Carollani Sandberg

Carollani Sandberg Filmography

movie 2013 All Things Hidden as Dannie
movie 2013 Lucky Them as Woman Smoking
movie 2013 Touchy Feely as Waiting Room Patient
movie 2013 Koinonia
movie 2012 All My Presidents as Teacher
video movie 2012 In the First Few Days as Jill
movie 2011 Break as Marissa
movie 2011 Half Empty as Aimee
movie 2009 3 Minutes of Movie Masterpieces as Multiple
movie Faraday Cage as Parker

Carollani Sandberg on Youtube

Silly little trailer I put together from a few short clips while skiing with my Sony actioncam that I got as a Klout perk.

A "beautiful lesbian short film" ( about marriage equality, perfect timing, and creating romance in the everyday. Love is Love. See more at htt...

A short trailer for a new version of "Peter Pan", with a temporary soundtrack at the time being.

Based on the award-winning script, All Things Hidden follows the difficult journey one woman makes to her childhood home in order to come to terms with her t...