Carl von Schiller

Carl von Schiller Filmography

movie 1957 The Joker Is Wild as Casino Patron
movie 1953 Border City Rustlers as Chief Marshal
movie 1953 Vicki as Detective
movie 1945 Beyond the Pecos as Sam
movie 1945 Senorita from the West as Man
movie 1944 Allergic to Love as Clerk
movie 1944 My Gal Loves Music
movie 1942 Lure of the Islands as Paul Mulette
movie 1919 Devil McCare as Horace Castlebury
movie 1917 The Prodigal Widow as Henry
movie 1917 The Quarantined Bridegroom
movie 1916 A Desperate Remedy
movie 1916 A Law Unto Himself as Bob Clayton
movie 1916 If My Country Should Call as Zuroff
movie 1916 Main 4400
movie 1916 Saving the Family Name as Wally Dreislin
movie 1916 Sins of Her Parent as Richard Carver
movie 1916 The Castle of Despair
movie 1916 The Waters of Lethe as Ernest Ralston
movie 1916 Vengeance Is Mine! as Richard Loring
movie 1915 A Little Brother of the Rich as Carl Wilmerding
movie 1915 Buckshot John as Jimmy Dacey, a Reporter
movie 1915 Captain Courtesy as Jocoso
movie 1915 Colorado as Frank Austin
movie 1915 Could a Man Do More?
movie 1915 Help Wanted as Paul Montgomery
movie 1915 The Blood of Our Brothers as Valor - Devotion's Brother
movie 1915 The Guy Upstairs as Levinsky
movie 1915 The Mystery of Carter Breene as Arthur Breene
movie 1915 The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs as Duc de Trouville
movie 1913 A False Friend as Tom Morton
movie 1913 A Lucky Chance as Tom Winters
movie 1913 A Romance of the Ozarks as Harry Flathers - Revenue Officer
movie 1913 An Actor's Strategy as Bob Shaw
movie 1913 Back to Primitive as Red Eagle
movie 1913 Her Atonement as Tom Hopkins - a Cowboy
movie 1913 Love and War in Mexico as Manuel - the Son
movie 1913 Rustic Hearts as Ned Owens
movie 1913 The Birthmark as Black Jack's Son
movie 1913 The Breed of the West as Tom Morris
movie 1913 The Padre's Strategy as José - Ramona's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Split Nugget as Harold - the Daughter's Husband
movie 1913 To Love and Cherish as Ralph Blake
movie 1912 Lottery Ticket Number 13 as Ben Capwell

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