Chip Lane

Chip Lane Filmography

movie 2015 SpongeBob SquarePants 2 as Male Customer #1
movie 2014 Untouched as Mitchell Thomas
movie 2013 Blind Spot as Dr. Don Manning
movie 2013 Four Senses as Officer Smith
movie 2013 New World Leaders as Colonel
movie 2013 Savannah as Cay Sr.
movie 2013 Sara Jane
movie 2013 Desires of the Heart
video movie 2012 Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies as Joshua Kearney
movie 2011 Blood Type as Arthur
movie 2010 Shades of Truth as Simon
movie 2009 App Room
video movie 2008 Baby Blues as Kid's Father
tv movie 2008 Sex Culture Paris
movie 2007 The Bottom as The Blond Man
movie 2006 Earthly Things as Rev. John Cabott
movie 2006 Untouched as Mitch
movie 2005 Friendship as Kyle
movie 2005 Red Thread as Johnny
movie 2005 The Birthday Boy as Martin - Joey's Dad
tv movie 2005 Vampire Bats as Deputy Sheriff
movie Sara Jane

Chip Lane on Youtube

Chip Lane is an actor based in Savannah, GA who has appeared in Army Wives, Untouched, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, One Tree Hill, Surface, and other ...

Actor Chip Lane. Commercial demo reel.

Clips from Surface (NBC), America's Most Wanted, Vampire Bats (CBS) and One Tree Hill WB.

This is a trailer for the short film, "Untouched" starring, Chip Lane, Noelle Monteleone and Sandra VanNatta. Directed by Raphael Vieira, cinematography, Cha...