Charles Judels

Charles Judels (August 17, 1882 ? February 14, 1969) was a Dutch-born American film actor. He appeared in 137 films between 1915 and 1949. ... more on Wikipedia

Charles Judels Filmography

video movie 1986 Jiminy Cricket's Christmas as Stromboli
movie 1949 Samson and Delilah as Danite Merchant
movie 1948 Panhandle as Botticelli, the Barber
movie 1947 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now as Herman Bartholdy
movie 1947 The Mighty McGurk as First Brewer
movie 1946 Her Adventurous Night as Petrucci
movie 1946 In Old Sacramento as Tony Marchetti
movie 1946 Plainsman and the Lady as Manuel Lopez
movie 1946 Tangier as Dimitri
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Captain of Waiters
movie 1946 Whistle Stop as Sam Veech
movie 1945 A Bell for Adano as Afronti
movie 1945 A Dream Came True as Felix Black
movie 1945 Off Again, on Again as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1945 Sunbonnet Sue as Milano
movie 1945 Two Local Yokels
movie 1944 Broadway Rhythm as Swami
movie 1944 Career Girl as Felix Black
movie 1944 Kismet as Wealthy Merchant
movie 1944 Knickerbocker Holiday as Renasaler
movie 1943 Du Barry Was a Lady as Innkeeper
movie 1943 I Dood It as Pete, Stage Manager
movie 1943 Kid Dynamite as Nick - Pool Hall Owner
movie 1943 Northern Pursuit as Nick - Barber
movie 1943 Something to Shout About
movie 1943 Swing Your Partner as Digby
movie 1943 The Hard Way as Mr. Flores
movie 1942 A Close Call for Ellery Queen as Corday
movie 1942 American Empire as Storekeeper
movie 1942 Baby Face Morgan as 'Deacon' Davis
movie 1942 I Married an Angel as Customs Officer
movie 1942 Tortilla Flat as Joe Machado
movie 1941 Blondie in Society as Julie's Owner
movie 1941 Cheers for Miss Bishop as Cecco
movie 1941 I'll Wait for You as A. Bardosch, Nightclub Owner
movie 1941 Kathleen as Theatrical Manager in Daydream
movie 1941 Law of the Tropics as Cap
movie 1941 Sweetheart of the Campus as Tomasso aka Victor Demond
movie 1941 The Chocolate Soldier as Klementov
movie 1941 This Woman Is Mine as Cafe Propietor
movie 1940 Bitter Sweet as Herr Wyler
movie 1940 Down Argentine Way as Dr. Arturo Padilla
movie 1940 Florian as Editor
movie 1940 Girl from Avenue A as Waiter
movie 1940 Gold Rush Maisie as Hula Paradise Cafe owner
movie 1940 Hired Wife as Photographer
movie 1940 It All Came True as Henri Pepi de Bordeaux
movie 1940 On Their Own as Giuseppe Galentoni
movie 1940 Pinocchio as Stromboli
movie 1940 Public Deb No. 1 as Ivan
movie 1940 Strange Cargo as Renard
movie 1940 Stranger on the Third Floor as Nick Nanbajan, the Cafe Owner
movie 1940 The Villain Still Pursued Her as M. Dubois - Pie Vendor
movie 1940 Viva Cisco Kid as Don Pancho
movie 1939 Balalaika as Batoff
movie 1939 Henry Goes Arizona as The Great Beldini
movie 1939 Idiot's Delight as Daka
movie 1939 Lady of the Tropics as Gaston Lubois
movie 1939 Ninotchka as Pere Mathieu - Cafe Owner
movie 1939 That's Right - You're Wrong as Luigi
movie 1939 The Ice Follies of 1939 as Makeup Man
movie 1938 Flirting with Fate as Don Luis Garcia
movie 1938 Gold Diggers in Paris as Barman
movie 1938 Hold That Kiss as Otto Schmidt - Landlord
movie 1938 Mad About Music as Conductor
movie 1938 Passport Husband as Captain of Busboys
movie 1938 Reckless Living as Harry Myron
movie 1938 Snow Gets in Your Eyes as Schlitz
movie 1938 Stolen Heaven as Hubert
movie 1938 Swiss Miss as Cheese Factory Proprietor
movie 1937 Ebb Tide as Port Doctor
movie 1937 Fight for Your Lady as Felix Janos
movie 1937 High Flyers as Mr. Fontaine
movie 1937 It Can't Last Forever as Mr. Appadelius
movie 1937 Live, Love and Learn as Pedro Felipe
movie 1937 Love and Hisses as Oscar
movie 1937 Marry the Girl as Andre Victor Antoine Descate
movie 1937 Maytime as Cabby
movie 1937 Mountain Music as Potts Show Orchestra Leader
movie 1937 Porky's Garden as Chicken Farmer
movie 1937 Rhythm in the Clouds as Luigi Fernando
movie 1937 Song of the City as Mr. Pietro 'Papa' Romandi
movie 1937 Swing High, Swing Low as Tony
movie 1937 The Bride Wore Red as Cordellera Bar Proprietor
movie 1937 The Life of the Party as Maitre d'Hotel
movie 1937 When's Your Birthday? as Headwaiter
movie 1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse as Chef
movie 1937 You're Only Young Once as Capt. Swenson of the Shorty II
movie 1936 Along Came Love as Joe Jacobs
movie 1936 Give Us This Night as Second Carabiniere
movie 1936 I'd Give My Life
movie 1936 Love on the Run as Lieutenant of Police
movie 1936 Mister Cinderella as Randolph's Chef
movie 1936 Rose Bowl as Mr. Schultz
movie 1936 San Francisco as Tony
movie 1936 Suzy as Producer
movie 1936 The Big Show as Swartz - Studio Head
movie 1936 The Great Ziegfeld as Pierre
movie 1936 The Plainsman as Tony - The Barber
movie 1935 Enchanted April as Domenico
movie 1935 King Solomon of Broadway as Hot dog man
movie 1935 Symphony of Living as Rozzini
movie 1935 The Florentine Dagger as Salvatore - Hotel Proprietor
movie 1935 The Night Is Young as Riccardi
movie 1934 Howd' Ya Like That? as French Sailor
movie 1934 My Grandfather's Clock as Philo Holmes
movie 1934 North of Zero
movie 1934 Pugs and Kisses as Frenchy Manejer
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Maitre D'Hotel
movie 1933 Close Relations as Uncle Ezra Wart
movie 1933 Gobs of Fun as French Sailor
movie 1933 Nothing Ever Happens as Waistline
movie 1933 Salt Water Daffy as Count Fille du Pax Imposter
movie 1933 The Good Bad Man as The Bandit
movie 1933 Tomalio as The General
movie 1932 High Pressure as Salvatore
movie 1932 Moonlight and Cactus
movie 1932 One Hour with You as Policeman
movie 1932 Une heure près de toi as Le policier
movie 1931 50 Million Frenchmen as Pernasse - Hotel Manager
movie 1931 God's Gift to Women as Undertaker
movie 1931 Gold Dust Gertie as Monsieur Pestalozzi
movie 1931 Take 'em and Shake 'em
movie 1931 That's News to Me
movie 1931 The Easiest Way as Mr. Gensler
movie 1931 The Tamale Vendor
movie 1931 The World Flier as The Count
movie 1931 War Mamas as German Major
movie 1931 Women of All Nations as Leon
movie 1930 An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee as Himself
movie 1930 Captain Thunder as Commandante Ruiz
movie 1930 Cheer Up and Smile as Pierre
movie 1930 College Lovers as Spectator
movie 1930 Let's Go Places as Du Bonnet
movie 1930 Oh, Sailor Behave as De Medici
movie 1930 The Big Party as Dupuy
movie 1930 The Doorway to Hell as Florist
movie 1930 The Life of the Party as Mons. LeMaire
movie 1929 Frozen Justice as French Sailor
movie 1929 Hot for Paris as Charlott Gouset
movie 1928 Mother Knows Best
movie 1928 The Air Circus
movie 1923 Little Old New York as Delmonica
movie 1923 Under the Red Robe as Antoine
movie 1915 Old Dutch as Jules Joubert
movie 1915 The Commuters as Prof. Anatole 'Sammy' Vermouth

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