Charles Vane

Charles Vane (c.1680 ? March 29, 1721) was an English pirate who preyed upon English and French shipping. His pirate career lasted from 1716 - 1719. His flagship was a brigantine named the Ranger. Vane was among the pirate captains who operated out of the notorious base at New Providence in the Bahamas after the British abandoned the colony during the War of Spanish Succession. After a relatively long and violent career in piracy he was captured and in 1721 was executed by hanging at Gallows P ... more on Wikipedia

Charles Vane Filmography

movie 1924 The Affair at the Novelty Theatre
movie 1923 Mist in the Valley as Squire Yeoland
movie 1923 The Scented Envelopes as Sir Crichton Davey
movie 1923 This Freedom as Uncle Pyke
movie 1921 Stella as Colonel Monk
movie 1921 The Golden Dawn as Jim Briggs
movie 1921 The Sword of Fate
movie 1920 Calvary as Lord Stevenage
movie 1920 Castles in Spain as The lame man
movie 1920 Foul Play as General Rollaston
movie 1920 Laddie as Sir John Meredith
movie 1920 The Breed of the Treshams as Vis. Dorsington
movie 1920 The Channings as Huntley
movie 1920 The Story of the Rosary as Prince Sabran
movie 1920 The Town of Crooked Ways as Alderman Tanqueray
movie 1920 The Way of the World as Marshall
movie 1919 Fettered as General Clavering
movie 1919 Not Guilty as Andrew McTaggart
movie 1919 Splendid Folly as Baroni
movie 1919 The Irresistible Flapper as Sir Neville Tremayne
movie 1919 The Lyons Mail
movie 1919 The Polar Star
movie 1919 When It Was Dark as Professor Llewellyn
movie 1919 Whosoever Shall Offend as Ercole
movie 1918 Peace, Perfect Peace as Pensioner
movie 1918 The Man and the Moment as Lord Henry Fordyce
movie 1918 The Slave as Sir Reuben Allabruth
movie 1918 The Top Dog as Sir Gregory Horne
movie 1918 The Wages of Sin as Cyprian Aldham
movie 1917 It's Never Too Late to Mend as Isaac Levi
movie 1917 Merely Mrs. Stubbs as Grandfather
movie 1917 Queen of My Heart as Joseph Hawks
movie 1917 The Cobweb as Sir George Gillingham
movie 1917 The Failure as Police Chief
movie 1917 The Man Behind 'The Times' as John walcott
movie 1917 The Man Who Made Good
movie 1916 A Bunch of Violets as Harker
movie 1916 A Soldier and a Man as General Sinclair
movie 1916 Boys of the Old Brigade as Uncle John
movie 1916 Comin' Thro' the Rye as Col Adair
movie 1916 Face to Face as John Cunliffe
movie 1916 Kent, the Fighting Man as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 Royal Love
movie 1916 Sowing the Wind as Lord Petworth
movie 1916 The Grand Babylon Hotel as Rocco
movie 1916 The House of Fortescue as Jasper Mason
movie 1916 The Wheel of Death as Professor
movie 1915 Traffic as Jamesy Ryan
movie 1914 Paul Sleuth and the Mystic Seven as Paul Sleuth
movie 1913 The Murder of Squire Jeffrey as Paul Sleuth
movie 1912 Caught in His Own Net as Squire
movie 1912 Paul Sleuth Crime Investigator: The Burglary Syndicate as Paul Sleuth
movie 1912 Paul Sleuth: The Mystery of the Astorian Crown Prince as Paul Sleuth
movie 1912 The Trials of a Merry Widow as Employer
movie 1912 What Matter the Price as Doctor

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