Charles Winninger

Charles Winninger (May 26, 1884 ? January 27, 1969) was an American stage and film actor, most often cast in comedies or musicals, but equally at home in drama. ... more on Wikipedia

Charles Winninger Filmography

video movie 2004 Ziegfeld Girl Intro as 'Pop' Gallagher
tv movie 1993 John Ford as Judge William Pittman Priest [in "The Sun Shines Bright"]
tv movie 1985 Musical Comedy Tonight III as Cap'n Andy Hawks
movie 1960 Raymie as R.J. Parsons
movie 1960 The Miracle of the White Reindeer as Zoo Keeper
movie 1955 Las Vegas Shakedown as Ernest Raff
movie 1953 A Perilous Journey as Captain Eph Allan
movie 1953 Champ for a Day as Pa Karlsen
movie 1953 The Sun Shines Bright as Judge William Pittman Priest
movie 1952 Torpedo Alley as Oliver J. Peabody
movie 1950 Father Is a Bachelor as Professor Mordecai Ford
movie 1948 Give My Regards to Broadway as Albert Norwick
movie 1948 The Inside Story as Uncle Ed
movie 1947 Living in a Big Way as D. Rutherford Morgan
movie 1947 Something in the Wind as Uncle Chester Read
movie 1946 Lover Come Back as William 'Pa' Williams, Sr.
movie 1945 She Wouldn't Say Yes as Doctor Lane
movie 1945 State Fair as Abel Frake
movie 1945 The Two-Way Street as On-camera Narrator
movie 1944 Belle of the Yukon as Pop Candless
movie 1944 Broadway Rhythm as Sam Demming
movie 1944 Sunday Dinner for a Soldier as Dudley 'Granfeathers' Osborne
movie 1943 A Lady Takes a Chance as Waco
movie 1943 Coney Island as Finnigan
movie 1943 Flesh and Fantasy as King Lamarr
movie 1943 Hers to Hold as Judson Craig
movie 1942 Friendly Enemies as Karl Pfeiffer
movie 1942 Mister Gardenia Jones as John Jones
movie 1941 My Life with Caroline as Mr. Bliss
movie 1941 Pot o' Gold as C.J. Haskell
movie 1941 The Get-Away as Dr. Josiah Glass
movie 1941 Ziegfeld Girl as 'Pop' Gallagher
movie 1940 Beyond Tomorrow as Michael O'Brien
movie 1940 If I Had My Way as Joe Johnson
movie 1940 Little Nellie Kelly as Michael Noonan
movie 1940 My Love Came Back as Julius Malette
movie 1940 The Miracle of Sound as Himself
movie 1939 Babes in Arms as Joe Moran
movie 1939 Barricade as Samuel J. Cady
movie 1939 Destry Rides Again as Washington Dimsdale
movie 1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up as Judson Craig
movie 1938 Goodbye Broadway as Pat Malloy
movie 1938 Hard to Get as Ben Richards
movie 1937 Café Metropole as Joseph Ridgeway
movie 1937 Every Day's a Holiday as Van Reighle Van Pelter Van Doon
movie 1937 Nothing Sacred as Dr. Enoch Downer
movie 1937 The Go Getter as Cappy Ricks
movie 1937 Woman Chases Man as B.J. Nolan
movie 1937 You Can't Have Everything as Sam Gordon
movie 1937 You're a Sweetheart as Cherokee Charlie
movie 1936 Show Boat as Cap'n Andy Hawks
movie 1936 Three Smart Girls as Judson Craig
movie 1936 White Fang as Doc McFane
movie 1934 Social Register as Jonesie
movie 1931 Children of Dreams as Dr. Joe Thompson
movie 1931 Fighting Caravans as Marshall
movie 1931 Flying High as Doctor Brown
movie 1931 God's Gift to Women as John Churchill
movie 1931 Gun Smoke as Tack Gillup
movie 1931 How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones, No. 2: 'Chip Shots' as Golfer
movie 1931 Husband's Holiday as Mr. Reid
movie 1931 Night Nurse as Dr. Bell
movie 1931 The Bad Sister as Mr. Madison
movie 1931 The Sin of Madelon Claudet as M. Novella - Photographer
movie 1930 Soup to Nuts as Otto Schmidt
movie 1926 Summer Bachelors as Preston Smith
movie 1926 The Canadian as Pop Tyson
movie 1924 Pied Piper Malone as Louie
movie 1916 A September Mourning as The Artist
movie 1915 Lizzie's Shattered Dreams as 2nd Stranger from the City
movie 1915 Mister Flirt in Wrong as Mr. Rawsberry
movie 1915 The Doomed Groom as The Groom

Charles Winninger on Youtube

From the MGM musical, "Broadway Rhythm" (1944). Song written by Don Raye and Gene de Paul.

Trailer for the 1937 comedy, EVERY DAY'S A HOLIDAY, starring Mae West, Edmund Lowe, Charles Winninger and Charles Butterworth. The film received an ...

A quintessentially Irish-American celebration of family, in which Judy Garland does double duty, performing as both a mother and her daughter. Native Irishma...

Theatrical trailer to the delightful 1937 screwball comedy, NOTHING SACRED, starring Carole Lombard, Frderic March, Charles Winninger and Walter Connolly.