Charles Carson

Charles Carson Filmography

movie 1973 Lady Caroline Lamb as Potter
tv movie 1967 Long After Summer as Dowdy
movie 1965 Curse of the Fly as Inspector Charas
tv movie 1964 Hamlet at Elsinore as Priest
movie 1963 The Three Lives of Thomasina as Doctor
movie 1961 A Story of David as Ahimilech
tv movie 1960 Macbeth as Caithness
movie 1960 Sands of the Desert as Philpotts
movie 1960 The Trials of Oscar Wilde as Justice Charles
tv movie 1960 Who Pays the Piper?
movie 1959 A Touch of Larceny as Robert Holland
movie 1959 Bobbikins as Sir Jason Crandall
tv movie 1959 Cards with Uncle Tom as Thomas Bradley
tv movie 1958 Jack the Ripper as Dr. Hatherley
movie 1957 Let's Be Happy as Mr. Ferguson, Lawyer
movie 1956 Reach for the Sky as Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding
movie 1956 The Silken Affair as Judge
movie 1955 An Alligator Named Daisy as Wilfred Smethers
movie 1955 The Dam Busters as Doctor
movie 1954 Beau Brummell as Sir Geoffrey Baker
movie 1954 Duel in the Jungle as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1953 The Master of Ballantrae as Col. Banks
movie 1952 Moulin Rouge as Count Moïse de Camondo
movie 1951 Cry, the Beloved Country as James Jarvis
movie 1951 The Lady with a Lamp
movie 1946 Two Guys from Milwaukee as Bit Part
movie 1945 Battle for Music as Mr. Wheeler
movie 1945 Pink String and Sealing Wax as Editor
movie 1943 The Adventures of Tartu as Arthur Wakefield
movie 1943 The Dummy Talks as Marvello
movie 1942 Penn of Pennsylvania as Adm. Penn
movie 1942 They Flew Alone as Lord Wakefield
movie 1941 Quiet Wedding as Mr. Johnson
movie 1941 The Common Touch as Haywood
movie 1940 Spare a Copper as Admiral
movie 1939 Inspector Hornleigh as Chief Superintendent
movie 1939 Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday as Chief Superintendent
movie 1939 The Gang's All Here as Charles Cartwright
movie 1939 The Lion Has Wings as Antiaircraft Officer
movie 1939 The Saint in London as Mr. Morgan
movie 1938 No Parking as Hardcastle
movie 1938 Oh Boy! as Governor
movie 1938 Return of the Frog as Chief Commissioner
movie 1938 Sixty Glorious Years as Sir Robert Peel
movie 1938 We're Going to Be Rich as Keeler
movie 1937 Cafe Colette
movie 1937 Dark Journey as Head of Fifth Bureau
movie 1937 Dreaming Lips as Impresario
movie 1937 Fire Over England as Adm. Valdez
movie 1937 Glamorous Night as Otto
movie 1937 Old Mother Riley as Defense
movie 1937 Saturday Night Revue as Mr. Dorland
movie 1937 Secret Lives as Henri
movie 1937 The Angelus as John Ware
movie 1937 Victoria the Great as Sir Robert Peel
movie 1936 Forget Me Not as George Arnold
movie 1936 Head Office as Armstrong
movie 1936 Le vagabond bien-aimé as Charles Rushworth
movie 1936 Secret Agent as 'R'
movie 1936 Talk of the Devil as Lord Dymchurch
movie 1936 The Beloved Vagabond as Charles Rushworth
movie 1936 Things to Come as Great Grandfather
movie 1935 Abdul the Damned as Gen. Hilmi-Pasha
movie 1935 D'Ye Ken John Peel? as Francis Merrall
movie 1935 Invitation to the Waltz as Lombardi
movie 1935 Moscow Nights as Officer of Defense
movie 1935 Once in a Million as President
movie 1935 Sanders of the River as Governor of the Territory
movie 1935 Scrooge as Middlemark
movie 1934 Blind Justice as Dr. Naylor
movie 1934 Blossom Time as Frederick Lafont
movie 1934 Father and Son as Colin Bolton
movie 1934 Hyde Park as Lord Lenbridge
movie 1934 No Escape as Mr. Arnold
movie 1934 The Broken Melody as Colonel Dubonnet
movie 1934 The Perfect Flaw as Henry Kearns
movie 1934 Trouble in Store as Sanderson
movie 1934 Whispering Tongues as Roger Mayland
movie 1933 The Blarney Stone as Sir Arthur
movie 1933 The Shadow as Sir Edward Hulme KC
movie 1932 Leap Year as Sir Archibald Mallard
movie 1932 Marry Me as Korten
movie 1932 Men of Tomorrow as Senior Proctor
movie 1932 Monsieur Albert as Mr. Robertson
movie 1932 The Chinese Puzzle as Armand de Rochecorbon
movie 1932 There Goes the Bride as M. Marquand
movie 1931 Dreyfus as Col. Picquart
movie 1931 Many Waters as Henry Delauney
movie 1931 The Loves of Ariane as The Professor

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Competition entry to a now-defunct camcorder magazine, 1998. Transferred from VHS.

It was Bucc !! WA Krump ^^ MOB^