Charles Haefeli

Charles Haefeli Filmography

movie 1949 All the King's Men as Man in Cheap Bar
movie 1945 Adventure as Faro Dealer
movie 1944 Jam Session as 2nd Stagecoach Hold-up Man
movie 1944 None Shall Escape as Peasant Driver
movie 1944 The Conspirators as Undetermined Role
movie 1939 Winner Take All as Minor Role
movie 1938 Road Demon as Mechanic
movie 1938 The Spider's Web as Henchman
movie 1937 Charlie Chan on Broadway as Pickpocket
movie 1937 Wells Fargo as Gambler
movie 1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island as Prisoner
movie 1936 Under Two Flags
movie 1935 Charlie Chan in Shanghai as Crook on Boat
movie 1935 Les Misérables as Brevet
movie 1933 King Kong as Member of Ship's Crew
movie 1933 Rainbow Ranch as Johnny
movie 1927 Wolf's Clothing as Tough
movie 1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Undetermined Role
movie 1922 Afraid to Fight as Johnny Regan
movie 1921 The Chef
movie 1920 Getting His Goat as Relative
movie 1920 Pile Driver
movie 1920 The Cameraman
movie 1918 Nothing But Nerve
movie 1918 Oh! Man! as Rastus
movie 1918 The Butler's Blunder
movie 1918 The Fickle Blacksmith
movie 1918 Who's Your Wife?
movie 1917 A Gale of Verse
movie 1917 Back to the Kitchen
movie 1917 Busting Into Society as Lizzie's Father
movie 1917 Circus Sarah
movie 1917 Her Naughty Choice
movie 1917 His Family Tree
movie 1917 Kitchenella
movie 1917 Mrs. Madam, Manager
movie 1917 Nearly a Queen
movie 1917 Not Too Thin to Fight as Mr. Duffee
movie 1917 Swearing Off
movie 1917 The Paperhanger's Revenge
movie 1917 The Soubrette
movie 1917 The Stinger Stung
movie 1917 The Twitching Hour as The Mysterious Guest
movie 1917 The Vamp of the Camp
movie 1917 The Wart on the Wire
movie 1917 Who Done It?