Charles Calvert

Charles Calvert Filmography

movie 1926 Ashridge Castle: The Monmouth Rebellion
movie 1926 Betty Chester the Well Known Co-Optimist Star
movie 1926 The Mistletoe Bough
movie 1925 Children of the Night No. 1
movie 1925 Children of the Night No. 2
movie 1923 Bonnie Prince Charlie
movie 1923 Lights of London
movie 1922 A Prince of Lovers
movie 1921 In His Grip
movie 1921 The Way of a Man
movie 1920 The Edge of Youth
movie 1920 Walls of Prejudice
movie 1916 Ace of Hearts
movie 1916 Disraeli
movie 1916 How Love Came
movie 1916 The Cellar of Death
movie 1916 The Test
movie 1915 The Avenging Hand
movie 1915 The Lure of the World
movie 1915 The Winner
movie 1914 Potts in a Pickle as Septimus Calvert
movie 1914 A London Mystery
movie 1914 A Soldier's Honour
movie 1914 Fitznoodle's Hunt for Wealth
movie 1914 Guarding Britain's Secrets
movie 1914 Have a Cigar
movie 1914 His Country's Honour
movie 1914 His Second Childhood
movie 1914 Paul Sleuth and the Mystic Seven
movie 1914 Saved by the Sun
movie 1914 Temptation
movie 1914 The Coward
movie 1914 The Wrecker of Lives
movie 1914 Unlucky Thirteen
movie 1913 A Life for a Life
movie 1913 A True Scout
movie 1913 Caught Napping
movie 1913 Daylight Robbery
movie 1913 Getting His Own Back
movie 1913 Good for Evil
movie 1913 Got 'Em Again
movie 1913 Have You a Match?
movie 1913 His Younger Brother
movie 1913 In the Dead Man's Room
movie 1913 Isaacs as a Broker's Man
movie 1913 Larry's Revenge
movie 1913 Miss Austen's Adventure
movie 1913 Mother Gets the Wrong Tonic
movie 1913 Old Flynn's Fiddle
movie 1913 One of the Nuts
movie 1913 Persevering Peter
movie 1913 Pistols for Two
movie 1913 Proving His Worth
movie 1913 Secret Service
movie 1913 Smudge, the Great Detective
movie 1913 Snatched from Death
movie 1913 Spud Murphy's Redemption
movie 1913 Stop Thief!
movie 1913 The Cracksman's Daughter
movie 1913 The Electric Snuff
movie 1913 The Foreign Spy
movie 1913 The Mill on the Heath
movie 1913 The Surprise Packet
movie 1913 The Villain Still Pursued Her
movie 1913 Through the Keyhole
movie 1913 What a Holiday!
movie 1913 Where There's a Swill There's a Spray
movie 1913 Willy Would A-Wooing Go
movie 1912 Lieutenant Daring Defeats the Middleweight Champion as Lieutenant Derrick
movie 1912 Three-Fingered Kate: The Case of the Chemical Fumes as Sheerluck Finch
movie 1912 Three-Fingered Kate: The Pseudo-Quartette as Sheerluck Finch
movie 1912 Three-Fingered Kate: The Wedding Presents as Sheerluck Finch
movie 1912 A Smoky Story
movie 1912 A Workman's Honour
movie 1912 Detective Sharp and the Stolen Miniatures
movie 1912 Diddled!
movie 1912 Grandad's Exile
movie 1912 The Great Tiger Ruby
movie 1912 The Missing Tiara
movie 1912 The Trials of a Merry Widow
movie 1912 William Drake, Thief
movie 1911 Maud as Maud's Brother
movie 1911 The Lure of London
movie 1910 Three-Fingered Kate: The Episode of the Sacred Elephants as Sheerluck
movie 1909 The Exploits of Three-Fingered Kate as Daniel 'Sheerluck' Finch
movie 1909 Three-Fingered Kate: Her Second Victim, the Art Dealer as Sheerluck

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