Charles Ogle

Charles Ogle Filmography

movie 1926 One Minute to Play as John Wade
movie 1926 The Flaming Forest as Donald McTavish
movie 1925 Code of the West as Henry Thurman
movie 1925 Contraband as Sheriff Churchill
movie 1925 The Golden Bed as Minor Role
movie 1925 The Thundering Herd as Clark Hudnall
movie 1924 Flaming Barriers as Patrick Malone
movie 1924 Merton of the Movies as Mr. Montague
movie 1924 Secrets as Dr. McGovern
movie 1924 The Alaskan as Lawyer
movie 1924 The Bedroom Window as Butler
movie 1924 The Border Legion as Harvey Roberts
movie 1924 The Garden of Weeds as Henry Poulson
movie 1924 Triumph as James Martin
movie 1923 Garrison's Finish as Colonel Desha's Trainer
movie 1923 Grumpy as Ruddock
movie 1923 Hollywood as Himself
movie 1923 Ruggles of Red Gap as Jeff Tuttle
movie 1923 Salomy Jane as Madison Clay
movie 1923 Sixty Cents an Hour as James Smith, a banker
movie 1923 The Covered Wagon as Jesse Wingate
movie 1923 The Ten Commandments as The Doctor
movie 1922 A Homespun Vamp as Donald Craig
movie 1922 A Trip to Paramountown as Himself
movie 1922 Her Husband's Trademark as Father Berlekey
movie 1922 If You Believe It, It's So as Colonel Williams
movie 1922 Is Matrimony a Failure? as Pop Skinner
movie 1922 Kick In as John Stephens
movie 1922 Manslaughter as Doctor
movie 1922 North of the Rio Grande as Colonel Haddington
movie 1922 Our Leading Citizen as The Judge
movie 1922 The Woman Who Walked Alone as Schriemann
movie 1922 The Young Rajah as Joshua Judd
movie 1922 Thirty Days as Judge Hooker
movie 1921 A Wise Fool as Judge Carcasson
movie 1921 After the Show as Pop O'Malley
movie 1921 Brewster's Millions as Colonel Drew
movie 1921 Crazy to Marry as Cement man
movie 1921 Gasoline Gus as Nate Newberry
movie 1921 Miss Lulu Bett as Station Agent
movie 1921 The Affairs of Anatol as Dr. Bowles
movie 1921 The Jucklins as Lim Judklin
movie 1921 What Every Woman Knows as Alick Wylie
movie 1920 Conrad in Quest of His Youth as Dobson
movie 1920 Jack Straw as Mr. Parker Jennings
movie 1920 Midsummer Madness as Caretaker
movie 1920 The Prince Chap as Runion
movie 1920 Treasure Island as Long John Silver
movie 1920 What's Your Hurry? as Patrick MacMurran
movie 1920 Young Mrs. Winthrop as Buxton Scott
movie 1919 A Daughter of the Wolf as Doc
movie 1919 Alias Mike Moran as Peter Young
movie 1919 Everywoman as Time
movie 1919 Fires of Faith as William Booth, Found of the Salvation Army
movie 1919 Hawthorne of the U.S.A. as Col. Radulski
movie 1919 Men, Women, and Money as Dr. Malcolm Lloyd
movie 1919 Something to Do as Professor Frank Blight
movie 1919 The Dub as George Markham
movie 1919 The Heart of Youth as Os Whipple
movie 1919 The Lottery Man
movie 1919 The Poor Boob as Tucker
movie 1919 The Valley of the Giants as Cardigan
movie 1919 Told in the Hills as Davy MacDougall
movie 1919 Under the Top as Otto B. Shott
movie 1918 Believe Me, Xantippe as Wrenn Wrgley
movie 1918 Jules of the Strong Heart as Tom Farnsworth
movie 1918 Less Than Kin as Overton
movie 1918 M'Liss as Yuba Bill
movie 1918 Old Wives for New as Bit Role
movie 1918 Rimrock Jones as Hassayamp Hicks
movie 1918 The Firefly of France as Von Blenheim
movie 1918 The Goat as Director Graham
movie 1918 The Source as 'Sim-Sam' Samuels
movie 1918 The Squaw Man as Bull Cowan
movie 1918 The Things We Love as Adolph Weimer
movie 1918 The Whispering Chorus as Judge
movie 1918 Too Many Millions as Garage Keeper
movie 1918 We Can't Have Everything as Kedzie's Father
movie 1918 Wild Youth as Doctor
movie 1917 A Romance of the Redwoods as Jim Lyn
movie 1917 A Wife's Folly
movie 1917 At First Sight
movie 1917 Nan of Music Mountain as Sassoon
movie 1917 On Record as Frederick Manson
movie 1917 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Mr. Cobb
movie 1917 The Case of Doctor Standing
movie 1917 The Cost of Hatred as McCabe
movie 1917 The Fair Barbarian
movie 1917 The Secret Game as Dr. Ebell Smith
movie 1917 The Sunset Trail as Judd Aiken
movie 1917 Those Without Sin as Colonel Dackens
movie 1916 A Lucky Gold Piece
movie 1916 A Social Outcast as Frederick Monsey
movie 1916 A Wife at Bay
movie 1916 Aschenbrödel
movie 1916 Beyond the Trail
movie 1916 Borrowed Plumes as Detective Miller
movie 1916 Borrowed Plumes
movie 1916 Harmony in A Flat as TheJanitor
movie 1916 Her Husband's Honor
movie 1916 His Brother's Pal as Jim Henderson
movie 1916 His World of Darkness
movie 1916 In His Own Trap as Rodney Stone - Financier
movie 1916 In the Heart of New York
movie 1916 Jim Slocum No. 46393 as Dr. Turner
movie 1916 Saved by a Song as Grayson
movie 1916 Shattered Nerves as T. R. Williams
movie 1916 The Broken Spur
movie 1916 The Circular Room
movie 1916 The Code of His Ancestors
movie 1916 The Finer Metal
movie 1916 The Girl Who Didn't Tell
movie 1916 The Head of the Family
movie 1916 The Heir to the Hoorah as Bill Ferguson
movie 1916 The Laugh of Scorn
movie 1916 The Scarlet Mark
movie 1916 The Sheriff of Pine Mountain
movie 1916 The Still Voice as Frederick Kirkwood
movie 1916 The Years of the Locust as McKenzie, Mead's Mine Manager
movie 1916 Their Anniversary
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Nile as Troubetskoi - the Russian
movie 1915 Celeste as James Wallace - the Millionaire
movie 1915 Circus Mary as John Hammond
movie 1915 Everygirl
movie 1915 Faces in the Night
movie 1915 His Guardian Angel
movie 1915 Jeanne of the Woods as Fournir - Jeanne's Father
movie 1915 My Lady High and Mighty as Lord Hartop
movie 1915 The Boston Tea Party
movie 1915 The Bribe
movie 1915 The Counterfeit
movie 1915 The Girl Who Had a Soul
movie 1915 The Golden Spider as John Rock
movie 1915 The Heart Breaker as Professor Silas Sniffles
movie 1915 The Honor of the Ormsbys as John Ormsby
movie 1915 The Judgment of Men
movie 1915 The Laugh That Died as Reggie
movie 1915 The Little White Violet
movie 1915 The Master Mummer as Allan Mabane
movie 1915 The Meddler
movie 1915 The Memory Tree as Colonel Fitzhugh
movie 1915 The Tale of the 'C' as Professor Carl Von Mustenberg
movie 1915 The Taming of Mary as Hawley
movie 1915 The Unhidden Treasure
movie 1915 The Woman Who Lied as Sheriff Cassidy
movie 1915 Thou Shalt Not Lie
movie 1915 Under Southern Skies as Major Crofton
movie 1914 A Girl of the People as Rigo - the Gypsy
movie 1914 A Lonely Road as Edward McBride
movie 1914 A Lonely Salvation as John Stonleigh
movie 1914 A Princess of the Desert
movie 1914 A Treacherous Rival as The Police Commissioner
movie 1914 An American King as Prime Minister Baron Dubrowsky
movie 1914 Andy and the Hypnotist
movie 1914 Courting Betty's Beau
movie 1914 Frederick the Great as Prince Katte
movie 1914 His Big Chance as Harsleigh
movie 1914 His Grandchild as Robert Blair Sr.
movie 1914 His Sob Story as The Editor
movie 1914 Molly the Drummer Boy as George Washington
movie 1914 The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies as James Malone
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Alarm Clock as Mrs. Frothingham's Butler
movie 1914 The Coward and the Man
movie 1914 The Double Cross as Biceps
movie 1914 The Heart of the Hills
movie 1914 The Heart of the Night Wind as Walter Sandry
movie 1914 The Light on the Wall as Biceps
movie 1914 The Man in the Street as Henry Griswold
movie 1914 The Man Who Disappeared as Miens
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Talking Wire
movie 1914 The Phantom Cracksman as Brandt
movie 1914 The President's Special as John Farley - the Telegrapher
movie 1914 The Price of the Necklace as Henry Lyons - the Money Maker
movie 1914 The Uncanny Mr. Gumble
movie 1914 The Viking Queen as Ragnarr
movie 1914 The Virtuoso as The Manager
movie 1914 The Witch Girl as William Prentiss
movie 1914 With the Eyes of Love
movie 1913 A Race to New York as Richard Craig, Mary's Uncle
movie 1913 A Splendid Scapegrace as Pike Garvey - the Newly Rich Mountaineer
movie 1913 A Tudor Princess as Cardinal Woolsey
movie 1913 A Way to the Underworld as Richard Craig - Mary's Uncle
movie 1913 Alexia's Strategy as James Trexel - Alexia's Father
movie 1913 Ann as Mr. McDonald - Ann's Father
movie 1913 Barry's Breaking In as Bennett - an Eccentric Inventor
movie 1913 False to Their Trust as Richard Craig - Mary's Uncle
movie 1913 Fortune Smiles as Richard Craig, Mary's Uncle
movie 1913 Hard Cash as Capt. David Dodd
movie 1913 It Is Never Too Late to Mend as John Meadows
movie 1913 Janet of the Dunes as Captain Billy
movie 1913 Mary Stuart
movie 1913 Mother's Lazy Boy as Ben's Father
movie 1913 Old Jim as Pearson - the Quarry Boss
movie 1913 On the Broad Stairway as Kate's Father
movie 1913 The Ambassador's Daughter as Foreign Conspirator
movie 1913 The Awakening of a Man
movie 1913 The Diamond Crown as Kate's Father
movie 1913 The Doctor's Duty as Dr. Strong
movie 1913 The Doctor's Photograph as Bill Smart - a Burglar
movie 1913 The Duke's Dilemma as The Tragedian
movie 1913 The Family's Honor
movie 1913 The Gauntlets of Washington as George Washington
movie 1913 The Ghost of Granleigh
movie 1913 The Great Physician as The Great Physician
movie 1913 The Green Eye of the Yellow God as Lt. Mad Carew
movie 1913 The Gunmaker of Moscow as Peter the Great
movie 1913 The High Tide of Misfortune as Richard Craig - Mary's Uncle
movie 1913 The Man He Might Have Been as The Boy's Father
movie 1913 The Mountaineers as Fred Morris - a Mountaineer
movie 1913 The Mystery of West Sedgwick as Lemuel Porter - Crawford's Lawyer
movie 1913 The Phantom Signal as The Railroad President
movie 1913 The Princess and the Man as Brand - a Revolutionary
movie 1913 The Prophecy as Sir George
movie 1913 The Ranch Owner's Love-Making
movie 1913 The Robbers as Switzer - a Student
movie 1913 The Substitute Stenographer as Kate's Father
movie 1913 The Will of the People as The New Mayor
movie 1913 When Greek Meets Greek as John Blackstone Sr.
movie 1913 While John Bolt Slept as The Visitant
movie 1913 With the Eyes of the Blind as John McLane - Nora's Father
movie 1912 A Clue to Her Parentage as Richard Craig, Mary's Uncle
movie 1912 A Curable Disease
movie 1912 A Personal Affair as The Prizefighter
movie 1912 A Question of Seconds as Jim Collins - the Ranchman
movie 1912 Alone in New York as Richard Craig, Mary's Uncle
movie 1912 At the Point of the Sword as A Nobleman of High Degree
movie 1912 Blinks and Jinks, Attorneys at Law as The Judge
movie 1912 Children Who Labor as Warden of the Prison
movie 1912 Church and Country as George Washington
movie 1912 Everything Comes to Him Who Waits as Cud McGiven - the Waiter
movie 1912 For Her as John Hart
movie 1912 For Professional Services as The Doctor's Brother
movie 1912 For the Cause of the South as Col. Randall C.S.A.
movie 1912 For the Commonwealth as Warden of the Prison
movie 1912 His Secretary as John Richards
movie 1912 Hope, a Red Cross Seal Story
movie 1912 How Bobby Joined the Circus as Big Bill Haggerty
movie 1912 How Washington Crossed the Delaware as George Washington
movie 1912 Like Knights of Old as The Knight
movie 1912 Martin Chuzzlewit as Mr. Pecksniff the Architect
movie 1912 Mr. Pickwick's Predicament as Sgt. Buzfuz
movie 1912 Nerves and the Man as Tom's Employer
movie 1912 On Donovan's Division as Tracy - the Engineer
movie 1912 Outwitting the Professor as Mr. Winslow
movie 1912 Politics and Love as John Heenan - the Party Boss
movie 1912 Sally Ann's Strategy as A Plausible Stranger
movie 1912 The Affair at Raynor's as Richard Craig, Mary's Uncle
movie 1912 The Angel and the Stranded Troupe as Squire Mudge - the Angel
movie 1912 The Butler and the Maid
movie 1912 The Close of the American Revolution as George Washington
movie 1912 The Convict's Parole as The Prison Warden
movie 1912 The Dam Builder as Bill Murdock
movie 1912 The Dumb Wooing as Colonel Boggs - Phyllis' Father
movie 1912 The Father as William Price - Henry's Employer
movie 1912 The Governor as Nolan - 1st Party Boss
movie 1912 The Grandfather
movie 1912 The Insurgent Senator as John Keenan - the Political Boss
movie 1912 The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
movie 1912 The Lord and the Peasant
movie 1912 The New Member of the Life Saving Crew as Captain Harding
movie 1912 The Non-Commissioned Officer as Black - Oakley's Friend
movie 1912 The Old Reporter as The Owner of The Star
movie 1912 The Sketch with the Thumb Print
movie 1912 The Sunset Gun as Old G.A.R. Soldier
movie 1912 The Third Thanksgiving as The Father
movie 1912 The Totville Eye as Squire Jenkins
movie 1912 The Triangle
movie 1912 The Usurer's Grip as Manager of the Loan Office
movie 1912 The Yarn of the Nancy Belle
movie 1912 Tim as Bill Ryan
movie 1912 To Save Her Brother as District Attorney Nolan
movie 1912 Treasure Island
movie 1912 What Happened to Mary as Richard Craig, Mary's Uncle
movie 1912 Winnie's Dance as The Fireman
movie 1911 A Buried Past as The Prisoner turned Crook
movie 1911 A Cure for Crime as Dr. John Morgan
movie 1911 A Lesson Learned as The Husband
movie 1911 A Man for All That as The Leader of the Outlaws
movie 1911 Aida
movie 1911 At Sword's Points
movie 1911 Captain Barnacle's Baby as The Employer
movie 1911 Captain Nell as Mr. Randolph - Harry's Father
movie 1911 Foul Play as General Rolleston
movie 1911 Her Wedding Ring as Wild Dick
movie 1911 Home as Mr. Carter
movie 1911 How Mrs. Murray Saved the American Army as George Washington
movie 1911 How Sir Andrew Lost His Vote as Honorable Grant Richmond
movie 1911 In the Days of Chivalry as The Old Duke
movie 1911 It Served Her Right as The Ice Man
movie 1911 Love and Hatred as Jack - the First Suitor
movie 1911 Love and the Stock Market as Manager of the First Broker's Office
movie 1911 Mike, the Miser as The Superintendent
movie 1911 That Winsome Winnie Smile as The Successful Bidder at the Auction
movie 1911 The Battle of Bunker Hill
movie 1911 The Battle of Trafalgar as The Ship's Surgeon
movie 1911 The Black Arrow as Sir Daniel Brackley
movie 1911 The Black Bordered Letter as Dr. Clark
movie 1911 The Death of Nathan Hale as George Washington
movie 1911 The Disreputable Mr. Raegen as Mr. Raegan
movie 1911 The Doctor as The Doctor
movie 1911 The Iron Master as The Iron Master
movie 1911 The Minute Man
movie 1911 The Modern Dianas as An Indian Servant
movie 1911 The Price of a Man as John Braham - falsely arrested
movie 1911 The Reform Candidate as John McNamara
movie 1911 The Star Spangled Banner
movie 1911 The Strike at the Mines
movie 1911 The Surgeon's Temptation as Norman Marsden - the Surgeon
movie 1911 The Winds of Fate as John Armstrong
movie 1911 Turned to the Wall as Squire Ruby
movie 1911 Uncle Hiram's List as Lars Olesen
movie 1911 Van Bibber's Experiment
movie 1910 A Christmas Carol as Bob Cratchit
movie 1910 Arms and the Woman
movie 1910 For Her Sister's Sake
movie 1910 Frankenstein as The Monster
movie 1910 Her First Appearance as The Child's Father
movie 1910 Michael Strogoff
movie 1910 Pardners
movie 1910 The Farmer's Daughter
movie 1910 Through the Clouds as Roberts - the Politician
movie 1909 Bluebeard
movie 1909 The Heart of a Clown
movie 1909 The Prince and the Pauper
movie 1908 An Unexpected Santa Claus
movie 1908 Ex-Convict No. 900
movie 1908 The Boston Tea Party

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