Charles C. Wilson

Charles C. Wilson Filmography

tv movie 1985 Musical Comedy Tonight III as Jim Green in 'Show Boat'
movie 1956 Commotion on the Ocean as Newspaper editor
movie 1948 Big Town Scandal as Editor of the Chronicle
movie 1948 Blazing Across the Pecos as Mayor Ace Brockway
movie 1948 Crime on Their Hands as J.L. Cameron
movie 1948 Tall, Dark and Gruesome as Charlie Hunter
movie 1947 Her Husband's Affairs as Police Captain
movie 1947 Key Witness as Warden
movie 1947 Meet Mr. Mischief as Harry's Boss
movie 1947 Radio Romeo
movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1946 Because of Him as City Editor
movie 1946 Blonde for a Day as Chief Will Gentry
movie 1946 Bringing Up Father as Frank
movie 1946 Crime of the Century as Police Lieutenant
movie 1946 Dangerous Business as Police Sergeant
movie 1946 Gas House Kids as Inspector Shannon
movie 1946 I Ring Doorbells as The Inspector
movie 1946 If I'm Lucky as Police Chief
movie 1946 It's a Wonderful Life as Charlie
movie 1946 Larceny in Her Heart as Chief Gentry
movie 1946 Passkey to Danger as Police Sergeant
movie 1946 Road to Utopia as Official Policeman
movie 1946 Suspense as Police Officer
movie 1946 The Phantom Thief as Police Lieutenant
movie 1945 A Gun in His Hand as Chief of Police
movie 1945 Brewster's Millions as Charlie - the Stage Director
movie 1945 Circus Band as Ringmaster
movie 1945 Eadie Was a Lady as Berger
movie 1945 Incendiary Blonde as Mr. Ballinger
movie 1945 Scarlet Street as Watchman
movie 1945 The Chicago Kid as Butler
movie 1945 Two O'Clock Courage as Brant - City Editor
movie 1945 Week-End at the Waldorf as Hi Johns
movie 1944 Crime by Night as District Attorney Hyatt
movie 1944 Hey, Rookie as Sam Jonas
movie 1944 Irish Eyes Are Smiling as Detective
movie 1944 Kansas City Kitty as Mr. Hugo
movie 1944 Man from Frisco as Key Man
movie 1944 My Buddy as Chief Detective
movie 1944 Roger Touhy, Gangster as Police Capt. After Hay Wagon Crash
movie 1944 Shadows in the Night as Sheriff
movie 1944 Shine on Harvest Moon as Stage Manager
movie 1944 Silent Partner as North Hollywood Cop
movie 1944 The Big Noise as Train Conductor
movie 1944 The Missing Juror as Mac Ellis, Newspaper Editor
movie 1943 A Scream in the Dark as City Editor
movie 1943 Batman as Police Captain Arnold
movie 1943 Is Everybody Happy? as J. Lionel Smaltz
movie 1943 Silver Spurs as Mr. Hawkins
movie 1943 Two SeƱoritas from Chicago as Chester T. Allgood
movie 1942 Blondie Goes to College as Police Sergeant
movie 1942 Dr. Broadway as Dist. Atty. McNamara
movie 1942 Escape from Crime as Reardon
movie 1942 Gentleman Jim as Gurney
movie 1942 Lady Gangster as Detective
movie 1942 My Heart Belongs to Daddy as Mr. Jepson
movie 1942 Rings on Her Fingers as Captain Hurley
movie 1942 The Man Who Returned to Life as Inspector Mensil
movie 1942 The Secret Code as Desk Sgt. Cullen
movie 1942 This Gun for Hire as Police Captain
movie 1941 All Through the Night as Police Lieutenant at Miller's Home Bakery
movie 1941 Blues in the Night as Barney
movie 1941 Broadway Limited as Detective
movie 1941 Dressed to Kill as Editor
movie 1941 Federal Fugitives as Bruce Lane
movie 1941 Knockout as Monigan
movie 1941 Las Vegas Nights as Deputy Sheriff
movie 1941 Meet John Doe as Charlie Dawson
movie 1941 Out of the Fog as Police Inspector
movie 1941 Ride, Kelly, Ride as Racing Secretary
movie 1941 Strange Alibi as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1941 Tall, Dark and Handsome as Charles, Assistant District Attorney
movie 1941 The Face Behind the Mask as Chief O'Brien
movie 1941 The Officer and the Lady as Capt. Hart
movie 1941 Two in a Taxi as Captain Melton
movie 1940 Charter Pilot as Owen
movie 1940 City for Conquest as Bill - Man Behind MacPherson at Fight
movie 1940 Enemy Agent as Chief
movie 1940 Girl in 313 as Vincent Brady, Commissioner of Police
movie 1940 He Married His Wife as Warden
movie 1940 Knute Rockne All American as Gambler
movie 1940 Lady with Red Hair as George Martin
movie 1940 Millionaires in Prison as R.J. Reynolds, Sunday Editor
movie 1940 Public Deb No. 1 as Sergeant
movie 1940 Sandy Is a Lady as Sergeant
movie 1940 So You Won't Talk as Johnson
movie 1940 South of Suez as Guard
movie 1940 They Drive by Night as Mike Williams
movie 1940 Tin Pan Alley as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1939 Fighting Thoroughbreds as Spencer Bogart
movie 1939 Here I Am a Stranger as Managing Editor
movie 1939 Hotel for Women as Albert
movie 1939 I Was a Convict as Peterson
movie 1939 Invisible Stripes as Arresting Officer
movie 1939 Pardon Our Nerve as Boxing Commissioner
movie 1939 Rose of Washington Square as Police Lt. Mike Cavanaugh
movie 1939 Smashing the Money Ring as Capt. Kilrane
movie 1939 The Cowboy Quarterback as Coach Hap Farrell
movie 1939 The Forgotten Woman as Gray
movie 1939 The House of Fear as Police Chief
movie 1939 The Lady's from Kentucky as Bit Part
movie 1939 The Return of Doctor X as Detective Roy Kincaid
movie 1939 The Roaring Twenties as Policeman
movie 1939 There's That Woman Again as Police Captain
movie 1938 Angels with Dirty Faces as Police Lieutenant Buckley
movie 1938 Five of a Kind as Editor Crocker
movie 1938 Gateway as Inspector
movie 1938 Hold That Co-ed as Coach Burke
movie 1938 Little Miss Thoroughbred as Mr. Becker, the Gambler
movie 1938 Little Orphan Annie as Val Lewis
movie 1938 Prison Farm as Reardon
movie 1938 Sally, Irene and Mary as Covered Wagon Cafe Manager
movie 1938 State Police as Capt. Halstead
movie 1938 Tenth Avenue Kid as Commissioner
movie 1938 The Gladiator as Theatre Manager
movie 1938 The Night Hawk as Lonigan
movie 1938 The Spider's Web as Chase
movie 1938 When Were You Born as Inspector Jim C. Gregg
movie 1937 Broadway Melody of 1938 as Horse Auctioneer
movie 1937 Daughter of Shanghai as Schwartz
movie 1937 Find the Witness as Charley Blair
movie 1937 Girl Overboard as Editor
movie 1937 Life Begins in College as Coach Burke
movie 1937 Midnight Court as Police Chief
movie 1937 Murder Goes to College as Inspector Simpson
movie 1937 Night Key as Police Capt. Wallace
movie 1937 One Mile from Heaven as Fletcher
movie 1937 Partners in Crime as Inspector Simpson
movie 1937 Roaring Timber as Sam Garvin
movie 1937 That's My Story! as Cummings
movie 1937 The Adventurous Blonde as Mortimer Gray
movie 1937 The Case of the Stuttering Bishop as District Attorney Hamilton Burger
movie 1937 The Devil Is Driving as Defense Attorney Dan Healy
movie 1937 The Great O'Malley as Policeman Chiding School Bus Driver
movie 1937 They Wanted to Marry as Clark
movie 1937 Thoroughbreds Don't Cry as Horse Owner
movie 1937 Woman in Distress as Herbert Glaxton
movie 1937 Woman-Wise as Commissioner
movie 1937 You Only Live Once as Police Inspector
movie 1936 36 Hours to Kill as F.B.I. Chief
movie 1936 Big Brown Eyes as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1936 Down the Stretch as Tex Reardon
movie 1936 Earthworm Tractors as H.J. Russell
movie 1936 Grand Jury as Clark, Chronicle City Editor
movie 1936 I'd Give My Life as Warden
movie 1936 Legion of Terror as Colonel McCollum
movie 1936 Magnificent Brute as Murphy
movie 1936 Mind Your Own Business as Detective
movie 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town as County Hospital Guard
movie 1936 Murder with Pictures as Assistant Editor
movie 1936 Panic on the Air as Chief Insp. Fitzgerald
movie 1936 Pennies from Heaven as Warden
movie 1936 Pigskin Parade as Yale Coach
movie 1936 Rose Bowl as Burke
movie 1936 Satan Met a Lady as Detective Pollock
movie 1936 Show Boat as Jim Green
movie 1936 Small Town Girl as Mr. Donaldson
movie 1936 Strike Me Pink as Hardie
movie 1936 The Country Doctor as George - Boat Captain
movie 1936 The Gentleman from Louisiana as Diamond Jim Brady
movie 1936 The Mine with the Iron Door as Pitkins
movie 1936 The Return of Jimmy Valentine as Kelley
movie 1936 Three Married Men as Train Conductor
movie 1936 Ticket to Paradise as Detective
movie 1936 White Hunter as Minor Role
movie 1935 After the Dance as Chief of Police
movie 1935 Air Hawks as Tribune Editor
movie 1935 Another Face as Police Captain Spellman
movie 1935 Baby Face Harrington as City Editor
movie 1935 Car 99 as Trooper Captain Ryan
movie 1935 Dante's Inferno as Police Inspector
movie 1935 Fighting Youth as Bull Stevens
movie 1935 Four Hours to Kill! as Taft
movie 1935 Hitch Hike Lady as Mike - a Racketeer
movie 1935 Mary Burns, Fugitive as G-Man at dancehall
movie 1935 Men of the Hour as Harper
movie 1935 Murder in the Fleet as Cmdr. Brown
movie 1935 Music Is Magic as Decker - Theatre Manager
movie 1935 Princess O'Hara as Newcomb
movie 1935 Reckless as Newspaper Editor
movie 1935 Rendezvous as Editor
movie 1935 Show Them No Mercy! as Clifford
movie 1935 Smart Girl as Morgan
movie 1935 Thanks a Million as Motor Policeman Sergeant
movie 1935 The Case of the Curious Bride as Ferry Captain
movie 1935 The Case of the Lucky Legs as Police Officer Ricker
movie 1935 The Gilded Lily as Managing Editor
movie 1935 The Glass Key as District Attorney Edward J. Farr
movie 1935 The Great Hotel Murder as Anthony Wilson
movie 1935 The Little Colonel as Jeremy Higgins
movie 1935 The Nitwits as Police Captain Jennings
movie 1935 The Perfect Clue as District Attorney
movie 1935 The Public Menace as First Detective
movie 1935 This Is the Life as Theater Manager
movie 1935 Waterfront Lady as Jim McFee aka Mac
movie 1935 We're Only Human as Star City Editor Morgan
movie 1935 White Lies as Defense Attorney
movie 1934 Affairs of a Gentleman as Inspector Quillan
movie 1934 Behold My Wife as Police Captain
movie 1934 Beyond the Law as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1934 Broadway Bill as Collins
movie 1934 Cross Country Cruise as Detective
movie 1934 Embarrassing Moments as Attorney
movie 1934 Fog Over Frisco as Detective Sgt. O'Hagen
movie 1934 Gambling Lady as Detective Making Raid
movie 1934 Harold Teen as 'Mac' McKinsey
movie 1934 Here Is My Heart as Captain Dodge
movie 1934 I Believed in You as Magistrate
movie 1934 I've Got Your Number as Detective Welch
movie 1934 It Happened One Night as Gordon
movie 1934 Men of the Night as Benson
movie 1934 Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen as Chief of Police
movie 1934 Murder in the Clouds as William Lackey
movie 1934 Name the Woman as Joel Walker
movie 1934 Port of Lost Dreams as Warden
movie 1934 The Circus Clown as Sheldon
movie 1934 The Crosby Case as Det. Summers
movie 1934 The Dragon Murder Case as Det. Hennessey
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Police Lt. O'Sullivan
movie 1934 The Hell Cat as Graham
movie 1934 The Human Side as Furniture Buyer
movie 1934 The Lemon Drop Kid as Warden
movie 1934 The Ninth Guest as Burke
movie 1934 The Secret Bride as Lt. Forrest
movie 1934 The St. Louis Kid as Mr. Harris - the Trucking Company Boss
movie 1933 College Coach as Hauser
movie 1933 Dancing Lady as Club Manager
movie 1933 Disgraced! as Thompson, Assistant District Attorney
movie 1933 Elmer, the Great as Mr. Wade
movie 1933 Female as Private Detective Falihee
movie 1933 Footlight Parade as Policeman
movie 1933 Gold Diggers of 1933 as Deputy
movie 1933 Hard to Handle as Jailer
movie 1933 Havana Widows as Mr. Timberg
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as 'Red' Squad Policeman #2
movie 1933 Mary Stevens, M.D. as Walter Rising
movie 1933 No Marriage Ties as Red Moran, City Desk Editor
movie 1933 Private Detective 62 as Bartender
movie 1933 Roman Scandals as Police Chief Charles Pratt
movie 1933 Shadows of Sing Sing
movie 1933 The Kennel Murder Case as Det. Hennessy
movie 1933 The Mayor of Hell as Wilson
movie 1933 The Devil's in Love
movie 1932 The Campus Mystery as Detective Reardon
movie 1932 The Trans-Atlantic Mystery as Detective Doyle
movie 1931 Hot News Margie as Newspaper Editor
movie 1931 My Sin
movie 1931 Secrets of a Secretary as Police Captain
movie 1931 Stolen Heaven as Detective
movie 1930 Getting a Ticket as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1930 Insurance as Doctor
movie 1929 Acquitted as Detective Nelson
movie 1929 Broadway Scandals as Jack
movie 1929 Song of Love as Traveling Salesman
movie 1928 Lucky Boy as Bit Part

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