Charles Trenet

Charles Trenet (born Louis Charles Auguste Claude Trenet, 18 May 1913, Narbonne, France ? 19 February 2001, Creteil, France) was a French singer and songwriter, most famous for his recordings from the late 1930s until the mid-1950s, though his career continued through the 1990s. In an era in which it was exceptional for a singer to write his or her own material, Trenet wrote prolifically and declined to record any but his own songs. ... more on Wikipedia

Charles Trenet Filmography

movie 2011 La Mer
tv movie 2010 L'Occupation sans relâche - Les artistes pendant la guerre as Himself
movie 1976 Chantons sous l'occupation as Himself
tv movie 1972 Dans le jardin de Franc-Nohain as Himself
tv movie 1967 Mélodies-souvenirs as Himself
movie 1965 L'or du duc
tv movie 1965 À chacun son la as Himself
tv movie 1962 De wereld van Charles Trenet as Himself
movie 1957 C'est arrivé à 36 chandelles as Charles Trenet
movie 1957 Printemps à Paris
tv series 1956 Melodie der Welt as Himself - Singer
movie 1954 An jedem Finger zehn as Singer
movie 1953 Boum sur Paris as Himself
movie 1953 Les chansons ont leur destin
movie 1952 Giovinezza as Cantante
movie 1951 Bouquet de joie as Himself
movie 1943 Adieu Léonard as Ludovic Malvoisin - un doux poète
movie 1943 La cavalcade des heures as Charles
movie 1942 Frédérica as Gilbert Legrant
movie 1941 Romance de Paris as Georges Gauthier
movie 1938 Je chante as Charles
movie 1938 La route enchantée as Jacques Minervois
movie 1938 Trois chansons, trois époques as Lui-même - chantant trois de ses chansons
movie 1934 Bariole

Charles Trenet on Youtube

From my 78rpm record collection. Nippon Columbia Record's "CHANSONS DE PARIS" the superior album which planned it in 1940 S-83(side A) "BOUM.

Charles Trenet - Boum.

Charles Trénet - La Mer (live Olympia) (english translation thanks to EdHarris) The sea which one sees dancing along the clear gulfs to sparkles of silver. T...

James Bond Skyfall song "Boum" by Charles Trenet Lyrics: La pendule fait tic tac tic tac Les oiseaux du lac font pic pic pic pic Glou glou glou font tous les...