Cecil Howard

Cecil Howard Filmography

movie 1992 Dead Boyz Can't Fly as Man with Cigarette
video movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 2
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 3
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 4
video movie 1989 Dreamwalk
video movie 1989 Firestorm 3
video movie 1989 Sinners 3
movie 1988 Babylon Pink 3
video movie 1988 Sinners
video movie 1988 Sinners 2
movie 1987 Firestorm II: The Angel Blade as Bartender
video movie 1987 Babes in Joyland
movie 1987 Babylon Pink 2
movie 1987 Snake Eyes II
movie 1986 Star Angel as Highway Bob
movie 1985 Snake Eyes as Piano player
movie 1985 Spitfire as TV Director
movie 1985 Dangerous Stuff
movie 1984 Firestorm
video movie 1984 Palomino Heat
video movie 1983 Babylon Gold
movie 1982 Foxtrot as Barkeep
movie 1982 Scoundrels as Mr. Street
movie 1981 Neon Nights
movie 1981 Platinum Paradise as The Producer
movie 1980 Justine: A Matter of Innocence as Businessman - Blue Suit
movie 1980 October Silk
movie 1979 Babylon Pink
movie 1979 Steam Heat
movie 1977 Heat Wave as The Gang
movie 1977 The Final Sin
movie 1976 Fantasex as Howie
movie 1976 Peach Fuzz as Neighbor
movie 1975 Farewell Scarlet as Political Hood
movie 1975 Heavy Load
movie 1975 Illusion of Love
movie 1974 Cheese
movie 1973 Lecher
movie 1972 Personals
movie 1970 The Hot House

Cecil Howard on Youtube

Neon Nights (1981) - Director: Cecil Howard - With Lysa Thatcher. Music : Islandrocks (2012) http://www.youtube.com/user/islandrocks.

Getting loaded onto the trailer after landing on the bank.

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