Chance Ward

Chance Ward Filmography

movie 1930 The Bat Whispers as Police lieutenant
movie 1927 Rolled Stockings as Coach
movie 1921 Seven Years Bad Luck as The Railroad Conductor
movie 1920 The Devil's Riddle as Theatrical manager
movie 1920 The Star Rover as Tubbs
movie 1919 The Island of Intrigue as Mr. Gobel
movie 1916 Medicine Bend as George McCloud
movie 1916 The First Quarrel as Tom
movie 1916 Whispering Smith as G. McCloud
movie 1915 Cooky's Adventure as John Rogers
movie 1915 A Bold, Bad Burglar
movie 1915 A Boob for Luck
movie 1915 A Flashlight Flivver
movie 1915 A Melodious Mix-Up
movie 1915 Ham at the Fair
movie 1915 Ham at the Garbage Gentleman's Ball
movie 1915 Ham in a Harem
movie 1915 Ham in High Society
movie 1915 Ham in the Nut Factory
movie 1915 Ham the Detective
movie 1915 Ham's Easy Eats
movie 1915 Ham's Harrowing Duel
movie 1915 Lotta Coin's Gold
movie 1915 Raskey's Road Show
movie 1915 Rushing the Lunch Counter
movie 1915 The 'Pollywogs' Picnic
movie 1915 The Cause of It All
movie 1915 The Hicksville Tragedy Troupe
movie 1915 The Hypnotic Monkey
movie 1915 The Insurance Nightmare
movie 1915 The Liberty Party
movie 1915 The Merry Moving Men
movie 1915 The Phoney Cannibal
movie 1915 The Spook Raisers
movie 1915 The Waitress and the Boobs
movie 1914 A Peach at the Beach as Hothead - a Jealous Husband
movie 1914 Chasing the Smugglers as Dan - one of Randal's Henchmen
movie 1914 Ham the Lineman as Detective Johnson
movie 1914 Sherlock Bonehead as Captain Kidd - a Smuggler
movie 1914 The Award of Justice as Hale - a Mountaineer
movie 1914 The Convict's Story as Craig - Elizabeth's Father
movie 1914 The Detective's Sister as Detective Burke - Anne's Father
movie 1914 The Fringe on the Glove as Hawkins
movie 1914 The Secret Formula as John Williams
movie 1913 Through Barriers of Fire as The Northern Sympathizer

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Hines Ward believes he can still play football. The longtime Pittsburgh wide receiver known for his high-wattage smile and his bone-crunching blocks just cou...

Me practicing my cartwheel and split.