Charlotte Merriam

Charlotte Merriam (April 5, 1906 ? July 10, 1972) was a motion picture actress . ... more on Wikipedia

Charlotte Merriam Filmography

movie 1934 Dancing Man as Celestine Castle
movie 1933 Alimony Madness as Eloise Thurman
movie 1933 Broadway Bad as Showgirl
movie 1933 Broken Dreams as Grace
movie 1933 Damaged Lives as Elise Cooper
movie 1933 Daring Daughters as Helen Delk
movie 1933 The Avenger as Sally
movie 1933 Three Cornered Moon as Gracie
movie 1932 Man Wanted as Miss Smith, Receptionist
movie 1932 The Crowd Roars as Mrs. Ruth Connors
movie 1932 The Tenderfoot as An Actress
movie 1932 Winner Take All as Blonde in Flashback
movie 1931 Night Nurse as Mrs. Ritchey
movie 1931 Smart Money as Girl at Gaming Table
movie 1930 Dumbbells in Ermine as Camilla
movie 1930 Second Choice as Satterlee
movie 1930 The South Sea Pearl as The Native Girl
movie 1930 The Third Alarm as Blonde
movie 1930 Up and Down Stairs
movie 1929 Pleasure Crazed as Maid
movie 1929 Queen of the Night Clubs as Girl
movie 1929 Ship Mates
movie 1929 The Broadway Hoofer as Mazie
movie 1928 The Candy Kid
movie 1926 Beauty à la Mud as Charlotte
movie 1926 Danger Ahead as Beautiful Belinda
movie 1926 Fearless Harry as Beautiful Belinda
movie 1926 Oh Billy, Behave
movie 1926 One Punch O'Day as Alice Felton
movie 1925 Pampered Youth as Lucy Morgan
movie 1925 Steele of the Royal Mounted as Isobel Becker
movie 1925 When Winter Went
movie 1924 Borrowed Husbands as Peggy Lewis
movie 1924 Captain Blood as Mary Traill
movie 1924 Code of the Wilderness as Hagar
movie 1924 Painted People as Stephanie Parrish
movie 1924 So Big as Julie Hempel
movie 1924 The Breathless Moment as June Smart
movie 1923 Be Yourself as Jimmie's Sweetheart
movie 1923 Call the Wagon as Mary
movie 1923 Dog Sense
movie 1923 Done in Oil
movie 1923 Green as Grass
movie 1923 The Brass Bottle as Sylvia Hamilton
movie 1923 The Nth Commandment as Angine Sprunt
movie 1922 Are Husbands Happy?
movie 1922 Ocean Swells as Mary - the Wife
movie 1922 Papa's Night Out
movie 1922 The Janitor's Wife
movie 1921 A Seminary Scandal
movie 1921 It's Your Move
movie 1921 Watch Your Husbands
movie 1920 A Pyjama Marriage
movie 1920 A Sagebrush Gentleman
movie 1920 A Seaside Siren
movie 1920 Ain't Nature Wonderful?
movie 1920 Bungled Bungalows
movie 1920 Butting in on Baby
movie 1920 Caught in the End
movie 1920 Fore and After
movie 1920 Kiss Me, Caroline
movie 1920 Officer, Call a Cop
movie 1920 Oiling Uncle
movie 1920 Out for the Night
movie 1920 Pick Out Your Husband as 1st Wife
movie 1920 Sand Witches
movie 1920 Shuffle the Queens
movie 1920 Somebody Lied
movie 1920 Stop That Wedding as The Bride
movie 1920 Sweet Patootie
movie 1920 Tea for Two
movie 1920 The Captivating Captive
movie 1920 The Honey Bee as Blondie
movie 1920 The Latest in Pants
movie 1920 Too Many Burglars
movie 1920 Two Pairs and a Peach
movie 1920 Why Lee!
movie 1920 Wives and Old Sweethearts
movie 1919 A Dog Gone Shame
movie 1919 Good Night, Ladies
movie 1919 His Friend's Trip
movie 1919 Ten Nights in a Tea Room
movie 1919 The Blue Bonnet as Selma
movie 1919 The Flip of a Coin
movie 1919 Who's Her Husband?
movie 1919 Woes of a Woman

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A KES/KEHS Production, "Les Miserables - Master of the House" Thenardier - John Tsopanis Madame Thenardier - Charlotte Merriam This video and its content ...