Caryn K. Hayes

Caryn K. Hayes Filmography

tv series 2014 The Value of Ex
movie 2013 Clean Hands
movie 2011 The Unfriending
movie 2011 Cooking with Sherri
movie 2009 End
tv movie 2009 Men, Interrupted
tv series 2009 The World of Cory and Sid
video movie 2009 Smoke Eaters
video movie 2008 Every Dawg Has His Day
movie 2008 Pizza Delivery: A Jossington Falls Adventure

Caryn K. Hayes on Youtube

Clean Hands is out! Check it out at A short film following Anna & Kirsten, a married couple caring for Anna's te... The Digital Spill welcomes the talented Caryn K. Hayes, creator of fan-favorite drama Breaking Point, and her lovely cast member.

Narrative clips of dramatic projects directed by Caryn K. Hayes; Comedic reel can be found here: Clips from Breaking Point & Enta ...

Narrative comedy clips from projects directed by Caryn K. Hayes; Dramatic reel can be found here: