Carrie Daumery

Carrie Daumery (25 March 1863 ? 1 July 1938) was a Dutch-born American film actress. She appeared in 63 films between 1908 and 1937. ... more on Wikipedia

Carrie Daumery Filmography

movie 1937 Espionage as French Flower Woman
movie 1937 I'll Take Romance as Buenos Aires Opera Dowager
movie 1937 The Prince and the Pauper as Lady at Court
movie 1936 Give Me Liberty as Party Guest
movie 1936 Sing Me a Love Song as Customer
movie 1936 Till We Meet Again as French Spy
movie 1935 A Feather in Her Hat as Dowager
movie 1935 A Midsummer Night's Dream as Performance Audience Member
movie 1935 Anna Karenina as Sick Woman
movie 1935 Keystone Hotel as Hotel Guest
movie 1935 La veuve joyeuse as Animal Woman
movie 1935 Let's Live Tonight as Dowager
movie 1935 Ruggles of Red Gap as Effie's Guest in Paris
movie 1935 She Couldn't Take It as Dowager Party Guest
movie 1935 The Black Room as Member of the Court
movie 1935 The Woman in Red as Racing Spectator
movie 1935 Vagabond Lady as Woman at Opera Recital
movie 1934 Caravane as Mlle. Thomas
movie 1934 Grand Canary as Marquesa
movie 1934 I Am a Thief as Train Passenger
movie 1934 Jimmy the Gent as Clint Wallingham
movie 1934 Nana as Dowager in Box - Show Spectator
movie 1934 Now and Forever as Dowager Gambler
movie 1934 Strange Wives as The Princess
movie 1934 The Defense Rests as Dowager on Gambling Ship
movie 1933 Diplomaniacs as Dead Dowager
movie 1933 Duck Soup as Reception Guest
movie 1933 Gambling Ship as Casino Patron
movie 1933 International House as Hotel Guest
movie 1933 Luxury Liner as Dowager Ship Passenger
movie 1933 Queen Christina as Woman at Court when Antonio arrive at Christines Throne
movie 1933 Tonight Is Ours as Banquet Guest
movie 1932 L'athlète incomplet as Mlle. Schmoltz
movie 1932 Le bluffeur
movie 1932 Love Me Tonight as Dowager
movie 1932 World and the Flesh
movie 1931 Ambassador Bill as Dinner Guest
movie 1931 Daybreak as Haughty Casino Dowager
movie 1931 Le chanteur de Séville
movie 1931 The Common Law as Strangeways Party Guest
movie 1931 The Great Lover as Opera Attendee in Box
movie 1931 The Road to Singapore as Birthday Party Guest
movie 1931 The Smiling Lieutenant as Lady in Waiting
movie 1931 War Mamas as Countess
movie 1930 Cameo Kirby as Claire Devezac
movie 1930 Children of Pleasure as Dowager
movie 1930 General Crack as Madame Frump
movie 1930 New Moon as Guest at Grand Ball
movie 1930 Such Men Are Dangerous as Dowager at Dress Salon
movie 1930 The Bad One
movie 1930 The Life of the Party as Elderly Fashion Show Spectator
movie 1929 Hearts in Exile as Baroness Veimar
movie 1929 Lady of the Pavements as Dowager Party Guest
movie 1929 Madame X as Dining Room Guest
movie 1929 Our Modern Maidens as Wedding Guest
movie 1929 The Kiss as Party Guest
movie 1929 The Last Warning as Barbara Morgan
movie 1928 The Cardboard Lover as Chaperon
movie 1928 The Garden of Eden as One of Richard's Aunts
movie 1928 The Man Who Laughs as Lady-in-Waiting
movie 1927 Love as Dowager
movie 1927 Upstream as Theatre Audience Spectator
movie 1926 Paris at Midnight as Mademoiselle Miche
movie 1926 The Greater Glory as Countess von Hurtig
movie 1926 The Love Thief as Queen
movie 1926 The Lucky Lady as Duchess
movie 1926 Young April as Countess Morne
movie 1925 I'll Show You the Town as Society Matron
movie 1925 Lady Windermere's Fan as The Duchess of Berwick
movie 1925 The Unholy Three as Customer
movie 1924 Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall as Lady Vernon
movie 1924 Dynamite Dan as The Principal
movie 1924 Forbidden Paradise as Lady-in-Waiting
movie 1924 He Who Gets Slapped as Extra
movie 1924 The Rose of Paris as Mother Superior
movie 1923 Scaramouche as Court Gossip
movie 1921 The Conquering Power as Mere Grandet
movie 1908 Le petit Robinson