Cathryn Bradshaw

Cathryn Bradshaw (born in Blackpool) is an English actress, perhaps best-known for her role in Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. ... more on Wikipedia

Cathryn Bradshaw Filmography

movie 2009 Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 as Marjorie Dawson
movie 2006 Like Minds as Helen Colbie
movie 2006 Venus as Jillian
movie 2005 Look at Me I'm Beautiful as Emma Westerly
movie 2003 The Mother as Paula
tv movie 2000 The Tree with the Golden Apples as Marieke
tv movie 1993 Black Daisies for the Bride as Young Kathleen
tv series 1993 Frank Stubbs Promotes as Joanne
movie 1989 Bert Rigby, You're a Fool as Laurel Pennington
tv series 1989 At the Cafe Continental as Daisy
tv series 1989 Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit as Melanie

Cathryn Bradshaw on Youtube

Originální název: Venus, Informace o filmu na Drama / komedie / romantický, Velká Británie, 2006, 95 min. Režie: Roger Michell ...

Informácie o filme na Drama / krimi / mysteriozní / thriller, Velká Británie, 2009, 102 min. Réžia: Julian Jarrold Hra...