918 The Unblazed Trail
movie 1918 Two Dutch Isles of the West
movie 1916 America Preparing
movie 1910 El gran Te Deum del Viernes Santo de 1910 en la catedral de Lima
movie 1910 Viaje al interior del PerĂº

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The Boswell Sisters - Sophisticated Lady (1933) Words & Music by Mitchell Parish, Duke Ellington & Irving Mills 3:13 Brunswick 6650 Sept. 11 /1933 Acc. by Ma.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER GO FULL RETARD!!! i actually tried to sit through it today. sooo glad i stopped it half way!!!!! i just could not finish it!!!!! St...