Charles Croker-King

Charles Croker-King Filmography

movie 1937 45 Fathers as Harwick
movie 1936 Libeled Lady as Charles Archibald - Allenbury's Lawyer
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London as Willoughby
movie 1936 Pigskin Parade as Professor Pillsbury
movie 1936 Stage Struck as Alexander
movie 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade as Lord Cardigan
movie 1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes as Dean Lewis
movie 1936 The White Angel as Mr. Nightingale
movie 1922 One Exciting Night as The Neighbor
movie 1922 The Experiment as Philip Abingdon
movie 1921 The Four Just Men as Thery
movie 1921 The Priory School as Duke of Holderness
movie 1920 A Question of Trust as Governor of Maritas
movie 1920 The Tavern Knight as Gregory Ashburn