Caroline Fraissinet

Caroline Fraissinet Filmography

movie 2012 20th & Brandywine as Bored Girl
movie 2012 The House of Malik
video movie 2011 Assassin's Creed: Generations III
movie 2010 Curiosity Kills Cat as Gallery Patron
movie 2010 Return to Sender as Office Worker
video movie 2010 Adelaide and the Land of the Ever Afters
movie 2010 Last Notes and Lucky Strikes
movie 2009 The Zucchini That Ate New York vs. Tomatozilla

Caroline Fraissinet on Youtube

My writer/director reel, highlighting some of my work as of March 2012.

A diverse cast of twentysomethings congregate for an evening of intoxication, memories, and romance. Directed by Caroline Fraissinet Short film, comedy Black.

Staring contest showdown! A super-short video I did for Shooting and Lighting class. Starer #1 - Megan Zacarias Starer #2 - Heather Collins Director/editor -...

This 1/2 Hour episode features "Candied Camera" -- a mockumentary of the hit TV show featuring an eccentric who bombards people with candy. Starring Seth ...