Charles West

Charles West Filmography

movie 1945 Flicker Flashbacks No. 3, Series 2
movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as Migrant
movie 1937 Don't Tell the Wife as Joe 'Hoss' Hoskins
movie 1935 Barbary Coast as Gambler
movie 1935 Death from a Distance as Fingerprint Expert
movie 1935 The Bride Comes Home as Bystander
movie 1934 Good Dame as Bit Role
movie 1934 The Man Trailer as Gorman
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Hotel Porter
movie 1933 I Love That Man as Alarm Company Agent
movie 1933 Police Car 17 as Harry
movie 1932 Law of the North as Bartender
movie 1932 Law of the West as 'Dad' Tracy
movie 1932 The Man from Hell's Edges as Informant
movie 1931 The Texas Ranger as Bartender
movie 1930 Along Came Youth as Chauffeur
movie 1930 For the Defense as Joe
movie 1930 The Dawn Trail as Bartender
movie 1929 Acquitted as Henchman McManus
movie 1929 Handcuffed
movie 1928 Man from Headquarters as No. 1
movie 1927 Nobody's Widow as Valet
movie 1927 On the Stroke of Twelve as Charles Wright
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1926 Snowed In as Harron
movie 1926 The House Without a Key as Bowker
movie 1926 The Skyrocket as Edward Kimm
movie 1925 The Fate of a Flirt as Eddie Graham
movie 1925 The Overland Limited as Bitter Root Jackson
movie 1925 The Part Time Wife as Allen Keane
movie 1925 The Road to Yesterday as Watt Earnshaw
movie 1925 The Talker as Detective
movie 1923 Held to Answer as 'Spider' Welch
movie 1923 Red Lights as The Conductor
movie 1923 The Eternal Three as Butler
movie 1923 Times Have Changed as Al Keeley
movie 1922 Love in the Dark as Jimmy Watson
movie 1922 Manslaughter as Member of the Jury
movie 1922 The Lane That Had No Turning as Havel
movie 1921 Bob Hampton of Placer as Major Brant
movie 1921 Not Guilty as Herbert Welch
movie 1921 The Witching Hour as Tom Denning
movie 1920 A Thousand to One as Jimmy Munroe
movie 1920 Go and Get It as Slim Hogan
movie 1920 Parlor, Bedroom and Bath as Jeffery Haywood
movie 1920 Polly of the Storm Country as Oscar Bennett
movie 1920 The Phantom Melody as Gregory Baldi
movie 1920 The River's End as Peter Kirkstone
movie 1919 A Very Good Young Man as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 His Divorced Wife as Rufus Couch
movie 1919 The Woman Michael Married as Harvey Kirkland
movie 1918 Revenge as Donald Jaffray
movie 1918 Shackled as Walter Cosgrove
movie 1918 The Flash of Fate as Philadelphia Johnson
movie 1918 The Ghost Flower as La Farge
movie 1918 The Girl Who Came Back as Ralph Burton
movie 1918 The Mystery Girl as Chester Naismith
movie 1918 The Source as Paul Holmquist
movie 1918 The White Man's Law as The Derelict
movie 1918 Wife or Country as Jack Holiday
movie 1917 Betty to the Rescue
movie 1917 Little Miss Optimist as Ben Carden
movie 1917 Society's Driftwood as Tison Grant
movie 1917 The American Consul as Pedro Gonzales
movie 1917 The Little Pirate as George Drake
movie 1917 The Trouble Buster as Tip Morgan
movie 1916 A Gutter Magdalene as Jack Morgan
movie 1916 A Movie Star as Man in Front Row
movie 1916 Beverly of Graustark
movie 1916 Let Katie Do It as Caleb Adams
movie 1916 Martha's Vindication as William Burton
movie 1916 The Dream Girl as 'English' Hal
movie 1916 The Heart of Nora Flynn as Jack Murray
movie 1916 The Law of Success as Vincent Hight
movie 1916 The Smugglers
movie 1916 The Stampede
movie 1916 The Temptation of Adam
movie 1916 The Wood Nymph as William Jones
movie 1915 A Day's Adventure as Bentley
movie 1915 A Double Winning as Sportsman
movie 1915 Divorcons as Dope Fiend
movie 1915 From the Shadow as His son
movie 1915 Her Convert as The Old Inventor
movie 1915 Her Dormant Love as The Attentive Husband
movie 1915 Her Oath of Vengeance as Nicholas
movie 1915 His Desperate Deed as Grant
movie 1915 Just a Lark as Don Herrick - Artist
movie 1915 Little Marie as Beppo Puccini
movie 1915 Merely Players as Harry Steadfast
movie 1915 Old Offenders as Crooked Joe
movie 1915 The Borrowed Necklace as Florence's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Box of Chocolates as George Thorne
movie 1915 The Burned Hand
movie 1915 The Ceremonial Turquoise as Du Boise
movie 1915 The Dancer's Ruse as Lydia's Brother
movie 1915 The Fatal Hour as Walter Clark - Hilliary's Son
movie 1915 The Gambler of the West as Dan Reardon
movie 1915 The Gambler's I.O.U. as Dick Smith
movie 1915 The Heart of a Bandit as The Half-Breed
movie 1915 The Inevitable Retribution as The young farmer
movie 1915 The Little Boy Who Once Was He as Dan Adams
movie 1915 The Love Transcendent as John Gage
movie 1915 The Miser's Legacy as The Crook's Pal
movie 1915 The Mystic Jewel as Charles Burton, John's Brother
movie 1915 The Sheriff's Dilemma as The Minister
movie 1915 The Woman from Warren's as Hanson Landing
movie 1915 Truth Stranger Than Fiction as The Novelist
movie 1914 A Fair Rebel
movie 1914 His Old Pal's Sacrifice as Bob
movie 1914 Just a Kid as Jim - the Young Man
movie 1914 Lord Chumley as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 Near Death's Door as Charles Dwyer - Helen's husband
movie 1914 The Bond Sinister as Miller
movie 1914 The Child Thou Gavest Me as John Graham
movie 1914 The Dole of Destiny as Gray - the Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Gold Thief as The Young Clerk
movie 1914 The Guiding Fate as The Neighbor
movie 1914 The Indian
movie 1914 The Man and the Master
movie 1914 The Massacre as Stephen's Ward's Husband
movie 1914 The New Reporter as The City Editor
movie 1914 The Peddler's Bag
movie 1914 The Smuggler's Wife as The Smuggler Husband
movie 1914 The Tides of Sorrow as Captain Ford
movie 1914 The Wife
movie 1914 Their Soldier Boy as The Young Man
movie 1914 Woman Against Woman as Crooke
movie 1913 A Frightful Blunder as The Young Businessman
movie 1913 A Gamble with Death as The Gambler
movie 1913 A Gambler's Honor as In Bar
movie 1913 A Girl's Stratagem as The Lead Burglar
movie 1913 A Horse on Bill as Extra
movie 1913 A Misappropriated Turkey as The Striker
movie 1913 A Modest Hero as A Crook
movie 1913 A Tender-Hearted Crook as James
movie 1913 A Welcome Intruder as The Workman
movie 1913 All for Science as In Restaurant
movie 1913 Fate
movie 1913 Father's Chicken Dinner as The Butcher
movie 1913 For the Son of the House as The Son
movie 1913 Her Mother's Oath as Medicine Show Patron
movie 1913 Her Wedding Bell as The Young Woman's Fiancé
movie 1913 I Was Meant for You as Theron
movie 1913 In Diplomatic Circles as The Lover
movie 1913 Just Gold as Third Brother
movie 1913 Just Kids as One of the Bold Bad Boys
movie 1913 Oil and Water as In First Audience
movie 1913 Old Coupons as 1st Gang Member
movie 1913 Red and Pete, Partners as The Husband
movie 1913 Red Hicks Defies the World as In Crowd
movie 1913 Slippery Slim Repents as Slippery Slim
movie 1913 The Detective's Stratagem as First Plotter
movie 1913 The Hero of Little Italy as Joe
movie 1913 The Left-Handed Man as The Old Soldier's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Mirror as Second Tramp
movie 1913 The Mothering Heart as The 'New Light'
movie 1913 The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business as At Dance
movie 1913 The Stolen Bride as The Overseer
movie 1913 The Stopped Clock as The Senior Clerk
movie 1913 The Switch Tower as Second Counterfeiter
movie 1913 The Vengeance of Galora as The Express Agent
movie 1913 The Wanderer as The Friar
movie 1913 The Work Habit as The City Son
movie 1913 The Wrong Bottle as The Faithless Lover
movie 1913 Under the Shadow of the Law as John Haywood, a Clerk
movie 1913 When Love Forgives as The Man
movie 1912 A Beast at Bay as An Engineer
movie 1912 A Blot on the 'Scutcheon as A Footman
movie 1912 A Close Call as Man in Lynch Mob
movie 1912 A Disappointed Mama as The Daughter's Suitor
movie 1912 A Lodging for the Night as Dick Logan
movie 1912 A Sailor's Heart as On Street
movie 1912 A Siren of Impulse as Jose
movie 1912 A String of Pearls as The Poor Woman's Brother
movie 1912 A Tale of the Wilderness
movie 1912 A Temporary Truce
movie 1912 An Outcast Among Outcasts as The Station Master
movie 1912 At the Basket Picnic
movie 1912 Black Sheep as The Son
movie 1912 Blind Love
movie 1912 Fate's Interception
movie 1912 For His Son as The Son
movie 1912 Heaven Avenges as Owner of the Grove
movie 1912 Helen's Marriage as Clubman
movie 1912 His Lesson as The Young Man
movie 1912 Home Folks as At Barn Dance
movie 1912 In the North Woods as The Trapper
movie 1912 Iola's Promise as A Settler
movie 1912 Lena and the Geese as A Servant
movie 1912 My Hero as Settler
movie 1912 One Is Business, the Other Crime as Poor Husband
movie 1912 The Baby and the Stork as A Policeman
movie 1912 The Burglar's Dilemma as The Doctor
movie 1912 The Chief's Blanket as The Outlaw
movie 1912 The Engagement Ring as The Waiter
movie 1912 The Fatal Chocolate as Jake
movie 1912 The Female of the Species as The Miner
movie 1912 The Girl and Her Trust as Telegrapher
movie 1912 The God Within as In Other Town
movie 1912 The Goddess of Sagebrush Gulch as Blue Grass Pete
movie 1912 The Inner Circle
movie 1912 The Lesser Evil as The Go-Between
movie 1912 The Mender of Nets
movie 1912 The Old Actor
movie 1912 The Old Bookkeeper as In Office
movie 1912 The Speed Demon as Racing Spectator
movie 1912 The Spirit Awakened
movie 1912 The Tourists as Trixie's Boyfriend
movie 1912 The Would-Be Shriner as Club Member
movie 1912 Under Burning Skies as The Bartender
movie 1912 With the Enemy's Help as The Prospector
movie 1911 A Terrible Discovery as A Thug
movie 1911 Dan the Dandy as The Son
movie 1911 Enoch Arden: Part II as In Bar
movie 1911 Fate's Turning as John Lawson Jr.
movie 1911 Her Sacrifice as The Widow's Son
movie 1911 His Mother's Scarf as Charles - 2nd Brother
movie 1911 His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant as Man at farewell
movie 1911 How She Triumphed
movie 1911 In the Days of '49 as The Fiddler
movie 1911 Italian Blood
movie 1911 Love in the Hills as The Shiftless Suitor
movie 1911 Out from the Shadow as At Dance
movie 1911 Paradise Lost as Footman
movie 1911 Resourceful Lovers as Old Chemist's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1911 Swords and Hearts as The Suitor
movie 1911 Teaching Dad to Like Her as Outside Theatre
movie 1911 The Battle as The Boy
movie 1911 The Blind Princess and the Poet as The Poet
movie 1911 The Broken Cross as Tom
movie 1911 The Country Lovers as The Country Lover
movie 1911 The Crooked Road as An Evil Companion
movie 1911 The Ghost as A Crook
movie 1911 The Indian Brothers as At Funeral
movie 1911 The Italian Barber
movie 1911 The Last Drop of Water as Jim
movie 1911 The Lonedale Operator as The Company Agent
movie 1911 The Long Road as Ned
movie 1911 The Manicure Lady as Waiter
movie 1911 The New Dress as At Wedding
movie 1911 The Rose of Kentucky as The partner
movie 1911 The Spanish Gypsy as Spaniard
movie 1911 The Two Paths
movie 1911 Three Sisters as Mary's Admirer
movie 1911 Through Darkened Vales as Dave
movie 1911 Was He a Coward? as At Ranch
movie 1911 What Shall We Do with Our Old?
movie 1911 When a Man Loves as John Watson
movie 1910 A Child of the Ghetto as The Proprietor's Son
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as Raymond Hartley
movie 1910 A Flash of Light as John Rogers
movie 1910 A Gold Necklace
movie 1910 A Knot in the Plot
movie 1910 A Lucky Toothache as One of the Boys
movie 1910 A Midnight Cupid as Perry Dudley
movie 1910 A Plain Song
movie 1910 A Rich Revenge as Oil Speculator's Henchman
movie 1910 A Romance of the Western Hills as The Nephew
movie 1910 A Salutary Lesson as Mr. Randall
movie 1910 A Summer Idyll
movie 1910 A Summer Tragedy
movie 1910 A Victim of Jealousy as At Reception
movie 1910 As It Is in Life as George Forrester's Son-in-Law
movie 1910 As the Bells Rang Out! as Wilson Breen
movie 1910 Gold Is Not All as At Party
movie 1910 Her Father's Pride as Allen Edwards
movie 1910 Her Terrible Ordeal
movie 1910 His Last Dollar
movie 1910 In Life's Cycle as Clara's Temptor
movie 1910 In Old California as Soldier
movie 1910 In the Border States as Young Father
movie 1910 In the Season of Buds as Steve
movie 1910 Love Among the Roses as Footman
movie 1910 Ramona as Man in chapel
movie 1910 Simple Charity
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue as Harry, the Summer Boarder
movie 1910 That Chink at Golden Gulch as Bud Miller
movie 1910 The Converts as A Friend
movie 1910 The Face at the Window as At Second Club
movie 1910 The Fugitive as Confederate Soldier
movie 1910 The Gold Seekers as In Claim Agent's Office
movie 1910 The Golden Supper as Lionel
movie 1910 The House with Closed Shutters as Her suitor
movie 1910 The Iconoclast
movie 1910 The Impalement as At First Party
movie 1910 The Last Deal as Bank Teller
movie 1910 The Lesson as In First Bar
movie 1910 The Marked Time-Table as In Gambling Hall
movie 1910 The Masher
movie 1910 The Message of the Violin as Carl
movie 1910 The Newlyweds as Harry
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man as Aristocrat
movie 1910 The Purgation
movie 1910 The Recreation of an Heiress as The Son
movie 1910 The Thread of Destiny as In the Bar
movie 1910 The Twisted Trail as Among Pursuers
movie 1910 The Two Brothers as A Suitor
movie 1910 The Unchanging Sea as The Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1910 The Way of the World
movie 1910 Thou Shalt Not as A Friend
movie 1910 Waiter No. 5 as The Chief of Police's Son, as an Adult
movie 1910 What the Daisy Said as A Farmer
movie 1910 Winning Back His Love
movie 1909 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea
movie 1909 Love Finds a Way
movie 1909 The Fascinating Mrs. Francis
movie 1909 The Peachbasket Hat
movie 1909 The Red Man's View as Conqueror
movie 1909 The Son's Return as The Son
movie 1909 The Test
movie 1909 The Way of Man
movie 1909 Two Women and a Man as At Reception
movie 1908 The Christmas Burglars

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