Cecil M. Hepworth

Cecil M. Hepworth Filmography

movie 1926 The House of Marney
movie 1924 If a Picture Tells a Story
movie 1924 Let's Paint
movie 1924 Lizzie's Last Lap
movie 1924 Plots and Blots
movie 1924 The China Peril
movie 1924 The Coveted Coat
movie 1924 The Death Ray
movie 1924 The Fugitive Futurist
movie 1924 The Night of the Knight
movie 1924 Which Switch?
movie 1924 Film Favourites
movie 1923 Boden's Boy
movie 1923 Comin' Thro the Rye
movie 1923 Mist in the Valley
movie 1923 Strangling Threads
movie 1923 The Pipes of Pan
movie 1922 Little Red Riding Hood
movie 1921 Tansy
movie 1921 Wild Heather
movie 1921 The Narrow Valley
movie 1921 The Tinted Venus
movie 1920 Alf's Button
movie 1920 Anna the Adventuress
movie 1920 Othello
movie 1920 Helen of Four Gates
movie 1920 Mrs. Erricker's Reputation
movie 1919 'Amlet
movie 1919 Oh'phelia
movie 1919 Romeo and Juliet
movie 1919 Sunken Rocks
movie 1919 The City of Beautiful Nonsense
movie 1919 The Merchant of Venice
movie 1919 Broken in the Wars
movie 1919 Sheba
movie 1919 The Forest on the Hill
movie 1919 The Nature of the Beast
movie 1919 Wisp o' the Woods
movie 1918 Boundary House
movie 1918 A New Version
movie 1918 Tares
movie 1918 The Leopard's Spots
movie 1918 The Refugee
movie 1918 The Touch of a Child
movie 1918 The W.L.A. Girl
movie 1917 The American Heiress
movie 1917 Nearer My God to Thee
movie 1917 The Cobweb
movie 1916 Annie Laurie
movie 1916 Sowing the Wind
movie 1916 A Fallen Star
movie 1916 Comin' Thro' the Rye
movie 1916 Iris
movie 1916 Love in a Mist
movie 1916 Molly Bawn
movie 1916 The Marriage of William Ashe
movie 1916 Trelawny of the Wells
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge
movie 1915 Be Sure Your Sins
movie 1915 The Baby on the Barge
movie 1915 The Passing of a Soul
movie 1915 The Traitor
movie 1915 Tilly and the Nut
movie 1915 A Moment of Darkness
movie 1915 Sweet Lavender
movie 1915 The Bottle
movie 1915 The Golden Pavement
movie 1915 The Man Who Stayed at Home
movie 1915 The Outrage
movie 1914 By Whose Hand? as Motorist
movie 1914 The Basilisk
movie 1914 The Chimes
movie 1914 The Magic Glass
movie 1914 Time the Great Healer
movie 1914 Blind Fate
movie 1914 His Country's Bidding
movie 1914 Morphia the Death Drug
movie 1914 Oh My Aunt!
movie 1914 The Hills Are Calling
movie 1914 The Quarry Mystery
movie 1914 Unfit; or, The Strength of the Weak
movie 1913 David Copperfield
movie 1913 George Barnwell the London Apprentice
movie 1913 Hamlet
movie 1913 Lieutenant Lilly and the Splodge of Opium
movie 1913 The Cloister and the Hearth
movie 1912 Bertie's Book of Magic
movie 1911 For the Sake of the Little Ones at Home
movie 1911 Rachel's Sin
movie 1911 Faust
movie 1910 Embroidery Extraordinary
movie 1909 Invisibility
movie 1908 The Dog Outwits the Kidnapper as The Kidnapper
movie 1907 The Doll's Revenge
movie 1906 A Day with the Gipsies
movie 1906 The Doll Maker's Daughter
movie 1905 Bathers Will Be Prosecuted as Swimmer
movie 1905 Rescued by Rover as Harassed father
movie 1905 Baby's Toilet
movie 1905 The Derby
movie 1905 The King of Spain's Review
movie 1905 The Royal Wedding at Windsor
movie 1904 The Great Servant Question as The Master
movie 1904 The Honeymoon: First, Second and Third Class as Husband
movie 1904 A Race for a Kiss
movie 1904 A Day in the Hayfields
movie 1904 The Bewitched Traveller
movie 1904 The Story of a Piece of Slate
movie 1903 Alice in Wonderland as Frog
movie 1903 The Joke That Failed as Dr. Jinks
movie 1903 The Tragical Tale of a Belated Letter
movie 1903 The Unclean World as Professor
movie 1903 Only a Face at the Window
movie 1903 Trooping of the Colour
movie 1903 Whitehall
movie 1903 A Day with the Hop Pickers
movie 1903 Firemen to the Rescue
movie 1903 Horse Guards Parade
movie 1903 Progress of the Race
movie 1903 Saturday Shopping
movie 1903 Snapshots at the Seaside
movie 1903 The Absent-Minded Bootblack
movie 1903 The Start
movie 1903 The Unexpected Bath
movie 1902 Bathing Made Easy
movie 1902 How to Stop a Motor Car
movie 1902 Peace with Honour as Briton
movie 1902 The Call to Arms as A Soldier
movie 1902 Arrival of the Troops
movie 1902 Departure of Mr. Chamberlain for South Africa
movie 1902 Indian Review: Arrival of the Royal Parties
movie 1902 Indian Review: Grand March Past
movie 1902 Indian Troops Marching Down Constitution Hill
movie 1902 King at Guildhall
movie 1902 King's Procession Passing Along Whitehall
movie 1902 Kitchener's Arrival at Southampton
movie 1902 March Past of the Troops
movie 1902 Prince and Princess of Wales
movie 1902 Prince of Wales Reviewing the Boys' Brigade
movie 1902 Prince of Wales's Procession in Whitehall
movie 1902 Procession on London Bridge
movie 1902 Queen Alexandra Launching H.M.S. Queen
movie 1902 Return Procession in Parliament Square
movie 1902 Review by the Queen and the Prince of Wales
movie 1902 Review of the Guards
movie 1902 Review of Troops at Woolwich
movie 1902 State Carriages and Prince of Wales in Whitehall
movie 1902 Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's
movie 1902 The Donkey Derby
movie 1902 The German Emperor: Review at Shorncliffe
movie 1902 The King's Procession Around London
movie 1902 The King's Procession Crossing Horse Guards Parade
movie 1902 The Music Hall Sports at Herne Hill
movie 1902 The Naval Review: Progress of the Royal Yacht
movie 1902 The Queen's Own Coronation Bazaar
movie 1902 Three Cheers for the King
movie 1902 Visit of the King and Queen to Dartmouth
movie 1902 Arrival of the Royal Party in the Mall
movie 1902 Arrival of the Shah in London
movie 1902 Portrait of King and Queen
movie 1901 How the Burglar Tricked the Bobby as The Burglar
movie 1901 Interior of a Railway Carriage - Bank Holiday
movie 1901 Arrival of the Ophir and Departure by Train from Portsmouth
movie 1901 Crossing the Solent
movie 1901 Departure for Australia of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York
movie 1901 Disappointed London
movie 1901 Leaving Victoria Station
movie 1901 Passing Into Windsor Park
movie 1901 Passing Marble Arch
movie 1901 Queen's Funeral Procession at Cowes
movie 1901 Return of Lord Roberts
movie 1901 Royal Procession in Grosvenor Place
movie 1901 Royal Procession Leaving the Horse Guards
movie 1901 Royal Procession Passing Along the Mall
movie 1901 Starting from Victoria Station
movie 1901 The Flag of Britain
movie 1901 The Phantom Rides
movie 1901 The Race for the Derby
movie 1901 Funeral of Queen Victoria
movie 1901 The Indian Chief and the Seidlitz Powder
movie 1900 Clown and Policeman as Clown
movie 1900 Explosion of a Motor Car as Driver
movie 1900 How It Feels to Be Run Over as Driver
movie 1900 The Bathers as Bather
movie 1900 The Conjuror and the Boer
movie 1900 The Egg-Laying Man as The Man
movie 1900 The Gunpowder Plot as Father
movie 1900 Wiping Something Off the Slate as Soldier
movie 1900 The Eccentric Dancer
movie 1900 Arrival of H.M.S. Powerful
movie 1900 Breaking Waves
movie 1900 C.I.V. Procession: Cyclists and Infantry
movie 1900 C.I.V. Procession: Second Half of the Battalion
movie 1900 C.I.V. Procession: The Battery
movie 1900 C.I.V. Procession: The Sick and the Wounded
movie 1900 C.I.V.S Disembarking at Southampton
movie 1900 C.I.V.S Killing Time on Their Voyage Home
movie 1900 C.I.V.S Playing Leap Frog
movie 1900 Cock Fight on the S.Y. Argonaut
movie 1900 Dover Pier in a Storm
movie 1900 Express Train
movie 1900 Express Train and Slip Carriage
movie 1900 Express Trains at Dawlish
movie 1900 Greasy Pole Competition
movie 1900 H.M.S. Powerful Arriving in Portsmouth Harbour
movie 1900 Pillow Fight on the S.Y. Argonaut
movie 1900 Queen Victoria's Visit to Dublin
movie 1900 Rough Sea
movie 1900 Street Scene in Algiers
movie 1900 Tangier, the Landing Stage
movie 1900 Tangier, the Market Place
movie 1900 The Queen's Visit to Dublin
movie 1900 The Solar Eclipse
movie 1900 Train Load of C.I.V.S Leaving Southampton for London
movie 1900 Troops Going to South Africa
movie 1900 Walking the Greasy Pole
movie 1900 Walking the Greasy Pole, Further Efforts
movie 1900 Films of the Paris Exhibition
movie 1900 Leapfrog As Seen by the Frog
movie 1900 Panorama of the Paris Exposition No. 1
movie 1900 Panorama of the Paris Exposition No. 2
movie 1900 Panorama of the Paris Exposition No. 3
movie 1900 The Beggar's Deceit
movie 1900 The British Army
movie 1900 The British Navy
movie 1900 The Burning Stable
movie 1900 The Comic Grimacer
movie 1900 The Electricity Cure
movie 1900 The Sluggard's Surprise
movie 1900 Topsy-Turvy Villa
movie 1899 Boat Race
movie 1899 A Crowded Course
movie 1899 Arrival of an Excursion Steamer
movie 1899 Arrival of S.S. Lady Margaret at Ilfracombe
movie 1899 Arrival of S.S. Westward Ho in Harbour
movie 1899 Arrival of Trainload of Visitors at Henley Station
movie 1899 Blackpool: Panorama of the Sea Front
movie 1899 Blackpool: The Parade
movie 1899 Boating Scene at the Seaside
movie 1899 C.I.V.S Marching Aboard S.S. Garth Castle
movie 1899 Canoe Rescue Race
movie 1899 Cockade Fight on Cycles
movie 1899 Comic Costume Race for Cyclists
movie 1899 Cycle Polo Match
movie 1899 Departure of a Steamer
movie 1899 Devonshire Scenery
movie 1899 Diamond Challenge Sculls Race: Final Heat
movie 1899 Donkey Race
movie 1899 Drive Past of Four-in-Hands
movie 1899 Express Trains
movie 1899 Floral Parade of Lady Cyclists
movie 1899 Frigates in Harbour
movie 1899 Grand Challenge Cup Race: An Early Heat
movie 1899 Grand Challenge Cup Race: Final Heat
movie 1899 H.M.S. Camperdown
movie 1899 H.M.S. Ocean Preparing for Trial Trip
movie 1899 Horse Jumping Competition
movie 1899 Hurdle Race and Three-Legged Race
movie 1899 In the Paddock
movie 1899 Ladies' Challenge Plate Race
movie 1899 Ladies' Tortoise Race
movie 1899 Lord Roberts Unveils Statue of Queen Victoria
movie 1899 Macaroni Competition
movie 1899 Magna Charta Island and Panorama of Houseboats
movie 1899 Marsh Lock
movie 1899 Military Cyclist's Obstacle Handicap
movie 1899 Mud Larks
movie 1899 Musical Ride by Ladies
movie 1899 Musical Ride by Ladies: Wheeling
movie 1899 One Mile Championship Bicycle Race
movie 1899 Over the Tavy Bridge
movie 1899 Panorama of a Cornish Mining Village
movie 1899 Panorama of a Devonshire River
movie 1899 Panorama of Devonport
movie 1899 Panorama of the Crowded River
movie 1899 Panorama of Warships in Dock
movie 1899 Pleasure Yachts and Boat-Cars
movie 1899 Procession of Prize Cattle
movie 1899 Rocks and Rough Sea
movie 1899 Royal Ascot: The Race for the Gold Cup
movie 1899 Royal Ascot: The Race for the New Stakes
movie 1899 S.S. New York Leaving Southampton Docks
movie 1899 Shilla Mill Tunnel
movie 1899 Shiplake and the Druid's Cave
movie 1899 Thames Challenge Cup Race: Final Heat
movie 1899 Thames Panorama Under Chertsey Bridge
movie 1899 The Crowd After a Race
movie 1899 The Kiss
movie 1899 The Prince of Wales at Windsor Agricultural Show
movie 1899 The Prize Fight: The First Round
movie 1899 The Prize Fight: The Knockout
movie 1899 Through a Double Tunnel
movie 1899 Train Leaving Tunnel
movie 1899 Training Ship and Saltash Bridge
movie 1899 Under Saltash Bridge
movie 1899 Under Staines Bridge
movie 1899 Up Exeter Incline
movie 1899 Victoria Cross Race by Military Cyclists
movie 1899 View from an Engine Front: Meldon Viaduct
movie 1899 View from Rear of Train Passing Through a Tunnel
movie 1899 Visitors Challenge Cup Race: Final Heat
movie 1899 Wargrave
movie 1899 Wrestling Match
movie 1899 Thames River Scene
movie 1898 An Interrupted Picnic
movie 1898 Exchange Is No Robbery as Swimmer
movie 1898 The Immature Punter as Punter
movie 1898 The Quarrelsome Anglers as Fisherman
movie 1898 Two Fools in a Canoe as Canoer
movie 1898 Admiralty Flag Floating in the Breeze
movie 1898 Arrival of a Trainload of Horses at Railway Station
movie 1898 Arrival of an Excursion Train
movie 1898 Arrival of S.S. Calais at Calais Harbour
movie 1898 Arrival of S.S. Dover at Dover Pier
movie 1898 Arrival of S.S. Victoria at Calais Harbour
movie 1898 Arrival of State Carriages
movie 1898 Bayonet Exercises
movie 1898 Call to Arms
movie 1898 Capstone Parade
movie 1898 Departure of Lynton Coaches
movie 1898 Departure of River Steamer on the Thames
movie 1898 Departure of Train: Excursionists Dispersing
movie 1898 Detraining Military Horses
movie 1898 Down Ilfracombe Incline
movie 1898 Egg and Spoon Race for Lady Cyclists
movie 1898 Elephants at the Zoo
movie 1898 Entering Tavistock
movie 1898 Express Train on a Railway Cutting
movie 1898 Forging Ahead
movie 1898 Harness Up at the Railway Station
movie 1898 Henley Regatta
movie 1898 Leaving Dartmoor
movie 1898 Lying in State
movie 1898 Lying in State
movie 1898 On the Deck of a Channel Steamer
movie 1898 Paddling Among the Rocks
movie 1898 Panorama of Barnstaple
movie 1898 Panorama of Plymouth Harbour
movie 1898 Panorama of River Tamar
movie 1898 Panorama of Westminster Palace
movie 1898 Passing Barnstaple Junction
movie 1898 Passing Barnstaple Station
movie 1898 Passing Under Saltash Bridge
movie 1898 Pleasure Boats on Lake of St. James's Park
movie 1898 Procession
movie 1898 Procession at the Abbey
movie 1898 Procession of Field Battery to Camp on Dartmoor
movie 1898 Race of Excursion Steamers on River Tamar
movie 1898 Railway by the Sea
movie 1898 Rotten Row, Hyde Park
movie 1898 S.S. Victoria Leaving Calais Harbour
movie 1898 Skirting Dartmoor
movie 1898 Squad Marching and Forming Company
movie 1898 The Boating Party
movie 1898 The Curious Obstacle Race
movie 1898 The High Street, Departure of Coaches
movie 1898 The Lion
movie 1898 The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race
movie 1898 The Pelican at the Zoo
movie 1898 The Tigers
movie 1898 The Wake of a Steam Ship
movie 1898 Through Biddestowe Station
movie 1898 Through Morthoe
movie 1898 Through Okehampton Station
movie 1898 Troop Train Passing Through Okehampton Station
movie 1898 Warships in Plymouth Harbour
movie 1898 Westminster Steam-Boat Pier
movie 1896 The Egg-Laying Man

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"Alice in Wonderland" is a 1903 British silent film directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow. It is the first movie adaptation of Lewis Carroll's children's...

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Nascido em Londres, Inglaterra, em 1874, Cecil Hepworth foi um dos fundadores da indústria cinematográfica britânica. Dirigiu e produziu muitos filmes de 189.

A dog leads its master to his kidnapped baby. Cast May Clark ... Nursemaid Barbara Hepworth ... The baby Cecil M. Hepworth ... Harassed father (as Cecil Hepw ...