Charlotte Burton

Charlotte Burton (May 30, 1881 ? March 28, 1942) was an American silent film actress. ... more on Wikipedia

Charlotte Burton Filmography

movie 1920 Polly of the Storm Country as Evelyn Robertson
movie 1919 Man's Desire as Vera Patton
movie 1918 Hearts or Diamonds? as Adrienne Gascoyne
movie 1918 Up Romance Road as Marta Millbanke
movie 1916 Lone Star as Helen Mattes
movie 1916 Sequel to the Diamond from the Sky
movie 1916 Soul Mates as Muriel Carr
movie 1916 The Bruiser as Fen Bernham
movie 1916 The Craving as Roby
movie 1916 The Highest Bid as Elsie Burleigh
movie 1916 The Love Hermit as Marie Bolton
movie 1916 The Man Who Would Not Die as Agnes
movie 1916 The Smugglers of Santa Cruz as Verna
movie 1916 The Strength of Donald McKenzie as Mabel Condon
movie 1916 The Thoroughbred as Angela Earle
movie 1916 The Torch Bearer as Janet Dare
movie 1916 The Twinkler as Rose Burke
movie 1915 A Touch of Love as Martha
movie 1915 Ancestry as The Duchess
movie 1915 Competition
movie 1915 Curly as Isabel Morrisey
movie 1915 Heart of Flame as Beppa
movie 1915 In the Twilight as Ellen Harris
movie 1915 Refining Fires as Nina Stone - the Judge's Daughter
movie 1915 Restitution as Elsa Detrow
movie 1915 She Never Knew
movie 1915 She Walketh Alone as Rita Horton
movie 1915 The Barren Gain
movie 1915 The Day of Reckoning as Rita Marr
movie 1915 The Diamond from the Sky as Vivian Marston
movie 1915 The Problem as Leona
movie 1915 The Resolve
movie 1915 The Two Sentences as Nellie Carter
movie 1915 The Wily Chaperon as Mrs. Brown Smith
movie 1915 Wife Wanted
movie 1914 A Blowout at Santa Banana as Tapioca
movie 1914 A Decree of Justice
movie 1914 A Man's Way as Louise
movie 1914 A Slice of Life as Jessie - Jim's Wife
movie 1914 A Soul Astray
movie 1914 A Story of Little Italy
movie 1914 At the Potter's Wheel as Carlina
movie 1914 Billy's Rival as Mrs. Day - the Invalid Mother
movie 1914 Calamity Anne's Love Affair
movie 1914 Damaged Goods as Mrs. Lester
movie 1914 David Gray's Estate
movie 1914 Destinies Fulfilled as Mrs. Tolliver
movie 1914 Does It End Right?
movie 1914 Her Younger Sister as Elsie Lyons
movie 1914 His First Love
movie 1914 In the Candlelight as Nina, a Model
movie 1914 In the Footprints of Mozart as Mozart's Wife
movie 1914 In the Moonlight as Sunshine - Dora's Daughter
movie 1914 In Tune as Mrs. Tom Stanley
movie 1914 Jail Birds as Mrs. Patterson
movie 1914 Lola as May, Lola's Sister
movie 1914 Mein Lieber Katrina as The Dishwasher
movie 1914 Mein Lieber Katrina Catches a Convict as The Dishwasher
movie 1914 Metamorphosis as Lill
movie 1914 Old Enough to Be Her Grandpa as Lilyan DeVoe
movie 1914 The Archeologist as Edna Lee
movie 1914 The Beggar Child as Rosa, Roberto's Servant
movie 1914 The Butterfly as Lydia
movie 1914 The Call of the Traumerei as Mimi Nemours
movie 1914 The Certainty of Man as Mary, Lucille's Mother
movie 1914 The Cricket on the Hearth as May Fielding
movie 1914 The Crucible
movie 1914 The Final Impulse as Ruth
movie 1914 The Hermit as Grace King - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Last Supper as The Girl Who Does Not Think
movie 1914 The Lure of the Sawdust as Marie
movie 1914 The Mirror
movie 1914 The Oath of Pierre as Julia Naughton of the Border Line
movie 1914 The Power of Light as Maud Stockton
movie 1914 The Redemption of a Pal as Lane's Sister
movie 1914 The Ruin of Manley as Mrs. Jared Smith
movie 1914 The Song of the Sea Shell
movie 1914 The Town of Nazareth as Miriam, his daughter
movie 1914 The Unmasking as Adele Hamilton
movie 1914 The Unseen Vengeance as Olga
movie 1914 The Widow's Investment
movie 1914 The Wrong Birds
movie 1914 Their Worldly Goods as Mrs. Bell
movie 1914 This Is th' Life as Rita Miller
movie 1914 Unto the Weak as Eleen
movie 1914 When a Woman Waits as Mabel Graham
movie 1914 When the Road Parts as Miss Scott
movie 1914 Youth and Art as Fanchon - a Model
movie 1913 A Husband's Mistake
movie 1913 American Born
movie 1913 An Assisted Proposal as Kate
movie 1913 Another Man's Wife as Jennie Wilton
movie 1913 Ashes of Three as Ed's Mother
movie 1913 Boobs and Bricks as The Traveling Saleslady
movie 1913 Calamity Anne Takes a Trip as Audience member in movie theater
movie 1913 Calamity Anne's Beauty as A Village Belle
movie 1913 Calamity Anne's Inheritance as Jane Baxter
movie 1913 Calamity Anne's Vanity
movie 1913 Calamity Anne, Detective
movie 1913 Calamity Anne, Heroine
movie 1913 For the Crown as Queen of France
movie 1913 Her Big Story as Beatrice Nevin
movie 1913 Hidden Treasure Ranch as The Ranchman's Second Niece
movie 1913 In Another's Nest as Louise Radway
movie 1913 In the Days of Trajan
movie 1913 In the Firelight as Nell
movie 1913 Matches as Miss Oldrock - a Spinster
movie 1913 Mrs. Carter's Campaign
movie 1913 Percy H. Baldwin, Trifler as Jane Norris
movie 1913 Quicksands as Helen Hubbard
movie 1913 The Adventures of Jacques as The Queen of France
movie 1913 The Finer Things as Saddler's Wife
movie 1913 The Flirt and the Bandit as Ione - the Flirt
movie 1913 The Girl and the Greaser as Ruth Lewis
movie 1913 The Greater Love as Betty
movie 1913 The Haunted House
movie 1913 The Occult
movie 1913 The Poisoned Chop as The Maid
movie 1913 The Road to Ruin as The Faithless Woman
movie 1913 The Rose of San Juan as SeƱora del Valle
movie 1913 The Shriner's Daughter as Ann Cortell
movie 1913 The Tale of the Ticker as The Maid
movie 1913 The Wishing Seat
movie 1913 Through the Neighbor's Window as Lillian's Mother
movie 1913 Trapped in a Forest Fire as Inez Tremain
movie 1913 Travelers of the Road as The Homesteader's Wife
movie 1913 Truth in the Wilderness as Helen Courtney
movie 1913 While There's Life
movie 1913 Woman's Honor as Madge Williams
movie 1912 It Happened Thus as The Older Daughter
movie 1912 Nell of the Pampas
movie 1912 The Animal Within as Jane Stevens
movie 1912 The Blackened Hills as Jenny Hart
movie 1912 The Daughters of Senor Lopez as Madeleine Lopez - the Older Daughter
movie 1912 The Recognition as Kit Murphy
movie 1912 The Would-Be Heir as Ethel's Cousin's Servant and Co-Conspirator

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Hey Guys, It's my first short film (very very very short) and i decided to share, I'm not a great director, but i would like to work in the movie universe, a...

A sermon by my dad, Brad Mercer, at Capalaba Church of the Nazarene.

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