Charlotte Walker

Charlotte Walker Filmography

movie 1941 Scattergood Meets Broadway as Elly Drew
movie 1933 Hotel Variety
movie 1931 Millie as Mrs. Maitland
movie 1931 Salvation Nell as Maggie
movie 1930 Double Cross Roads as Mrs. Tilton
movie 1930 Lightnin' as Mrs. Thatcher
movie 1930 Scarlet Pages as Mrs. Mason
movie 1930 Three Faces East as Lady Catherine Chamberlain
movie 1929 Paris Bound as Helen White
movie 1929 South Sea Rose as Mother Superior
movie 1928 Annapolis as Aunt
movie 1927 The Clown
movie 1926 The Great Deception as Mrs. Mansfield
movie 1926 The Savage as Mrs. Atwater
movie 1925 The Mad Marriage
movie 1925 The Manicure Girl as Mrs. Morgan
movie 1925 The Midnight Girl as Mrs. Schuyler
movie 1924 Classmates as Mrs. Stafford
movie 1924 The Lone Wolf as Clare Henshaw
movie 1924 The Sixth Commandment as Mrs. Calhoun
movie 1919 Eve in Exile as Eve Ricardo
movie 1918 Every Mother's Son as An American Mother
movie 1918 Just a Woman as Anna Ward
movie 1918 Men as Mrs. Burton
movie 1917 Mary Lawson's Secret as Mary Lawson
movie 1917 Pardners as Olive
movie 1917 Sloth as Margaret Brent
movie 1917 The Seven Deadly Sins as Margaret Brent
movie 1917 The Seventh Sin as Margaret Brent
movie 1916 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine as June Tolliver
movie 1915 Kindling as Maggie Schultz
movie 1915 Out of the Darkness as Helen Scott

Charlotte Walker on Youtube

In an oral history interview Charlotte Walker recalls the moment in 1962 when she first heard about the airplane crash at Orly Field near Paris, France. She ...

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Charlotte.

This is a song I made up a few months ago, I doubt I have to explain what it's about - I hope it's a good listen :)