Cherokee Hall

Cherokee Hall Filmography

movie 2014 Architect of Chaos
movie 2014 Terror at Crimson Creek
movie 2013 Dreams in the Witch House as Dammed dancer
movie 2013 Temporally Yours: Or Paradox Lost as Clark Kent
movie 2013 The Horror as Son
movie 2013 Pawn
movie 2012 Mountain Mafia as Earl Ray
movie 2012 The Hobbin Stone: Part One as Kevin the Knight
movie 2011 Breakfast Impossible: Series One as Casual Reservist
video movie 2011 Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare Part IV as Walker
movie 2011 Red River as Ranger Hall
movie 2011 Saucer Sex Peep Show as Sluggo the Robot
movie 2011 Swordbearer as Loncaer
movie 2011 Cry for Blood
movie 2011 Sam Gets a Divorce
video movie 2010 Flying Saucer Sexodus as UFO Conspiracy Theorist
movie 2010 Queen of the Cursed World as Buster Burns
movie 2010 Steampunk as Pilot
movie 2010 Zombie Hombre as Grandma's whipping victim
video movie 2010 The Horror Vault 3
video movie 2010 Ultimate Death Match 2
movie 2009 Alien Conspiracy Murders as Mr. Steel
movie 2009 C.R.Y. The Video Diary of Calvin Ray Young as Zack Lowe
video movie 2009 Cornball Classics as King Dunkin
movie 2009 Saucer Sex from Beyond as UFO Buff
movie 2008 Haddonfield: A Halloween Fan Film as Chief Nick Castle
movie 2007 Misadventures in Space as The Captain Bob Cooke
movie 2007 Monstrosity as Freddy
movie 2007 Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon! as Lestor Brook
movie 2007 Stash
movie 2007 Dead Moon Rising
video movie 2006 Into the Woods as Adam
video movie 2006 The Edison Death Machine as Flynn

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odd ball and crazy hijinks in the newest film by goatboyfilms! With Cherokee Hall, Roni Jonah, Casey Miracle, Steve Guynn, Jason Crowe, Eric Butts, Heather P..

The trailer for jrr Williams parody film ''The Hobbin Stone, part one' which is homage and parody of tolkien to dungeons and dragons. This part stars Stev...

In the future, the galaxy is overtaken by zombies! Our heroes Buster Burns(Cherokee Hall) and Rocky Raven (Chad Hundley) must go to the origin planet of the .

Cherokee has rented this for 3 months, I think. Even if Mountain Mafia is wrapped by the time you guys start filming, you can rent this place for dirt cheap....