Charles Ray

The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1992, by order of first appearance. ... more on Wikipedia

Charles Ray Filmography

video movie 1961 The Legend of Rudolph Valentino as Himself
movie 1944 An American Romance as Extra
movie 1943 Slightly Dangerous as Opera Patron
movie 1942 Mrs. Miniver as Man getting on Bus
movie 1942 Rio Rita as Hotel Guest
movie 1942 Tennessee Johnson as Senator
movie 1942 The Mad Martindales as Barbershop Customer
movie 1942 The Magnificent Dope
movie 1942 The Postman Didn't Ring as Juror
movie 1941 A Yank in the R.A.F. as American business executive
movie 1941 Appointment for Love as Butler
movie 1941 Harvard, Here I Come! as Reporter
movie 1941 Hurry, Charlie, Hurry as Photographer
movie 1941 Married Bachelor as Man in Lounge Room Getting Bagpipes
movie 1941 Meet the Stars #8: Stars Past and Present as Himself
movie 1941 The Lady from Cheyenne as Bit Role
movie 1941 The Man Who Lost Himself
movie 1941 Wild Geese Calling as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1940 A Little Bit of Heaven as Uncle Wes
movie 1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 12 as Himself
movie 1937 Screen Snapshots Series 17, No. 1 as Himself
movie 1936 Hollywood Boulevard as Charlie Smith, Assistant Director
movie 1935 Just My Luck as Homer Crow
movie 1935 Welcome Home as Andrew Carr
movie 1934 By Your Leave as Leonard Purcell
movie 1934 Ladies Should Listen as Henri, the porter
movie 1934 School for Girls as Duke
movie 1934 The Camera Speaks
movie 1934 Ticket to a Crime as Courtney Mallory
movie 1933 Stolen by Gypsies or Beer and Bicycles as Elmer Updike
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Himself, film clip
movie 1932 The Bride's Bereavement; or, The Snake in the Grass
movie 1931 Stars of Yesterday as Himself
movie 1931 The House That Shadows Built
movie 1928 The Count of Ten as Johnny McKinney
movie 1928 The Garden of Eden as Richard Dupont
movie 1927 Getting Gertie's Garter as Ken Walrick
movie 1927 Girl in the Rain
movie 1927 Nobody's Widow as Honorable John Clayton
movie 1927 The American
movie 1927 Vanity as Lt. Lloyd Van Courtland
movie 1926 Paris as Jerry
movie 1926 Sweet Adeline as Ben Wilson
movie 1926 The Auction Block as Bob Wharton
movie 1926 The Fire Brigade as Terry O'Neil
movie 1925 Bright Lights as Tom Corbin
movie 1925 Percy as Percival Rogeen
movie 1925 Some Pun'kins as Lem Blossom
movie 1924 Dynamite Smith as Gladstone Smith
movie 1923 Little Miss Hollywood as Film Clip
movie 1923 Ponjola
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 17 as Himself
movie 1923 The Courtship of Myles Standish as John Alden
movie 1923 The Girl I Loved as John Middleton
movie 1922 A Tailor-Made Man as John Paul Bart
movie 1922 African Love
movie 1922 After the Storm
movie 1922 Alias Julius Caesar as Billy Barnes
movie 1922 Double Crossed
movie 1922 Gas, Oil and Water as George Oliver Watson
movie 1922 Mystery of the Mission
movie 1922 Robin Hood as Extra
movie 1922 Saved from the Depths
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 14 as Himself
movie 1922 Smudge as Stephen Stanton
movie 1922 The Barnstormer as Joel
movie 1922 The Deuce of Spades as Amos
movie 1921 A Midnight Bell as Martin Tripp
movie 1921 R.S.V.P. as Richard Morgan
movie 1921 Scrap Iron as John Steel
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 17 as Himself
movie 1921 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 22 as Himself
movie 1921 The Old Swimmin' Hole as Ezra
movie 1921 Two Minutes to Go as Chester Burnett
movie 1920 45 Minutes from Broadway as Kid Burns
movie 1920 Alarm Clock Andy as Andrew Gray
movie 1920 An Old Fashioned Boy as David Warrington
movie 1920 Homer Comes Home as Homer Cavender
movie 1920 Nineteen and Phyllis as Andrew Jackson Cavanaugh
movie 1920 Paris Green as Luther Green
movie 1920 Peaceful Valley as Hosiah Howe
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 1 as Himself
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 2 as Himself
movie 1920 The Village Sleuth as William Wells
movie 1920 Dangerous Business
movie 1919 Bill Henry as Bill Henry Jenkins
movie 1919 Crooked Straight as Ben Trimble
movie 1919 Greased Lightning as Andy Fletcher
movie 1919 Hay Foot, Straw Foot as Ulysses S. Grant Briggs
movie 1919 Red Hot Dollars as Tod Burke
movie 1919 The Busher as Ben Harding
movie 1919 The Egg Crate Wallop as Jim Kelly
movie 1919 The Girl Dodger as Cuthbert Trotman
movie 1919 The Sheriff's Son as Royal Beaudry
movie 1918 A Liberty Bond Plea as A farm boy
movie 1918 A Nine O'Clock Town as David Clary
movie 1918 His Own Home Town as Jimmy Duncan
movie 1918 Playing the Game as Larry Prentiss
movie 1918 Staking His Life as Frank Hamilton
movie 1918 String Beans as Toby Watkins
movie 1918 The Claws of the Hun as John Stanton
movie 1918 The Family Skeleton as Billy Bates
movie 1918 The Hired Man as Ezry Hollins
movie 1918 The Law of the North as Alain de Montcalm
movie 1917 Back of the Man as Larry Thomas
movie 1917 His Mother's Boy as Matthew Denton
movie 1917 Skinner's Dress Suit
movie 1917 Sudden Jim as James Ashe, Jr.
movie 1917 The Clodhopper as Everett Nelson
movie 1917 The Millionaire Vagrant as Steven Du Peyster
movie 1917 The Pinch Hitter as Joel Parker
movie 1917 The Son of His Father as Gordon Carbhoy
movie 1917 The Weaker Sex as Jack Harding
movie 1916 A Corner in Colleens as Richard Taylor
movie 1916 Home as Bob Wheaton
movie 1916 Honor Thy Name
movie 1916 Peggy as Colin Cameron
movie 1916 Plain Jane as Mr. 'John Sophomore Adams'
movie 1916 The Deserter as Lieutenant Parker
movie 1916 The Dividend as Frank Steele
movie 1916 The Honorable Algy as The Honorable Algy
movie 1916 The Wolf Woman as Rex Walden
movie 1915 In the Tennessee Hills as Jim Carson
movie 1915 The Ace of Hearts as Jean Desmond
movie 1915 The Conversion of Frosty Blake as Reverend Horace Brightray
movie 1915 The Coward as Frank Winslow
movie 1915 The Cup of Life as John Ward
movie 1915 The Forbidden Adventure as Cecil Weatherby
movie 1915 The Grudge as Dick Wayne
movie 1915 The Lure of Woman as Captain Lane
movie 1915 The Painted Soul as Barnard
movie 1915 The Renegade as Captain Marley
movie 1915 The Shoal Light as John Coates
movie 1915 The Spirit of the Bell as Pedro
movie 1915 The Wells of Paradise as Tom Dolan
movie 1914 A Military Judas as Jack Warren
movie 1914 Desert Gold as Jim Hardy
movie 1914 Desert Thieves as Dave Graham
movie 1914 For Her Brother's Sake as John Frye - the Brother
movie 1914 For the Wearing of the Green as Michael Finn
movie 1914 In the Cow Country as Jack
movie 1914 Narcotic Spectre
movie 1914 Not of the Flock as Rev. David Boylan
movie 1914 One of the Discard as Jack Denning
movie 1914 Repaid as Pedro
movie 1914 Shorty's Sacrifice as Tom Simms
movie 1914 The Card Sharps
movie 1914 The City
movie 1914 The City of Darkness as Donald Warner - the Governor's Brother
movie 1914 The Cure as James Murphy
movie 1914 The Curse of Humanity as Roger
movie 1914 The Fortunes of War as Carlos Romez
movie 1914 The Friend as Grant Keller
movie 1914 The Gangsters and the Girl as Detective John Stone
movie 1914 The Latent Spark as Tom Loomis
movie 1914 The Path of Genius as John Ruskin
movie 1914 The Power of the Angelus as Juan Puyan
movie 1914 The Rightful Heir as Phelim
movie 1914 The Silver Bell as The Captain
movie 1914 The Squire's Son
movie 1914 The Thunderbolt as David
movie 1914 The Word of His People as Lieutenant Drake Scranton
movie 1913 A Slave's Devotion as John Craig
movie 1913 Bread Cast Upon the Waters as Lt. Stone
movie 1913 Eileen of Erin as Dennis Morrissey
movie 1913 Exoneration
movie 1913 For Mother's Sake
movie 1913 Joe Hibbard's Claim as Joe Hibbard
movie 1913 Old Mammy's Secret Code as David
movie 1913 Red Mask as Red Mask
movie 1913 The Barrier as Wade - the Young Lieutenant
movie 1913 The Black Sheep as Jim Foster
movie 1913 The Bondsman as The Bondsman
movie 1913 The Boomerang as Lt. Calhoun
movie 1913 The Buried Past as Tom Winters - the Lover
movie 1913 The Favorite Son as Jim King
movie 1913 The Gambler's Pal
movie 1913 The Grey Sentinel as Hal Peters
movie 1913 The House of Bondage as Nathan Cabot - Hope's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Lost Dispatch as Bill Hartman - Nell's Brother
movie 1913 The Open Door as The Brother
movie 1913 The Quakeress as John Hart - the Schoolmaster
movie 1913 The Sergeant's Secret as Lt. Jim Brice
movie 1913 The Sharpshooter as Jack Krone - a Young Blacksmith
movie 1913 The Sinews of War as John Herzog
movie 1913 The Soul of the South as Jim Page
movie 1913 The Witch of Salem as John Hastings
movie 1911 The Fortunes of War

Charles Ray on Youtube

Jamie Foxx stars as the one-of-a-kind innovator of soul, Ray Charles, who overcame impossible odds and humble beginnings to become an extraordinary music ...

The Song "Mess Around" by Ray Charles, here in the 2004 movie "Ray". Jamie Foxx plays the role as Ray Charles and ...

Als bekannt wurde, dass Taylor Hackford eine Biografie über die Soul-Legende Ray Charles plant und Jamie Foxx die Hauptrolle übernehmen soll, war die ...

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